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Re: X-Conference Link to Serpo?

Postby Access Denied » Fri Apr 25, 2008 6:08 am

Shawnna wrote:I have been able to link (to my personal satisfaction but not likely yours AD) that there is a common thread of belief that connects The NINE, Uri, SRI and the good Dr. Green.

That's cool… you could be right, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if they were. Of course it could just be a shared belief in the paranormal/occult in general… whatever the flavor of the month currently is.

Shawnna wrote:I respect everyone's beliefs. And I hope I don't judge anyone's beliefs either.

Where I take exception is when individuals manipulate information in an effort to foist those beliefs on the gullible by using our recently developed ability to communicate rapidly to promulgate fear and meme making.

No argument here on that point. :D I try to respect everyone’s beliefs too but I admit I have my limits…

Shawnna wrote:I think the "New Age" movement is an effort to break away from the dominance of the patriarchal fear-based Roman Catholic and Protestant Christian beliefs that have dominated society for far too long.

Well, I’m no idiot… women definitely rule my world but healing crystals? C’mon… :)

ryguy wrote:But since this is the X-conference thread in the Project Serpo forum, I suppose we shouldn't go too far down the "religion" road in here.

Eh, true but it’s not like there’s anything happening on either of those fronts at the moment. :)

OK, anybody want to start a patri v. matriarchal thread? Anybody hear anything interesting about the X-Con?

[lol X-Con.. the perfect abbreviation, pretty much says it all]
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