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Postby Xena » Fri Oct 20, 2006 12:41 am

While I am sure it is quite easy to know what the meanings of all of these quotes from ohers from another forum are about, try to tread the path of someone that has zero knowledge of the big picture, or even who Dan Burisch is.

While I do understand how difficult it is for someone to get a better picture of what has occurred in the last few years of the Burisch hoax, it is hard for some of us who experienced the games to get it all out in a coherent fashion. Creative writing, exposes and lecturing were never my strong points, I just archived the games along with the IP data for those who may have the stamina to plow through all the muck, with a view to presenting the facts, one day, in an easy to consume format.

I can try to answer specific questions and along the way hopefully jog my memory as there are many more claims that can be examined. But if you want straight answers you'll need to ask me straight questions, otherwise you'll just find me pasting more of these data dumps. I think that even though this thread may not be helpful to you in it's current format, there are some opinions by those that were involved that will be put to good use, when the time comes for the coherent expose that you desire (which won't be authored by me, look to the gang at RU in the future :wink: ) In the interim, pose your questions and I or others will return with responses.

One may say, well if you dont know even the most simple facts of this, then you are SOL. Your loss dude.... [etc etc]

I don't know what SOL means, but if you are assuming that I could be holding the position of "I know and you don't" then I would suggest that if you desire to know more, then just mentioning that possibility will not be a motivator for me to search though everything I have or to even contemplate writing more ont the subject. I like a little extra sugary carbs for breakfast before I prepare to workout.

Hmm, you have found one of my buttons, my initial reaction was a 2 word comment played out in my own head, thanks for bringing that to my attention :shock:
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Postby Hidden Hand » Fri Oct 20, 2006 12:44 am

it means "s^~t out of luck"

and i don't think dankk was aiming that comment at you (at least i didn't read it that way). it is just very common online, especially amongst the conspiracy-philes, to drop a bunch of cryptic haughty newspeak, then tell anyone asking for clarification to "do their own homework".

i think dankk was saying that he thinks ru is diff in that when people ask questions, people answer.

something i've said (i think) elsewhere, maybe not in public (who knows?) - a lot of this online concpiracy/paranormal stuff is very easy for the 'cult members' who've lapped it all up from day one - but very dense and impenetrable for somebody coming across it late in the game.
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Is this a private fight, or can anyone join in?
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Postby kiwicocky » Fri Oct 20, 2006 12:50 am

dankk wrote:I do believe I have the jist of what all this scribbling is about. That DB is nothing more than a liar and is trying to make a buck off of his "talents" as a BS artist. If there is anything more to add to this, then plain English may be a good way to get it across to those of us that stepped in well over half way into this saga..

My .02 :)



I'll give it a shot - as I know what it feels like, but apologise in advance if I don't make it any clearer for you all :)

Xena has put this together on the front page of http://eaglesdisobey.org/index.php

Dan is said to be an ex-Area 51 microbiologist who is purported to have met J-rod (a grey EBE) and worked on the Lotus project amongst others, to harness the power of the 'Ganesh particle'. The J-rods are apparently ourselves from the future who have a genetic defect, which Dan Burisch claims to have been assisting to find a cure. There is also information pointing to many different timelines being manipulated by 'the people in control' whether they be government, extraterrestrials or secret societies. Other claims by Dan Burisch include having found a cure for cancer, creation of designer viruses for use in biowarfare (Iraq 1990) and participation in "Project Preserve Mother', which supposedly was to clear up pollution at Cabrillo Beach.

It started for most of us with this:

From Bill Hamilton

I was just going through a massive amount of collected data on my friend Dr. Dan Burisch and found this introduction by B.J. Wolf. I will follow this with how it all ended.


I came to know Dr. Dan Burisch (formerly Dan Crain, Ph.D.) many years ago in Las Vegas NV. He and his family became friends with my family and I.... and eventually I came to know his story well. He asked me, in 1997 to write a book about one of his research projects. That became Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars and was released to the public in 1998. During that work I came to know a great deal about Dan�s involvement in dark projects that are covertly funded by our military and governmen bodies - including his work up at Area-51, or as it is known by those who work up there: Watertown Strip. Dan became afraid, desperately afraid for his life toward the end of the work on Eagles Disobey. He was terrified of retailiation from his dark project supervisors because he refused to stop looking into the anomalies on Mars - and because he had shared with me many of his experiences "up north" while he was employed in Project Aquarius, and had familiarity with Project Sigma, and Looking Glass.

Toward the end of 1998 Dan disappeared. His residence was abandoned overnight, and nobody seemed to know where he had been taken. He turned up half way across the country, with most of his memories concerning his association with me and our work on Eagles Disobey altered or erased. I tried my best to remind him of his past, but he did not believe me until I showed him a copy of the book and photographs of himself sitting on my couch playing with the dogs. He returned to his new location, but memories started to break through the conditioning to such an extent that Dan fled and was eventually recaptured and whisked off to a military base for re-conditioning. When they realized that they couldn�t keep it up with out damaging his ability to think and function (remember, they wanted him to continue to work for them in his capacity as team leader and microbiologist) they decided to re-wind his memories and return him to Las Vegas under the careful observation of his spouse, who relays all communication up the pipeline, and signs much of her correspondence with her title/designation PsiOpSec.

I was permitted very limited contact with him during that time, mostly because he made life unbearable until they honored his demand to talk to me. But he was eventually moved again and housed at the Papoose Lab facility where he could conduct critical biological studies on captive entity they had housed in their lab, on Level-5. Contact was intermittent, but then, in early 2001 I got a strange email that caught my attention. It was from mj01@missilemail.com. Since I knew that Dan was involved with Majestic and MJ12, I was immediately on alert. It turned out to be from a person inside the project Dan was working on, who was so upset with the situation that he felt compelled to seek my help. He was aware of my identity and long standing friendship with Dan because it was contained in the briefings he got prior to accepting his assignment, and figured I might be willing to assist. My contact is now dead. He was discovered communicating with me, and was involuntarily "retired". His letters read as follows, and give a troubling glimpse into the prison-like world that was created to maintain control of Dr. Dan Burisch and force him to comply with the wishes of the �powers that be� as he eventually came to call them.

Copy of email:

I have control of "her" ISP account. Free internet, via one of the biggest bitches you ever met! Oops! I hope you�re not a big friend!? I am not supposed to be doing this, but I also have control over all of the referred material coming from him, going through her to the powers that are. I am one of the biologist-computer-geeks that has been put in place to watch over his research progress and act as the switchboard person to direct his efforts to the right people. The powers placed him back in Las Vegas after a bigtime accident at the Ranch. An attempt to replace him into Las Vegas society failed due to alleged surveillance of him, so he was arrested and placed into custodial supervision. That is where he�ll remain for the rest of his life I guess. Why they haven�t erased him I�ll never know. Danny is a nice enough guy, a weirdo, refuses to speak with anyone and only communicates to the powers in writing. When anyone pushes him into saying anything he only responds with the same crazy saying, "Nicky Knows!" He screamed it at me once. Any idea what it means? Anywho, MJ1@missilemail.com is one of several spook-shadow addresses under the same name, so I feel confident in my shadow behavior. Danny writes, Mrs. "B----" (doesn�t stand for Burisch :) ) passes it to the powers, and everyone is satisfied. He is taken twice monthly on field trips to Sunrise Mountain. He conducts work there and is taken back to his house. As I said I have control over the communications so - want a "cc:"? From what I have read, it�ll be a wild ride! ... I also think that what he is working on should be seen by other folks somehow, it�s about the origins.

B.J. Wolf spent years trying to penetrate the wall of secrecy and partially succeeded and tried to publish her findings to the world, but the "Powers that Be" caught up with her and now she is
with "them".

Her last message to me...

Sep 14, 2003

Things are not good. I didn�t realize that whoever grabbed up all Dodie�s things got a copy of the tape from June! Why the hell didn�t Ron think! And now, my email is dead-in-the-water? I wondered why I wasn�t getting any new mail. Every time I checked, it just said no new messages. I tried to get some help but the stupid tech-support kid on the phone didn�t know what was wrong - he just said make another email account. But that doesn�t explain why BJWolf007 is fryed! Or how it happened! Or what it means??? Was it a deliberate attack? Does it have anything to do with all those people I have seen watching me? I can�t go to the store, or walk the dog without feeling eyes on the back of my neck. And they�re so damned smug about it. When I turn and catch them looking at me, they don�t drop their eyes, or look away. No! They just look right back at me, not quite smiling.

And they know there�s not a damned thing they are doing that I could call for help or complain about. There�s no law against looking at somebody. And it�s rarely the same person more than twice. Damn it -Bill they�re everywhere I go! They�re always there! It�s just too much. I feel like a net is closing around me - a net of people watching everything I do - every move I make. I am scared. If I could move tomorrow I would, and just fall out of sight for a while.

And now - the last straw! Eaglesdisobey.com is gone. It�s completely gone. What the hell is going on?


Then I started receiving messages in the mail from our inside contacts. The messages were
accompanied by printed photos of B.J. This was not good. I wish I could answer her last
question, but for now the lines of communication are down and the world is split between
shadow and light.

Someone wants to move all this back into the SHADOWS where it came from.


Bill Hamilton
Executive Director
Skywatch International, Inc.
Fiat Lux et Veritas

BJ Wolf is Marcia McDowell - Burisch's side-kick
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Postby Xena » Fri Oct 20, 2006 12:59 am

Yeah, I get cranky if I think my buttons are being pushed. I'm probably just of a different mindset as I read more into Dank's words than may be there. Plus I've been wailing about the lack of concise info out there for years, although I feel incapable of completing that task myself.

So.... I'll try to ignore my paranoia, LOL
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Postby dankk » Fri Oct 20, 2006 1:45 am

Thank you Kiwi :)

So it is that set of correspondence that this all started from? I dont know of anyone that woudln't be falling into that at face value. The only problem I have with my limited knowledge of this DB propaganda is why he would still be alive. Noone and I mean NOONE is more important than keeping the secret at bay. This alone is what stinks to me more than anything without knowing any of the details surrounding the tale.

Either way, I thank you for your help in getting a grip on this.

HH was correct in my writings. I used the word "one," not "you." I use the word "one" to make sure that people reading what I write do NOT mistake me talking about the reader or original poster. Evidently I was not able to convey that to you Xena. Sorry for the confusion.

:scaredmouse: *Frantically presses Xena's happy buttons*


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Postby kiwicocky » Fri Oct 20, 2006 1:54 am

LOL - while I was fiddling round getting the info Xena and HH posted, BTW I'm known as the 'slow uptake poster' by DB's crew ;)

LMAO at the happy buttons.

You've prodded me into the ED archives now :)

This is how it started on the GLP forum, by a really awesome Dutch guy calling himself on the forum 'HumanSubject 58-001'

In the summer of 2003, I was surfing GLP as gnosis, looking for the Big Gnosis(lol).
Interested in a variety of subjects, like many here.
Saw a few posts by Dondep with the link to BJ's EaglesDisobey site and one day in august decided to check it out.
Was overwhelmed by the Q94, 18-pager etc, especially the Human Subjects(animals too!), and the appereance of an entity to fight of the scientists, killing one('great', finally something's getting done, frequencies getting protected I thought).
I visited the site for 3 days, downloading everything.
Then it went down.
I mailed Dondep about that, wether he knew, and we got to pm.

I changed my name, making the name visible on the net, so everyone who knew about it(the bad way) would be ashamed(I hoped a bit), and know 'it got out'(na-na-na-na-na).
Everyone who didn't know and would inquire about my 'name', I would help to the docs/story.

Then the Rense article appeared and so I mailed Dondep again to inform him it was there. We got to talk again and I knew the position he was in, under surveillance etc.
So he asked me if I would make a post at GLP, to keep it visible.
I was convinced at that time that these people needed back-up and all the help they could get.
So I went in... Very Happy
The rest is history!lol

....or YB?LOL
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Postby Xena » Fri Oct 20, 2006 2:01 am

dankk wrote:
:scaredmouse: *Frantically presses Xena's happy buttons*



That worked too well LOL, sorry for not keeping my ego in check:)
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Postby kiwicocky » Fri Oct 20, 2006 3:04 am

I think where the DB saga departed from the norm - as in the likes of Lazar, Meier and all the other 'whistleblowers', was the forming of the GLP thread by HumanSubject 58-001 (just a normal bloke looking for some answers and concerned with stuff that goes on in the world), he was joined by Xena, Dondep, Harrdrawk, Boomerang and the rest of us, and we were playing away happily in our GLP sand-box trying to think of a way to help free Burisch from the terrible PTB who were doing all these bad things.

To lesser and greater degrees we all got caught up in the drama of it all - drama provided by Marci via Bill Hamilton.

They kept us so busy plying us with various traumatic and cyptic bits of info, we didn't really have time, to do what RU have done - check facts.

As we started to wake up and question the info, Team Burisch did what Team Serpo have done - got the believer sheep to harass the truthseekers. Worked a treat, much wailing, gnashing of teeth and so on ensued.

What it boils down to is, if you 'believe' MJ-12, Yellow Book, EBE#, J-rods, multiple timelines, 2012, yada, yada, yada is for real, then you'll probably buy the DVD's and books.

If you don't, and you want to check a few facts before drawing a conclusion, you'll probably say it's a hoax.

What I dislike seeing is people like Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy promoting this type of stuff to an unwary public.

Bill Ryan has stated that he has a "firm set of provisional beliefs; That aliens have visited us and have probably influenced our history and possibly our evolution in more ways than one; that there are many different races, and some of them are benevolent, but some hostile; that the USG has made agreements with some of them; that the USG is not to be trusted; that there are factions in existence that seek to dominate and control humanity; that, besides the alien question, there are factions seeking global control and which have vested interests to the effect that free energy, free thinking, and healing that really works – to name just a few examples – are to be resisted and suppressed.

I’m reasonably confident that all the above are facts."

The last time I looked he hadn't made that statement obvious to any newbies turning up for a read of his website.

IMHO if you share those beliefs you'll probably think Burisch is legit.

But there are many curious trtuhseekers out there who have not formed that belief, their jury is still out, and I wonder if the gameplan is all about recruitment?

While fossiking in the archives I found this, posted by Shady, from Dan Smith circa 1993, talking about the Aquarium/Aviary:

First of all we must realize that we are all living in this
same house of cards. We have put our faith in materialism and
technology, and now we've got to get ourselves out of this prison
by shifting our consciousness. The things going on in some of
these black budget projects that are eliciting the high level of
concern apparently have more to do with magic than with technology.

In other words, they involve uses of consciousness that most of us
think belongs in novels, but are quite real--and potenitally at our
disposal when we wake ourselves up. In the wrong hands, these uses
of consciousness can be perverted into misuses and abuses.
folks involved in these projects almost certainly have information
that could deal a very serious blow to our consensus reality. If
mishandled, this information could precipitate an epidemic of fear
and confusion that could quickly deconstruct our materialist
bubble, leaving us without any idea of how to reconstruct it. The
gloom and doom prophecies of the earth changes and end times could
easily become self-fulfilling.

The truth will come out soon enough, but let us not blow the
lid off these things until we have given ourselves one last chance
to prepare. In this regard, the Aquarium group, although short on
resources, is high on a vision to counter the gloom and doom. At
the core of this vision is the God of Love and the Spirit of Truth.
The global network of love and truth that we propose is the body of
Christ, through which we will give birth to God's Kingdom. This
will also be the Noah's ark that will protect us from the flood
tide of the consciousness revolution that is closing in upon us.
With any lesser vision we would be short-changing the entire world
at its most critical point in history.

We believe that we must fulfill the prophecies of the great
traditions, and of Christianity in particular, in order to free the
spiritual energies locked up in those traditions and channel them
into a new creation. Although many of the ancient teachings have
contributed to getting us to this point, we believe that it is the
Christ event itself that reveals the most about the cosmic design
relative to the Earth.

With the proper combination of Truth and Love we can bring
ourselves into the new heaven and new earth with the least amount
of trauma. We invite you to join us in this vision for helping
humanity make its most important and critical transformation.

Seems to be a significant amount of 'belief' there, and I wonder whose 'vision' they've adopted?

Oh yes, and we're all invited!!


discern, discern, discern
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Postby Xena » Fri Oct 20, 2006 3:12 am

Some emails that may assist with understanding the odd somewhat IMO symbiotic relationship George Knapp seems to have with Burisch.

Sourced from VM's list October 2005

Open Letter To Marcia A. MCDowell, M.A., representative
"From : George Knapp, Klas-TV,: Friday, 10-14-05, 10:49 PST

Knapp & Rob Blair go at it! / Friday Phenomena: UFO Sightings on KLAS!
Burisch Cult Ringleader Rob "Boomerangaboom" Blair's response

Open letter from George Knapp to Rob Blair aka "Boomerangaboom!"

George Knapp, Investigative Reporter
Dr. Crain's UFO Claims Raise Questions

In early October George Knapp published a letter on VM's entitled "Open letter to the crazed Burisch lunatic cultists fromGeorgeKnapp!"

It's important to note that the subject heading listed above was edited by one of VM's roustabouts, named Randy Kitchur, to include Kool-aid drinking death cultists or something similar, which sparked the multitude of open letters from various parties along with anonymous suckpuppets' charges of slander against G Knapp.

I haven't found the original October emails yet but the buzz that it caused on the list would certainly have increased the ratings for George Knapp's rather lukewarm (IMO) expose of Burisch that was shown on Klas TV in November. Subsequent postings by various people from all camps including the pasted email below, I feel, have helped propagate the hoax and assisted with getting the attention and assistance that the B gang crave, from types such as those that run the Camelot site.

The email below includes information about Don and Toni who have been caught up in this saga for 4 years now. They are unfortunately useful pawns for the B gang and have been manipulated in a really bad way. Hopefully that is closer to being over and they will be able to get on with their own lives soon. But the game's all about attention and that is what the B gang want, so while some of the subject matter may seem irrelvant and yes IMO it is, it's still all about Danny Burisch and what more could he ask for?

----- Original Message -----
> From: "Victor Martinez" <victorgm@...>
> To: "Capt Bob M Collins, Ret USAF" <Figaro@...>
> Cc: "George Knapp, KLAS-TV, Las Vegas, NV" <GKnapp@...>; "Dr Harold
> E
> Puthoff" <Puthoff@...>; <the rest are removed to save space>
> Sent: Friday, December 30, 2005 7:48 AM
> Subject: Burisch Kool-Aid drinking New Age weirdo cult in its
> deaththroes:RIP!
> www.danburisch.info/
> ------------------------------------------
> Award-winning TV investigative journalist, George Knapp of KLAS-TV, Las
> Vegas, NV:
> One item I noticed on their forum was a posting by Bill Hamilton in
> which he asserted to the faithful that I have requested an interview
> with him. I don't know where he got that idea unless he thinks it
> somehow enhances his stature with the group to be sought out by the
> "evil reporter."
> I've had NO contact with him and can't think of ANY reason to interview
> him. I do know that Jerry Pippin has been in contact with all of the
> high priests and priestesses of the [Burisch] cult and has proposed to
> them a public debate, to be held at the Laughlin conference, with me on
> one side and any or ALL of them on the other. I told him there was no
> way any of them would accept, and that's exactly what happened.
> Dan, Deb, and Marci said "no," so he then tried to get [Bill] Hamilton,
> who also said "no." Big "surprise!" Maybe Bill is spinning this as "an
> interview request" from me, but that wasn't the proposal -- not even
> close. You might want to contact Jerry if you want to know more about
> this, since he is the guy who's been talking to them.
> ------------------------------------------
> Feel free to send what you have; George's version of events is true and
> correct. Larry Dicken, my partner and executive producer, checked that
> Forum regularly and sent me a "heads up" every day. I am "cc'ing"
> Victor on this e-mail, so he knows whatever he wants to do, he has my
> permission.
> By the way, I plainly said it was a debate in my e-mail to him. I am
> afraid that Bill [Hamilton] is on the edge over this entire affair, his
> book has so damn many errors in it [a 4th grader could have written it
> better!], it is not a natural thing to do,... put out a book without
> proof reading it!
> He told me this morning in an e-mail he was moving on to other projects.
> Since they have kicked him out of the loop, I guess so.
> ------------------------------------------
> A few hours ago, I received a couple of e-mails that discussed the
> turmoil that is unfolding on the Burisch forum. They are shutting it
> down, as you may already know, perhaps IN RESPONSE TO SOME TOUGH NEW
> QUESTIONS THAT HAVE SURFACED. I took a peek at their chatter and saw a
> posting from Bill Hamilton in which he asserts that I am now asking for
> an interview with him.
> Of course, I've made NO such request and can't imagine what he could
> possibly say that would justify an interview. But it occurred to me
> that maybe this is Bill's spin on your proposal for a formal debate.
> Or maybe he is purposely confusing the debate proposal with your plans
> for a series of radio interviews during the Laughlin event. Either
> way, it's INaccurate since I have NO interest in interviewing him,
> although I'd be HAPPY TO KICK HIS [Bill Hamilton] ASS IN A PUBLIC
> Hamilton is such a chicken s^~t. After all, HE wrote the book on
> Burisch. Who knows more about it than he does? Why would he avoid little
> ol' me, the reporter who doesn't know squat?!
> - By William F Hamilton III, Authorhouse, November © 2005, ISBN#
> 1420876562, $17.49, 288 pp.
> Published as a: "Print-on-Demand" book meaning that NO publisher would
> assume the marketing risk of publishing copies en masse as the product
> is perceived to have such low marketability and public interest that,
> literally, they will print one (1) copy for the consumer as they're
> requested; there aren't "dozens of copies" sitting in warehouses
> throughout the country waiting to be purchased by a thirsty,
> wanting-to-know, eager public.
> In industry parlance, "Print-on-Demand" books are written by losers, for
> losers and about loser subjects that 99.99% of the public will never
> have any interest in whatsoever. ]
> Anyway, I mentioned Bill's BOGUS POSTING to Victor Martinez, who, as you
> know, manages a very interesting, highly influential e-mail forum.
> ------------------------------------------
> You may or may not be aware that Bill [Hamilton] has closed the Dan
> Burisch/Stargate Forum.
> This, I believe is in large part due to several new participants who
> articulately questioned Dan's story. No one responded intelligently.
> Secondly, one new member found a GLARING inconsistency with Dan's early
> MJ mentor. To summarize, the member REVEALED THAT Dan's MENTOR WAS DEAD
> DURING THE TIME HE MENTORED Dan. (see original post below...)
> Additionally, one of the original debriefers posted some "inside"
> information about Dan which was not complimentary.
> Dan now has "retreated" to a secret forum/blog, inviting only those
> people he deems worthy to continue to communicate with. One observer at
> Eaglesdisobey.org remarked that Dan has retreated into his "cult
> compound."
> Where's the Kool-Aid?!
> Before leaving, Dan, who initially said his debrief would finish in
> 2005, pushed it to 2006, then said yesterday that it might be 2007.
> Hmmm....
> How did I miss this?! The image of Dan's degree from UNLV is a BA. He is
> listed in the Alumni directory as having a BA. Dan's UNLV ring that he
> showed me at Rachel was for a BS in Biology. For details see:
> http://www.danburisch.info/b2/bio/bkg_g ... ameSet.htm
> UNLV only offers a BA in Psychology, not a BS!
> How did Dan get that ring if he got a BA?
> Con's love to rub their con in your face, like he stuck that ring in my
> face at Rachel.
> I'm not calling Dan a con, but that is sure a good question for the
> debriefing. Was it a BA or a BS? If it was BA degree then why would Dan
> be wearing that BS ring? Perhaps Dan was pissed that he didn't get his
> BS in Biology and ordered the wrong ring and no one checked and sent it
> to him. I wouldn't think much of the ethics or the smarts of someone who
> would do that.
> I got the distinct feeling after Rachel that Dan was struggling to
> reveal to me the mind control he was under and the LIES he was being
> forced to tell. I think he was slipping conflicts under the nose of his
> handlers in order to tell the world that all was not right with his
> story, perhaps even subconsciously done.
> Just remember he started the Rachel interview with a statement that he
> never lies, only to be followed by several lies during the interview!
> http://www.danburisch.info/b2/bio/bkg_g ... ng1_tj.htm
> It shows a supposed UNLV ring from 1985! The rings says BS and Biology
> on each side. Doesn't exactly match up with his degree.
> (EDITOR's NOTE: Dan graduated in 1986.)
> Huh?! Go figure!
> ------------------------------------------
> (excerpted)
http://stargateforum.13.forumer.com/vie ... order=asc&\
> Timeline 6, p34
> Centrist
> Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2005 5:59 pm
> Not that the scripting has ever been all that good. For example, on
> page:
> http://www.danburisch.info/b2/bio/bio_m ... ineage.htm
> it says that:
> Quote:
> As I understand it, James Huffman (who was charged with the
> responsibility of looking after Dan as he developed) was friends with
> and recruited Harry Burisch into Maj. Harry recommended that Maj recruit
> his daughter Deb.
> Oddly enough, James Huffman died in March of 1982 at the age of 65
> (Source: Social Security Master Death Records).
> Once deceased, it is unlikely that he paid much attention to Dan, who
> claims to have been "approached" in 1986 and inducted into the "Maji"
> after meeting his wife, Deborah Burisch, around 1989.
> Were the social security records tampered with? Perhaps there's a
> version of this story with more intrigue? Perhaps whoever wrote the page
> on Burisch's site just got things a little mixed up?
> But wait, there's more on that same page...
> Quote:
> James Huffman (Deborah's maternal Grandfather and a friend to
> Forrestal).
> Um... Didn't the first quote from that page say "James Huffman . . . was
> friends with and recruited Harry Burisch into Maj."?
> Wait a sec.... Huffman was Deborah's maternal grandfather. Burisch was
> Deb's father. Doesn't that make Huffman Harry Burisch's father-in-law
> and Deb Burisch's grandfather? Don't they have a nepotism policy in
> Majestic?
> Spin it however you want. Just don't bother flaming the messenger. I'm
> only pointing out what information appears on the Burisch site and doing
> fact-checking to see where it might lead.
> ------------------------------------------
> I took a look at the recent chatter on the DB [Dan Burisch] Web site,
> the first time I've bothered with it since late November. It
> certainly looks like they are imploding -- long overdue in my
> opinion.
> But believe me, this won't be the end of it. Nuclear winter couldn't
> kill these highly adaptable cockroaches. My guess: they're stalling for
> time and will emerge soon, armed with highly imaginative explanations
> for the new questions that have arisen. Whenever they are cornered,
> they always find a [creative] way to put the blame for their lies on
> evil operatives of the "secret government."
> It's the magic explanation that never fails and I'd bet money they will
> whip it out once again, in one form or another. My sense is that they
> really believe they are getting close to a payday and I can't imagine
> any scenario in which Marci -- the true ringleader and architect of this
> crap -- would ever fold her tent after devoting so many years to get to
> this point, even if the possibility of a big score exists only in her
> head. We shall see.
> I continue to accumulate additional info about Burisch and crew, most of
> it unsolicited. I'd like to do something with it, but hate to waste any
> more time on a case that I have always said is COMPLETE NONSENSE, a
> conclusion the rest of the UFO world seems to have reached as well,
> thanks in large part to your concerted, determined efforts.
> Another tidbit to keep in mind -- according to the Burisch
> supporters: Dan-slash-Jesus has nothing to fear from a public
> confrontation with me.
> He claims that back in 1990, when I moderated a public forum about ET
> life, that he publicly humiliated me by whipping out an ALF doll, and
> then proceeded to scold me so thoroughly that I sat down on the stage
> and sulked, devasted by Dan's quick wit and withering admonishment.
> As you know, being a former debater yourself, I've been up against the
> very best debaters in the nation, and there has NEVER been a time when I
> gave up and sulked, let alone at a public forum where I was the
> moderator. Tell that story to anyone who knows me and see if they
> find it even remotely possible.
> I mean, c'mon seriously! You might be able to use their imaginary
> scenario to tweak them further. Surely I am not in their league
> when it comes to debating skills, so I can't imagine why they would
> dodge me.
> ------------------------------------------
> A potentially critical development has occured in Toni XXXXX and Don
> XXXXXXXXXX situation. I can confirm that a retired member of the
> District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department has been
> identified as the operator of the white van that allegedly stalked the
> xxxxxxxxxxx home at xxxxxxxxxxxxx Washington, D.C. for at
> least eight (8) months.
> As many will recall, Don and Toni claimed that their home "was kept
> under surveillance by a white, windowless GMC 2002 van with Florida
> license plate 'XXXXXXX' " in their petition to be deemed "persons in
> need of protection" by Canadian immigration authorities. Don's affidavit
> containing this statement can be found here:
> http://www.danburisch.info/b2/legal/leg_ajr_2.htm
> beginning on page 13 of the document.
> After a lengthy investigation, the owner of the van was located and
> contacted by investigators. The van owner confirmed that he was the
> owner and sole operator of the white, windowless GMC 2002 van with the
> license plate number in Don's affidavit.
> He denied ANY involvement or knowledge of any use of his van for
> surveillance of the XXXXXXXXXXX home and pledged his cooperation
> in setting the record straight. The retired MPD officer, who walks with
> a crutch, was puzzled as to why his license plate would have been chosen
> Further, the van owner said that he had only traveled to the Washington,
> D.C. area a few times since his retirement in the mid-1990s, when he and
> his now "ex" wife, a corrections officer, moved from their home in
> Temple Hills, Maryland to Punta Gorda, Florida.
> Coincidentally, the investigator had found that Toni XXXXXXX and her
> aunt, Louise White, had lived at a home in Temple Hills at the same time
> that our white van driver and his ex-wife were living in a Temple Hills
> home in the same neighborhood.
> When XXXXXX Temple Hills address was given to the white van owner,
> along with the name XXXXXX XXXX, the retired MPD officer recognized Ms.
> White as an acquaintance of his ex-wife with whom he was undergoing a
> bitter divorce with during 2002, when the alleged surveillance took
> place.
> He suggests that his license plate was provided to XXXXXXXX through his
> ex-wife, in an effort to cause him harassment through their lengthy and
> contentious divorce. By reviewing copies of their divorce proceedings
> available through the Charlotte County Courthouse, the investigator
> confirmed the vile nature of the couple's separation -- to the point
> where they were legally forced to sit at opposite ends of the room
> during a town council hearing to which they had been ordered to appear.
> After reviewing XXXXXXXXs affidavit and XXXXXXXXX "PIF"
> http://www.danburisch.info/b2/legal/leg_tj.htm
> the van owner went on to tell us that he suspects that XXXXXXX and
> XXXXXXXXX were told by his ex-wife that he used live near the
> XXXXXXXXXXXXhome (which was actually owned by XXXXXXXXX,
> according to the District of Columbia's property records).
> The investigator later independently confirmed that the van owner lived
> at XXXXXXXXXX. in the early 1980s, a mere 4 blocks from the XXXXXX
> XXXX residence where the alleged surveillance occured.
> This, and the fact that the van owner is a smoker, apparently gave rise
> to "details" that were provided to XXXXX and XXXXXXXX to include in
> their PIF's and affidavits to make them sound more convincing.
> The van owner expressed outrage at Mr. XXXXXXX use of his license
> plate and FALSE allegations and has consulted with his Punta Gorda-based
> attorney. In a statement made by his attorney via telephone today, the
> van owner is preparing an affidavit for submission to the Canadian
> immigration authorities, challenging the truth of Mr. XXXXXX
> statements.
> You can summarize this information for distribution, but do NOT
> attribute any of the information to the five (5) of us personally who
> helped compile this report.
> Let us know if you need further clarification or references.
> We'll be in touch. Happy New Year!
> Sincerely,
> ------------------------------------------
> [See attachment for a compendium of "Dr" Dan Burisch's views on December
> 2012 and his end-of-the-world scenario for Planet Earth!]

Sat Dec 31, 2005 4:54 am

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Hi Victor,
This is the most mind blowing stuff I've ever read to do with the UFO/Star Visitor Enigma. I'm
sure You will agree, when you read it too. Starts in 2007 thru to 2012 then to 2017.
Love & Blessings, Brenda.

> --- In Skyopen@yahoogroups.com, "Bill Hamilton" <skywatcher22@h...>
> wrote:
> Linda Howe as posted this update on her website at Earthfiles.com
> along with some illustrations, but you will need subscription
> access. Here is the text of her update:
> Update About Microbiologist Dan Burisch, Ph.D.
> © 2004 by Linda Moulton Howe
> Microbiologist Dan (formerly Crain) Burisch, Ph.D., Las Vegas, Nevada.
> Photograph © 2002 by Bill Hamilton.
> April 26, 2004 Los Angeles, California - Dan Burisch is a
> microbiologist
> who received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York,
> Stonybrook, in
> 1989. He is 40 years old now, born on February 2, 1964. His birth
> certificate name was Danny Benjamin Crain. I have met and talked with
> his
> mother, Dodie Crain, and with Dan Burisch, Ph.D., himself.
> In 1990, he married Deborah Kay Burisch who had a child from a
> previous
> marriage. Five years later in 1995, Dan legally changed his last name
> from
> Crain to Burisch to match the child's legal last name.
> In 1989, as Dan Crain graduated from SUNY Stonybrook with a Ph.D. in
> Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Dan was at the same time
> employed by
> the U. S. Navy's DOD Naval Research Laboratory. His rank was Captain
> and his
> title Microbiologist IV.
> In 1994, he was assigned to work in an underground laboratory at S-
> 4/Area
> 51, five floors under the Papoose Mountain installation at Nellis
> AFB,
> Nevada. The fifth floor is accessible only by one secure elevator.
> Dr.
> Burisch told me that in the year 1994, he suited up in the fifth
> floor
> underground laboratory like an astronaut with breathing and urination
> hoses.
> His assignment was to enter a round "clean sphere" filled with cold
> hydrogen
> atmosphere that housed an entity called "extraterrestrial" by his
> government
> superiors. According to Dr. Burisch, his boss reported to a MAJI
> committee,
> an extension of the Majestic-12 Special Studies Group organized by
> President
> Harry S. Truman in 1947. Majestic 12 included top scientific,
> military and
> business leaders asked to study the extraterrestrial phenomenon.
> Note: The percentage of hydrogen in sphere was only 4%; the remaining
> composition of the atmosphere is unknown - BH
> Dr. Burisch says the being at S-4/Area 51 was called "J-Rod." The
> name
> emerged when the being pointed at the "J" key on a computer keyboard
> and
> then at a hyphen-like or "bar" key. Telepathically, the being
> communicated
> that those symbols were equivalent to the number 15 in hieroglyphics,
> similar to Egyptian. Fifteen, the being telepathed, was an
> appropriate name
> for him because it was the number of light years from Earth to a
> planet
> important to his civilization. So, the Majestic group named him "J-
> Rod."
> Dr. Burisch was told there was a serious medical problem with the J-
> Rod and
> his species and that MJ-12 wanted Dan to extract tissue from the
> being's arm
> for microscopic study. A serious peripheral neuropathy was diagnosed
> and Dr.
> Burisch said in the year 1994, he collected more than 100 tissue
> samples in
> an effort to study the J-Rod's nerve damage and to perhaps develop a
> treatment. Dan became upset by what he was learning and in a whistle-
> blowing
> effort, Dr. Burisch began to leak information to longtime UFO
> researcher and
> Executive Director of Skywatch International, Bill Hamilton, in the
> summer
> and fall of 2002. That year, Bill played audiotaped and videotaped
> interviews for me of Dr. Burisch talking about his microbiology
> research of
> the extraterrestrial being's neuropathy and a complicated threat that
> has
> come to be known as the Time Convergence Paradox.
> Now Dr. Burisch has been diagnosed with a heart condition in which
> part of
> his heart muscle is weak, similar to the condition that killed the TV
> actor,
> John Ritter. In April, Dan Burisch told Bill Hamilton that he has
> negotiated
> a deal with his government handlers to retire from official service
> to
> MJ-12. But he wants to keep researching the issue of "panspermia" -
> the
> seeding of life on Earth that has been provoked by what the J-Rod has
> communicated to Dan Burisch during the tissue extraction procedures
> at
> S-4/Area 51.
> I talked with Bill Hamilton at the recent X-Conference in
> Gaithersburg,
> Maryland, about his evolving understanding of the extraterrestrial's
> communications to Dan Burisch.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----------
> Interview:
> Bill Hamilton, Computer Programmer Analyst, University of California-
> Los
> Angeles, and Executive Director of Skywatch, Lancaster,
> California: "These
> extractions that he took were of course painful to this entity. And
> he knew
> that and he could even feel the pain the entity was feeling because
> it's a
> vacuum extraction and these tissue extractions were sent down like a
> vacuum
> hose to a container of some kind and as far as I know, traveled down
> a
> conveyor belt to another station and perhaps someone like another
> biologist
> would be looking at these tissue samples under a microscope.
> And I have asked Dan: Does he believe the J-Rod is still at this
> particular
> facility? He believes that he is, but has no confirmation of that.
> The
> purpose of taking these tissue samples was to come up with a means
> possibly
> to reverse engineer the genetics of this particular entity, perhaps
> even by
> hybredizing genes together in order to remedy a peripheral neuropathy
> that
> this entity was suffering.
> Yes, I believe that is so. I have studied a little about peripheral
> neuropathies - using the world wide web of course! - and I have found
> out
> that people who suffer from these are in great pain. It is very
> painful for
> them to have neuropathies of this kind.
> Yes. Not only telepathy in terms of what the being is thinking, but
> what the
> being is feeling is conveyed and empathy is going across here. Now,
> why is
> anybody trying to remedy this being's problem? Why are they trying to
> fix
> it? I think there was a dialogue that went on before Dan ever arrived
> there
> and they (MJ-12 and entity) had reached some kind of agreement that
> if we
> would help fixing the problem and what was needed was samples from
> present-day human genomes ­ that's why coming to us on Earth. They
> need
> something from us. They need this assistance, or at least some asked
> for
> this assistance, and in exchange for the help, they would provide us
> with
> some details of their advanced technology which in turn could be
> passed to
> those scientists and engineers who deal with hardware.
> Paradox of the Converging Time Lines
> That's essentially correct, as fantastic as it seems. But it would
> explain
> why there is such interaction, why there is such interest in us - why
> the
> abductions. Or even why the animal mutilations, because some of these
> beings
> are conducting these operations and they are harvesting material.
> Harvesting
> material they hope can help them and this is the reason why they
> traveled
> back. And another reason is: how did they get into this condition?
> Well, they are talking about there is yet to come a catastrophe that
> affects
> the whole population of the Earth. This catastrophe was of such a
> nature
> that it included intense radiation and as we know, radiation can
> change,
> mutate genes. Those that were exposed to it underwent micro-
> evolutionary
> changes that eventually ended up in this type of creature. Of course,
> something was defective that was passed on in the genetic line that
> resulted
> in the neuropathy.
> There was another branch of the human race that apparently goes on
> and
> remains more human and becomes more ­ as Dan has termed it ­ more
> 'spiritual' in nature. Both of these branches of the human race at a
> far
> time in the future ­ as they have developed technology for not only
> travel
> to other planets, because we do go on to inhabit the planet Mars in
> the
> future and probably build habitats there.
> Yes, according to that. That is a jumping off point from Mars to
> their
> ultimate destinations and the little grey type humanoids end up on
> some
> planet around Zeta Reticulii 2. The other human blond-type, Nordic-
> looking
> types, end up somewhere on a planet near the middle star in Orion's
> belt,
> Epsilon Orionis, I believe. I don't know what particular planet that
> is. Dan
> had no contact with the Orion beings. He only read about them in the
> documents. He was only told about them from the J-Rod. He only had an
> encounter with one J-Rod, as he says.
> 2012?
> Yes. He did not hesitate to tell me the year this was supposed to
> happen was
> 2012. And I said, 'Oh, you mean the Mayan date.' And he said, 'Yes.'
> I asked
> him, 'Why do you think this is?'
> Actually, he had to check back to find out, so our conversation on
> this
> became a little more informed and I was given to understand that
> somewhere
> around that date ­ I don't know if there is a little bell curve before
> and
> after ­ that date, December 2012 would be the middle point. At that
> time,
> our solar system was going to pass through the plane of the galaxy
> because
> it has a periodic motion of approximately 200 million years in which
> it
> makes an entire circuit of the galaxy. We are approximately 30,000
> light
> years from the core of the galaxy, so we are kind of one of the rim
> worlds.
> But we have lots of company. It's going around the galaxy like a
> horse on a
> carousel, going up above the plane, down below the plane, like a sine
> wave.
> As we pass through the plane of the galaxy, there is a dust belt. We
> are now
> feeling the affects of this dust belt because there is an influx of
> dust
> coming into the Sun. It is causing the Sun, like a T Tauri type star,
> to
> heat up, radiate in infra-red and x-ray bands of the spectrum. (T
> Tauri
> stars are young suns, near many molecular clouds in our galaxy. They
> have
> temperatures and masses similar to our Sun, but are brighter and more
> variable, with solar-like activity at X1000.)
> Worm Holes and Time Travel
> "Can highly advanced civilizations build wormholes through hyperspace
> for
> rapid interstellar travel and machines for traveling backward in
> time?" -
> Kip S. Thorne, Astrophysicist
> Illustration on Page 483, Black Holes & Time Warps © 1994 by Kip S.
> Thorne.
> The only thing that Dan mentions that would put a coming 2012
> catastrophe
> outside current scientific knowledge is what (the J-Rod says) lurks
> in this
> band of our Milky Way galaxy - that is natural worm holes (not
> confirmed by
> Earth scientists). Worm holes hypothetically can connect two points
> in space
> and time (Einstein-Rosen bridge), as if the points were adjacent to
> one
> another. Therefore, if there is any radiation coming from the center
> of the
> galaxy in addition that could be absorbed by the planets, if a worm
> hole
> comes into alignment with this, it could amplify that radiation. Then
> the
> radiation would seem like we were right adjacent to the radiant
> source.
> If there were any (artificially engineered time travel) machines of
> such a
> nature that they could generate artificial worm holes on the Earth
> and were
> active at the time (Earth passed through worm holes in the galaxy),
> that in
> turn would also amplify this radiation. So, if you want to consider
> the
> scientific world and that natural or ET-made 'star gates" really do
> exist ­
> and they were left on Earth by ancient civilizations a long time ago ­
> then
> if any of them remain secret and somebody goes to activate them in
> order to
> escape (catastrophe) or make their own exit to save their own hide,
> that
> could be disastrous for all of us because it would amplify the
> catastrophic
> consequences."
> Global Warming and Freezing -
> Are Galactic Gas and Dust Regions the Cause?
> In the July 25, 2003 Science Journal, the "Astrobiology: Latest News"
> section reported:
> "Solar System's Path May Have Spurred Ice Ages
> Physicist Nir Shaviv of the University of Toronto argues that the
> path of
> our solar system through the Milky Way galaxy may be responsible for
> Earth's
> periodic ice ages. Our Sun and its planets move in a slow orbit
> around the
> center of our galaxy. Over time, our solar system passes through the
> galaxy's spiral arms-regions dense with stars. Where there are more
> stars,
> there are also more supernovae-giant stars that explode in a flood of
> cosmic
> rays. Such rays could affect Earth's atmosphere and alter its
> climate.
> Shaviv says that the timing of ice ages on Earth correlates closely
> with the
> historical levels of cosmic ray exposure and with the solar system's
> route
> through the spiral arms. Other scientists have previously suggested
> that our
> solar system's galactic orbit makes Earth habitable."
> IS
> 21ST
> Let me make this statement first. How would they know this? How would
> they
> know there was a coming nuclear war when we could strategically plan
> to
> avert it? How would they know this unless they had some means of
> accessing
> the future? Right? Either through a remote viewing program of some
> kind or
> some kind of device that has been developed like in Project Looking
> Glass.
> Project Looking Glass is an instrument to assist them in looking into
> this.
> But another source, if I may go outside of the Dan Burisch circle,
> another
> source indicated to me that a long time ago, one of the first gifts
> given to
> us by the extraterrestrials and given to Harry Truman of all things
> was a
> sphere and this sphere was multi-dimensional. It had 6 portals. One
> of the
> portals would open up a view of the future. That was the first one
> they were
> able to open up. And they saw things they could not understand. And
> what
> they saw, I was told, was fire, fire, fire everywhere, like the Earth
> was
> burning up. And they could not comprehend that.
> But as I understand it, that sphere still exists. And another device
> called
> the Yellow Book which is a holographic type of record that the J-Rods
> have
> about our history and their history from thousands of years ago to
> the
> present and into the future. And some people, who have had access to
> the
> Yellow Book, have accessed the future and have almost gone crazy
> about what
> they have seen.
> Some time between, I believe, 2007 ­ let's say ­ to beyond 2012. But
> 2012 is
> kind of like a center point."
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----------
> More Information:
> Sky Fire
> In my book, Glimpses of Other Realities, Volume II: High Strangeness,
> there
> are several references by people in the human abduction syndrome,
> ranging
> from a U. S. Navy airman to civilians, in which each describes being
> shown
> pictures of Earth surrounded by "sky fire" at a time of apocalyptic
> events.
> See: Earthfiles Shop.
> Other Earthfiles Reports About Dan Burisch and J-Rods
> · 03/17/2004 -- Part 2 - "Horrible Secret" in UFO Crash Retrievals
> Near
> Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947?
> · 11/19/2003 -- Updated - 1954 Manual: "Extraterrestrial Entities
> and
> Technology" - Reasons It Is Authentic
> · 09/18/2003 -- Update Part 1 - Whistleblower Microbiologist Speaks
> Out
> About Alleged "ET" Named J-Rod
> · 09/15/2003 -- Part 3 - Whistleblower Microbiologist Speaks Out
> About
> Alleged "ET" Named J-Rod
> · 09/15/2003 -- Part 2 - Whistleblower Microbiologist Speaks Out
> About
> Alleged "ET" Named J-Rod
> · 10/05/2002 -- Part 2 - J-Rod and Microbiologist Dan B. Burisch,
> Ph.D.
> · 10/05/2002 -- Part 1 - Two Scientists Describe An Extraterrestrial
> Biological Entity Called "J-Rod"
> · 10/05/2002 -- Part 3 - More Background On the Scientists Linked To
> "J-Rod"
> · 06/22/1999 -- The Strange Story of J-Rod, An EBE
> National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
> NINDS Peripheral Neuropathy Information
> "What is Peripheral Neuropathy?
> Peripheral neuropathy describes damage to the peripheral nerves, the
> vast
> communications network that transmits information from the brain and
> spinal
> cord to every other part of the body. It may be caused by diseases of
> the
> nerves or as the result of systemic illnesses. Many neuropathies have
> well-defined causes such as diabetes, uremia, AIDs, or nutritional
> deficiencies. In fact, diabetes is one of the most common causes of
> peripheral neuropathy. Other causes include mechanical pressure such
> as
> compression or entrapment, direct trauma, penetrating injuries,
> contusions,
> fracture or dislocated bones; pressure involving the superficial
> nerves
> (ulna, radial, or peroneal) which can result from prolonged use of
> crutches
> or staying in one position for too long, or from a tumor; intraneural
> hemorrhage; exposure to cold or radiation or, rarely, certain
> medicines or
> toxic substances; and vascular or collagen disorders such as
> atherosclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma,
> sarcoidosis,
> rheumatoid arthritis, and polyarteritis nodosa. A common example of
> entrapment neuropathy is carpal tunnel syndrome, which has become
> more
> common because of the increasing use of computers. Although the
> causes of
> peripheral neuropathy are diverse, they produce common symptoms
> including
> weakness, numbness, paresthesia (abnormal sensations such as burning,
> tickling, pricking or tingling) and pain in the arms, hands, legs
> and/or
> feet. A large number of cases are of unknown cause.
> Is there any treatment?
> Therapy for peripheral neuropathy differs depending on the cause. For
> example, therapy for peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes
> involves
> control of the diabetes. In cases where a tumor or ruptured disc is
> the
> cause, therapy may involve surgery to remove the tumor or to repair
> the
> ruptured disc. In entrapment or compression neuropathy treatment may
> consist
> of splinting or surgical decompression of the ulnar or median nerves.
> Peroneal and radial compression neuropathies may require avoidance of
> pressure. Physical therapy and/or splints may be useful in preventing
> contractures (a condition in which shortened muscles around joints
> cause
> abnormal and sometimes painful positioning of the joints).
> What is the prognosis?
> Recovery from peripheral neuropathy is usually slow. Depending on the
> type
> of peripheral neuropathy, the patient may fully recover without
> residual
> effects or may partially recover and have sensory, motor, and
> vasomotor
> (blood vessel) deficits. If severely affected, the patient may
> develop
> chronic muscular atrophy.
> What research is being done?
> The NINDS supports a broad program of research on disorders of the
> peripheral nervous system, including peripheral neuropathy. Much of
> this
> research is aimed at increasing the understanding of peripheral
> neuropathy
> and finding ways to prevent and cure the disorder."
> Neuropathy Association
> 60 East 42nd Street
> Suite 942
> New York, NY 10165-0999
> info@n...
> http://www.neuropathy.org
> Tel: 212-692-0662 800-247-6968
> Fax: 212-692-0668
> National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain
> P.O. Box 70045
> Houston, TX 77270
> markgordon@p...
> http://www.paincare.org
> Tel: 713-862-9332
> Fax: 713-862-9346
> American Pain Foundation
> 201 North Charles Street
> Suite 710
> Baltimore, MD 21201-4111
> info@p...
> http://www.painfoundation.org
> Tel: 888-615-PAIN (7246) 410-783-7292
> Fax: 410-385-1832
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----------
> Websites:
> http://www.skywatch-research.org
> http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/search_imag.pl (Search for Worm
> Hole;
> then click on Black Hole)
> http://www.majesticdocuments.com
> Bill Hamilton
> Executive Director
> Skywatch International, Inc.
> Website:
> http://www.skywatch-research.org
> Fiat Lux et Veritas
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Postby Xena » Fri Oct 20, 2006 4:48 am

So how did I get sucked in?

In about March or April 2003, a GLP member posted a link to this article http://www.boomspeed.com/joseph2/J-Rod.htm and I was fascinated by it. It had all the far out concepts you could ever wish for, all packaged up into 3 pages of UFO yumminess. I hadn't even been following the UFO scene before that, as I was focussed on other topics such as Freemasonry, illuminati and was even trying to swallow unsuccessfully the concept of the Reps a la David Icke. After passing the article on to some friends I promptly forgot about it.

In sept of that year I was bored and wanted to see if I could get any interest going in the UFO section of GLP, which was dead and buried so I reposted the Jrod article. Dondep appeared as if on cue and amused me by stating that I'd posted the article in the wrong section and that it should be somewhere for all to see. This was my first experience of Dondep, he's... let's just say...intriguing, LOL

I moved my thread out into the main section and all these people turned up to ramp up the paranoia. Starryeyes was somewhat freaking out cause a black helicopter was harrassing them and you got the impression that it was because they were trying to get the story out, so I bit the apple and decided to stick around. But I was a bad thread monitor and I didn't keep my thread alive so Dan (humansubject) took on the challenge. Dan was in the early the only poster who seemed to be normal, LOL We communicated by PM a bit and compared to the other PM's I was receiving, which generally were from people telling me how brave I was blah, blah, it was a breath of sane air. I was wondering what the hell I was doing and I certainly wouldn't have stuck around if it weren't for him.

I didn't know if the story was true, but I was intrigued by how there were certain players such as Rick Doty and Bob Collins lurking in the background and after reading up on the aviary and reading this article on Bennewitz http://web.archive.org/web/200402181100 ... nnewit.htm, I was horrified but also glued to the screen by the mental games that were playing out before my eyes.

I was never really an inner member of the group. I engineered a role for myself by hosting the files that the sockpuppets were sending out and also saved a backup of the old Eagles site for newbies to poke around in. I didn't say much on the threads in the early days, but my archiving automatically got me access to chat logs and invites to "huddles". I think I didn't actually say whether I thought it was all a hoax or otherwise until about March 2004 and even then I just stated that I thought it was unlikely to be true. I had kept quiet before then as I could see how tetchy people got if they thought you would be there to debunk dislosure in the making.

In Oct 2004 we moved from GLP to my new forum as the threads kept getting deleted, spamming was a nightmare and a charactor called idol was driving everyone insane, LOL. At that point I really got to see the truth behind the saga. At GLP there were no rules so for 9 months I followed that precedent and let anyone say anything about anyone. Guest posting was allowed, no posts or psters were deleted, edited or interfered with. In that time I came close to getting the proof that I required. I and quite a few others suspected Dan and Marci would post as MJ-12 members, iluuminati members, security teams, remote viewers, Ravens etc with a view to keeping the hype moving or to just pick on those that question the "facts" as presented by the B gang.

About 9 months later, a character called Nightshade09 was making a real pain in the butt of himself but it was in no way as bad as the "insiders" who would mock Linda Moulton Howe "taking it up the ***** for G Noory" or threaten a guy called Harry with mention of their firearms and how they would be used if he dared turn up unannounced again.

Nightshade's behavioural problems coincided with a desire for Dan Burisch to continue posting at my forum, so the heat was on for me to ban Shady. I spat the dummy and said no, also I had just got the IP confirmation that I required as Marci had posted as her imaginary twin using the same IP that all the other "insiders" used. So I banned her instead:)

Much angst followed and continues to this day. They don't like me much:) :cry:
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Reality Is In Sight
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Postby Xena » Fri Oct 20, 2006 6:01 am

So after the banning, I was suffering from pesky members getting at me for not banning Shady. I hadn't told anyone (oops, I probably told Wyz tho) at that time that I'd banned Marci's IP but the message would have gone home. I reacted badly to the pressure and had a major hissy fit, threatening to take down the forum. This prompted or appeared to at least prompt, the B gang to create a new forum for everyone to move to. In my hysteria I'd forgotten that I'd offered the keys to Eagles to Wyzyrd a couple of months earlier, so I publically made the maneuvers to implement some sort of order from 9 months of chaos. This caused our group to fragment into 2 main camps of believers and skeptics, but in truth I'm prepared to accept that it was more of a cult group against an anti-cult group and things got even more nasty:(
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Reality Is In Sight
Reality Is In Sight
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Postby Xena » Fri Oct 20, 2006 7:30 am

God I'm in the twilight zone now, caught between database restores. Shawnna's post keeps disappearing and I've rewritten this one which has now miraculously returned above.

rewrite probably uneccesary now:
After the banning certain pesky members increased the off-forum harrassment to fever pitch (for me anyway) I flipped, became a bit of a drama queen and threatened to shut down the forum. I hadn't really told anyone about the IP banning so the scene was set for the next drama. Marci declared that I was stressed, blah blah blah and that Dan Burisch didn't want to cause me further anguish so she'd created her own forum for eveyone to move to. In the meantime I'd remembered that I'd promised the forum to Wyzyrd, when the time came that I'd had enough so publically it looked lilke we were back pedalling when we announced new rules, a latrine and moderators.

More angst, drama and anguish as people began to feel torn between the 2 sites. At the end of the day" the group fragmented into 2 camps of believers and skeptics although I will admit we morphed more into a cult versus anti-cult and thinks just kept getting nastier.

Can't remember what else I said... oops:)
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Reality Is In Sight
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