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Shawnna and Steben - the story page 2

Postby Shawnna » Sun May 21, 2006 12:03 am

Ok, now to what happened with Steben and I......

As most of you know, I was banned pretty early on at the 'open mind' forum for not picking up the Serpo pom poms quick enough.

After this banishment, I was reinstated and received a PM from "eben" saying he thought it would be good if Victor and I talked. He said he suggested this to Victor as well, and Victor said 'sure..... give her my number' which eben sent me via PM.

I responded that I am happy to talk to Victor but he would need to call me, so I gave eben my phone number to give to Victor.

Well....... as you all know, I got banned again, this time forever, within 48 hours (or was it 24?) of being reinstated.

Eben called on April 13th after this second and final banning, and we talked about it. He said there was a lot of discussion about it in the mod forum. And he sent me screen shots of the discussion with this note:

From: steve01@XXXXXXXXXX
Subject: Screenshots
Date: April 13, 2006 9:07:10 PM PDT
To: shawnna141@XXXXXXXXX

I only sent these to you because I believe you got a raw deal at Open
Forum. Enjoy your read!
Now, I had been cyber friends with both Ryan and Zep through our work on the ATS Serpo Summary and I was quite upset with both of their comments about me within the mod discussion. We've not been in contact since that time. I am happy to report though that we've discussed this whole thing and I do understand why they had to take the position they did within that environment.

Also as a result of Steben sending me the screen shots, he was also banned at the 'other forum'.

Now, when Tacitus Monroe made his appearance, fingers started pointing at Steben and I because of this situation which gave everyone the idea that Steben and I were somehow working together. Everyone wanted to ID Tacitus and Steben and I were obvious targets.

I know I am NOT Tacitus, and I'm pretty darn sure Steben isn't either. Althugh Mr. Doty and others sure made Steben's life miserable at this time because of the suspicion that he was Tacitus.

And we've all seen the Victor Martinez thread about "Shawna the Serpo Slayer". I've also been removed from Victor's distribution list - imagine that.

After all of this, I received the two emails with the "seinu" story I posted in the other thread. Interesting, huh?

So there you have it. I'm more than happy to answer questions or share the screen shots or anything else with anyone is interested in. Just send me a PM with your email address.

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