On "Manipulation"

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On "Manipulation"

Postby Zep Tepi » Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:43 am

A lot has been said by us and others on the methods employed by Bill Ryan since "coming on to the scene" late last year.

We thought we would share some thoughts of people who have stayed out of the Serpo mess so far. Have fun ;)

The first is a post by Colin Bennett of Combat Diaries made earlier today.. This is the first post in a series he has planned. Below this are further comments by Jack Sarfatti and others.

Greetings to all Savants,

"Guys, we need some perspective here... (Andrew Beckwith)

Well here's some. I hope

Since my name has been mentioned here several times, I enclose the first part of a long study that is being made on Bill Ryan by the Combat Diaries Intelligence Team and Reality Uncovered

We Have a Syndrome Here

It is important to realize that swapping singular points with Ryan is absolutely useless. His game is not a sound liberal dialogue with antennae-touches all round, though he pretends it is. He is an absolutely brilliant intellectual deviant. He has the concentration of a psychopath, and is smooth, cool, always disturbingly relaxed. I imagine it is he under intense personal control, the result of much in-depth auditing and training to resist the most radical interrogation This accounts for the cloying hail-fellow-well-met friendship (with the TV-presenter smile) that sends shivers down my spine and many others I could name. He is the store-manager in Gremlins 1, who says: "You are having a crisis. Thank you for sharing it with us." He also uses first-name terms far too early and often, and is unpleasantly familiar far to early in any relationship. He is the Geoffrey Archer of Ufology, tricky, deceitful, and with a dangerous Scientological agenda, and a nauseating attempt at a hollow condescension which is embarrassing.

His snake-oil familiarity alone is very definitely not the natural mark of standard British middle-class intercourse. If he appeared at your door, you would buy a brush from his suitcase. He employs the vulgar techniques of the used-car salesman: he employs cloying praise in a phony re-assuring manner about as chilling as man putting his hand at the back of your head and stroking your hair.

He has appeared of a sudden without having any kind of Ufological credibility. He has no books, articles, or reputation built carefully over the years.

Ryan is intensely hyperactive to a degree that I personally have not come across before. I have only met his type once before in my life, and that was one of my Tutors at Balliol College (Oxford University), who had an IQ of 170++. The sheer volume and frequency of Ryan's mail indicates that he is a highly-disciplined and trained "auditor." The trouble is that he cannot maintain contrast, shows no sign of hesitation, puzzlement or mood-variation that are the paw-marks of authentic thought untrammeled by Manchurian conditioning. There is no natural noise in him. His energy level is absolutely constant, like that of a zombie. He never gets exhausted. He does not go back over his sentences, never repeats a point, he never swears, rarely laughs, or admits he has made a mistake. It would be well nigh impossible to make him lose his temper. He is the smoothest thing since Charlie and the Chocolate factory. All we ever get is well-controlled strips of well-managed process. But his constant plea to be liked and understood shows that beneath the scintillating cool he is very disturbed

Certainly he is a man of limitless energy and reveals on text-scans a very high IQ. The same could be said of Ira Einhorn, Jim Jones, or David Koresh of WACO. We have a syndrome here. Like Einhorn again, Ryan fits many standard police, military, psychiatric and Intelligence profiles. But to be fair, these same profiles fit many an inspired genius.

It has been mentioned hardly at all, but the important thing to realize is that Ryan is on his own admission, a Scientologist, first and foremost. This the basic key to both his expression and his personalities. His opinion about anything at all separate from this function hardly exists. As such, we are not dealing with a free-ranging individual, we are dealing with pure Process. We are dealing with an individual who personal psychology is as science-fiction as are his inventions. I like to run people through the Literary Computer rather than the scientific one. It tells me a lot more. Ryan is straight out of Fowles' The Magus, and his DNA has based his life on the characters of Graham Greene and Evelyn Waugh, who knew Englishmen down to a tee. Like Geoffrey Archer again (and Robert Maxwell come to think) his attempt at a English middle-class persona is as phony as a silicon tits.

Story Technology

Ryan's psychological technique is so developed it has to be seen to be believed. Just take a look at his responses with George Knapp (not with Pippin - Pippin's sudden and abrupt anger towards me regarding my criticism of Ryan shows that Pippin is perhaps a fellow-traveler). George, a very bright tough-nut, thought he could stop Ryan by asking a simple question: will you have this arm X-rayed?

Look at the response Ryan gives. He is ready, and his answer blows up a veritable smoke-screen of daunting complexity. As with Dan Burische, the complex fractal opens, and before we know it we are into the launch of a soap-opera: we hear about the high-school yearbook, the man being under "duress" (due to his amazing arm-strength). Ryan does not know much about youths with amazing strength- they love posing, enjoying the attention of all the girls - "duress" I would not call it!) since a youth.

There follows no less the high school basket ball programme, the school district, the coach, the email from a "fellow student," and last but not least the Zen-warrior record in the Marines, who just did not notice in medical X-rays the cranial implant and wired arm! Somehow from Lee Oswald to Ryan, the United States Marine Corps (bless them!) get in somewhere. We may as well throw in an old mangle and a coach-and-horses in the bargain.

One suspects that there are other even more complex information fractals to open beyond this. Ryan is a master of what I call soap-technology. In one stroke he mires George in yet more fields of difficult verification. A third fractal will open of course to yield yet more difficulties of complex verification in terms of documents times, disappearances, ambiguities. In other words George and his team will be overwhelmed.

I do not hesitate to say that had he not fallen into the hands of the Scientologists, Ryan would most probably have found in himself some kind of genius and applied this in a more wholesome and creative direction. He should dispense with the narrow enclosed stupidity of East Grinstead and write us a new Matrix, which he is probably perfectly capable of doing, instead of effing about with SERPO and suchlike rubbish.

But of course there is a more serious side to the hilarity of SERPO and the Zen Soldier. That is the detection of a Scientology-based deep-mining operation whose aim is to take over the main discussion areas of Ufology and its associated area. Ryan has several puppet-masters, and for their sins, Nexus and East Grinstead appear to be running him. As Jack suggests, Wikipedia could also be a similar ancillary operation, although of course much bigger.

The only way to deal with Ryan is to send him up. Somehow wit and irony and satire blow up the conditioning equations of Scientology.

To do him any kind of justice, Ryan and his partner must be pissing themselves at the creation and control of the circus-ring he has created.

Congratulations Ryan - with your outrageous stories you have managed to fool people who are not fooled easily. Brilliant!

But this is far deeper than having fun at other people's expense.

As we shall see, Ryan represents nothing less than a Scientological attempt at controlling Ufology and the areas of discussion associated with it. The plan is complex, the field is vast, and the dangers are great. Scientology makes George Orwell look like a pussy-cat.

Much more later in "Internet Mining: The Launch of a Digital Golem"

Colin Bennett
Author, London
The New Fortean Times
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Postby robertfenix » Fri Dec 22, 2006 6:25 pm

this has to be old news for anyone with at least a shred of cognitive intuition.

He is after all the Game Master
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