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Postby ryguy » Fri Oct 20, 2006 3:07 am

Springer wrote:The CIA "training" doesn't really impact my impressions of him, I've known a couple CIA *field operators* in my time and Kit is nothing like those lads, he was/is a scientist in the research and medical department. Yes, he was trained in the standard intelligence agency stuff but he never really had to "deceieve" anyone to accomplish his tasks (he was in the office, not out in the field, no reason/need to deceive in the office) and frankly, I doubt he would be interested in doing so, he simply doesn't need to.

Again, just my humble opinion. :)


I agree with Springer here - to an extent. Kit is an extremely intelligent man...very charismatic and friendly. He has been extremely generous with his time in helping us to analyze various issues. I am extremely humbled and greatful for that. And very thankful.

However my opinion of an issue or a person is never influenced or swayed by charisma or time. It's based on their words, actions, and corroborating....evidence.

What you say about Kit concerning Serpo appears to be the case - he is also very good friends with Rick and is concerned for any trouble Rick might get himself into - this was reflected in his statements to us and even more so in communications between himself and Rick that reflected such concern. This convinced me Kit has a good heart and is a good man. But it also convinced me that he is aware of far more in regards to Doty's involvement with Serpo and other issues than he will very likely admit.

IMHO - the issue with Kit is not so much Serpo, or even ufology for that matter. Ufology could very likely be a symptom of - or it may serve as a curtain - over the larger issue, which is government research regarding medical issues, biological and psychological research at a level I think most of us would be hard-pressed to even imagine. Imagine being aware, and being involved in such incredible and breathtaking research - yet being unable to speak about it to anyone outside the classification level required "to know".

Imagine further - what kind of past research took place, what kind of things he has seen and is aware of, that the government was and is conducting - and can't say a word.

"Only a fool of a scientist would dismiss the evidence and reports in front of him and substitute his own beliefs in their place." - Paul Kurtz

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