Bob Collins and Rick Doty: Ohio Abduction Audio

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Bob Collins and Rick Doty: Ohio Abduction Audio

Postby ryguy » Fri Jul 25, 2008 2:41 am

Robert Collins and Rick Doty Audio: Discussing an Ohio Abduction Case

In the Spring of 1993, the MJ12 and Serpo scammer we now know as Richard Doty, held a phone conversation with researcher and author Robert Collins regarding an abduction case in New Paris, Ohio. During the phone conversation, Rick pulled Robert Collins along in a lengthy discussion regarding phone calls that the abductee, Connie, was receiving from unknown callers. The phone calls Connie received included metallic voices (voices that sounded like they were passed through an old voice-changer device or a modem). Oddly, Rick tells Bob Collins that an anonymous source called "Raven" wants hair and finger nail samples from Connie.

As though this request wasn't odd enough, Rick drags an unsuspecting Robert Collins through a lunatic maze of con games, play-spy scenerios, and other techniques reminiscent of some of the sleaziest con-artists to be found within any inner city.

Listen to this conversation, and see if you can find those moments when Rick Doty makes yet another attempt to pull a "fast one" over on poor Bob Collins.

Recently, Rick Doty has attempted to force Collins to remove this recording from the public domain. He writes to Collins via email:

"Collins: Is this your s^~t? Knock off this stuff or I'll seek legal action against you. There isn't a single person within the UFO community that thinks you are anything other than a complete idiot."

Evidence proves that the MJ12 and Serpo releases were distributed, at least in large part, by scammer Rick Doty. Some folks attempt to defend Rick Doty's actions by claiming that he is "protected" from repercussions by members of the intelligence community.

However, in response to Rick's statement above against Bob Collins, we see quite the opposite of that. We see a well-known member of the Intelligence community, Ronald Pandolfi, allegedly of the CIA, stepping forward and speaking out *against* Richard Doty.

Ronald Pandolfi replies to Rick's comments against Collins as follows:


Some wing nuts within the UFO Community might not think much of Robert Collins, but within the senior ranks of the intelligence and defense communities, there are many who consider him an honest and respectable citizen who served this country well. Go after Collins in court, and you are going to have us testifying on his behalf. And we are prepared to open the books.


The email above is one of the first overt and powerful indications that folks within the U.S. intelligence community are getting sick of Rick Doty (and friend's) private scams. In fact, that powerful last line above is very ominous.

What are "in the books" regarding Rick Doty? Are there facts related to his behavior in Germany? Is there information regarding why he was reassigned back to the States to what was essentially kitchen duty, throughout the rest of is service in the Air Force?

While those questions may not likely be answered soon, one thing that's for certain is that listening to the audio conversation at this link offers some significant clues as to how scams, and scammers, operate.

Bob Collins says it often, "sources play games", and he denies being unaware of what games are being played. The one area where we differ - Collins doesn't believe in the "Scam Hypothesis" - and we respect Bob Collin's opinion, as written in this statement he sent to us this morning:

Hi Ryan one thing, that Phone Chat is NOT a scam, that's Rick telling it like it is, the recording was made covertly without Rick's knowledge and why he wanted OM to pull it. He was assisting me with the New Paris case. If it's a scam then where is the money, this gets silly....I see through the nonsense with these sources, I know the psychology.


Robert Collins

Regardless of your opinion regarding Doty's motives, by providing this public audio, Robert Collins has provided us with a valuable glimpse into the world of that game-playing. For that we are grateful, as are the "senior ranks of the intelligence and defense communities," who consider Bob to be an "honest and respectable citizen who served this country well."
"Only a fool of a scientist would dismiss the evidence and reports in front of him and substitute his own beliefs in their place." - Paul Kurtz

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Re: Bob Collins and Rick Doty: Ohio Abduction Audio

Postby suspicioso » Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:03 pm

Excellent post, and definitely the right thing for Collins to do.

He does however make a fairly common mistake in thinking that a scam has to have a financial element, or otherwise have a "logical" explanation.

Sadly, deception is not always so rationally motivated, and for some individuals the deception is the end itself, not the means to an end.
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