Dan Smith's updated his website - with RU discussed

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Dan Smith's updated his website - with RU discussed

Postby Shawnna » Sun Sep 03, 2006 3:16 am

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Postby Shawnna » Wed Sep 06, 2006 6:56 am

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Postby Almeirhria » Thu Sep 07, 2006 9:43 am

Essentially Mr. Smith is relaying their problem to his colleagues - and in the process showing his lack of knowledge for what he perceives.
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Postby ryguy » Thu Oct 05, 2006 6:29 pm

From Dan's Blog - Today (8/5):

Instead of commentary, I'm highlighting relevant / interesting / important points. Some of these points are relevant, or are becoming quite relevant to the research we're conducting regarding "disclosure" actions or activities...

I believe (based on some circumstantial evidence) that the "meeting today" is, in fact, actually taking place - confirming that much of what Dan writes is based in truth, even though his interpretation of what he's seeing is sometimes just a little bit deluded or outright wrong. Many times though - he seems to hit the nail right on the head.


I am having difficulty making sense of some recent aviary/aquarium related developments [a]. I can keep my mouth shut or I can speculate. My rule of thumb these many years: if in doubt, put it out.

Coming to the fore in the last few weeks is a contention between CF and TF. I understand that they will be meeting today. The underlying issue appears to be CF's increasingly proactive role relative to the aviary. It would be difficult for me not to see this from an aquarium perspective, and thus the new (self-?) designation for a frequent fellow traveler.

I speculate that the underlying issue involves disclosure, but that can cover many possibilities. It would be very difficult to ascertain who is on which side. The complicating factor is the problem of containment. Apparent acts of disclosure, may simply be exercises in creative containment.

The two recent episodes of 'disclosure' on the part of the Aviary are RC's EfD book and the SERPO affair. Both of these very significantly involve a single actor, RD. RD is the spokesperson for the traditional aviary. The reactivation of the aquarium, i.e. the R&D show, in 2004 was coincidental with the publication of EfD, based on information from RD. Late in '05 came the the first SERPO installment. Late this spring came the (counter-?) revelations concerning RD's involvement in the dissemination of that material. These revelations led to escalating exchanges between between the pro and con sides resulting in RD's temporary suspension from his constabulary duties.

Over the last several months CF has demonstrated an increasingly proactive interest in this saga, particularly in the question of whether RD may have revealed or attempted to obtain any classified information, i.e. the alleged names of government officials. In the process of that investigation, which now seems to have been concluded negatively, CF raised a concern about TF's cooperation. Today's meeting ought to be an indication that this secondary issue is being favorably resolved.

While all of this has been going on, there has been some escalation in GN's activity relative to his RAM project, another matter in which CF is participating, and in which I have become involved to a degree. Interestingly, here again, there appears to be some contention between CF and TF, but with a reversal of their roles, to the effect that TF is being obstructive. Setting these two dramas side by side gives the impression of two experienced beltway warriors carrying on a battle by proxy, with GN and RD being their respective proxies. And me? Obviously I am struggling to stay above the fray.

In the thick of the battle, it does appear to be a conspiracy of dunces to bring about MAD. But I doubt that either side wants a MAD outcome. The A/A has had its uses over many decades, at the very least it is an instrument that should at least be kept in mothballs, if nothing else. Another more speculative treatment would suggest a shift in management relative to the CF/TF axis, with CF representing the new guard or Aq/Av, i.e. metaphys/phys. However, the GN/RD duality evinces very little of this latter polarity. The main contention between these two is the question of whether or not there exists a RAM, i.e. reverse-engineered alien machine. Whoop-de-do!

So there you have it.

More on the RAM (reverse-engineered alien machine) in a bit, when there's a little more time... There's much more to this story than Dan has told. In many ways, for good reason - but there are more players involved in the "RAM" project that he hasn't mentioned, and I'm very curious to learn why.

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Postby MarshallMattDharma » Thu Oct 05, 2006 6:52 pm

Initials: who is TF?

I know the rest:
CF= Catfish = Ron P.
RD = Rick Doty
GN = Gordon Novel

Sarfatti mentioned in an email, around early summer/late spring, that
this question of a reverse engineered one was a source of division by
people involved in a movie project (involving gordon novel and doug ivanovitch).
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Postby Hidden Hand » Thu Oct 05, 2006 7:40 pm


TF is Kit Green (T??? Fish = Tuna Fish?)

as you see where DS says : "thus the new .. designation for a frequent fellow traveler." TF is the "new designation", from the context the "frequent fellow traveller" is KG.

re: RAM - there was an effort to "reverse-engineer" ufos. HOWEVER, "reverse engineering" does not require a crashed craft..

Is anybody involved in this actually an engineer or have any engineering experience?? sheeesh...
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Postby Hidden Hand » Thu Oct 05, 2006 9:00 pm

"Reverse engineering" does not exclusively mean taking something apart to find out how it works. That is probably good enough for Hollywood - and that brute force method can work - but that is not really all that reverse engineering means.

I like David C Musker's definition here - http://www.jenkins-ip.com/serv/serv_6.htm -

Engineering is the process of turning a specification into a product for performing to it.

Reverse engineering, as the name implies, is the reverse of this; in other words, the attempt to recapture the top level specification by analysing the product - "attempt" because it is not possible in practice, or even in theory, to recover everything in the original specification purely by studying the product.

To find out what is going on in some product - be it hardware or software - it is not always necessary to take it apart and analyze it piece by piece.

For example, I was involved in a project where I reverse engineered a piece of software. But, I didn't have the software - all I had was some of the output of the software. The goal, in this case, was not to reconstruct the software, but to understand well enough what was going on inside the software. (Explanation - software was not being supported by the manufacturer.)

See also: http://www.chillingeffects.org/reverse/faq.cgi Reverse Engineering FAQ

Question: What is reverse engineering?

Answer: Reverse engineering is the general process of analyzing a technology specifically to ascertain how it was designed or how it operates. {snip}

Through reverse engineering, a researcher gathers the technical data necessary for the documentation of the operation of a technology or component of a system. In "black box" reverse engineering, systems are observed without examining internal structure, while in "white box" reverse engineering the inner workings of the system are inspected.

Whether one has a system they can take apart or not, reverse engineering is based on observations of the system - which is why one can reverse engineer something without necessarily disassembling it.
Is this a private fight, or can anyone join in?
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Postby kiwicocky » Fri Oct 06, 2006 3:02 am

Thanks Ry for the headsup, and thanks HH for the explanation re RAM.

Did you ever read anything Nick Redfern's book 'Bodysnatchers in the Desert'?

It was published just before (I think) Collin's EfD. Here's a synopsis:

As this stunning expose makes clear there was in fact no UFO crash with dead aliens at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Nor was there a fallen balloon, as the government's recent cover-up would have us believe. In BODY SNATCHERS IN THE DESERT, Nick Redfern reveals what really happened on that fateful day over fifty years ago - and it's a story more bizzare than anyone could imagine. Redfern takes readers on an amazing journey from the American Southwest to secret installations in Japan, from the Los Alamos laboratories to the Pentagon itself, all to piece together an astonishing story; in the post-war years scientists endeavoured to build a nuclear powered aircraft and the effects of its radioactive cargo by flying it - with human passengers. Its crash in 1947 led to the mishaps and cover-ups hat gave birth to the Roswell legend. As the author builds his case, he offers no shortage of revelations, including diabolical experiments undertaken on deformed humans by both Japanese and American scientists during the 1940s; documents relating to experimental test flights in New Mexico; and the ambitious disinformation campaigns designed to hide the sinister truth.
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