Final verification VM has been played

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Final verification VM has been played

Postby Zep Tepi » Mon Mar 05, 2007 6:27 pm

If anyone needs any further verification that Victor Martinez has been played by the people providing him with the Serpo information, his latest release is exactly that.

His computer experts at the NSA(!) have informed him they were unable to decrypt the files on the cd Victor was provided with, or that there was nothing to decrypt. There followed an irrelevant tutorial on encrypting and decrypting files using EFS on Windows XP. Victor's "gatekeeper" had told him this was the method used to encrypt the files.

There's a problem with that however. As soon as the files are moved from the HD where they are encrypted, the operating system automatically decrypts the files, especially in the case of copying them on to a CD Rom!

His "sources" at the NSA should have realised this within seconds of receiving the CD ffs...!

Encrypting files on XP and using steganography to hide files within another file are two entirely different things.

Surely now he can see that he has been had??? Why would he send out three huge emails explaining the procedure for decrypting the files when it is totally irrelevant to the CD Rom in question?

Either his sources at the NSA are not IT experts as he has claimed, or he doesn't have any sources in the NSA to begin with.

They saw him coming a mile off.

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Postby Zep Tepi » Mon Mar 05, 2007 7:09 pm

The emails in question (My comments in yellow):

Sent: Monday, March 5, 2007 4:16:06 PM
Subject: 1 of 3: ENCRYPTION Working to Decrypt the REAL "Project SERPO" Photos! ... 557&page=1

Par1 of IX


Intensive, behind-the-scenes efforts have been underway for a very, VERY
LONG TIME in trying to secure the long-awaited photographs which
purportedly exist for "Project SERPO" by both Bill Ryan and myself,
especially the latter!

The FIRST mention and promise of photographs was made by my [original]
ANONYMOUS on Friday, December 9, 2005 in a special SERPO POSTING which
served as a follow-up to the interview Bill Ryan and Richard Doty had
done on George Noory's "Coast-2-Coast AM Show" the previous night.

For those of you new to the ongoing, never ending SERPO saga, here is
the relevant portion of that special SERPO POSTING of Friday, December
9, 2005 as it was streamed VERBATIM:


"Also, we are working on obtaining four (4) photographs taken by our
Team Members of SERPO. I will scan them into my computer and then e-mail
them to you.
"You can send them to Bill Ryan for inclusion into the SERPO Web site.

"DON'T distribute the photographs through your huge UFO thread list.
Just leave it on the Web site for Web site Administrator Bill
Ryan to post.

"We are in the process of scanning photographs from SERPO. I'm not
sure how well they will turn out, but once I get them finalized, I will
e-mail them to you and you can provide them to Bill for the SERPO Web
site. I just hope they turn out alright.

"Once the public sees these photographs, even our skeptics, die-hard
debunkers and those who claim that this is all a "non-event disclosure,"
will scratch their heads in total amazement! [They're NOT from a
Hollywood movie set!]

– One photograph shows the entire Team standing next to an Eben home,
with several Ebens standing in the background;

– another photograph shows the Team's new home in the north;

– another photograph shows an Eben village in the north;

– another photograph shows a group of Eben's playing their "soccer"

You'll love them!

"One group member has a fool-proof way of sending them. I'm not sure of
the exact method, but I'll let you know just prior to his sending them.
Either they'll be sent to you (or Bill directly) in encrypted form or a
special military courier will bring them to you from a special unit
within the DIA.

We'll let you know."


Finally, a CD-ROM was mailed to me with what turned out to be PHONY
photographs; I only released two (2) of them as they were obvious FAKES.
The outing of the PHONY photos was streamed on Monday, December 18, 2006
to a disappointed worldwide audience accompanied by a detailed photo
analysis by an NSA contact-friend of mine.

On Monday, February 19, 2007 @ 11:42 a.m. EDT, I was informed by a USG
source that in fact, I DID have the REAL SERPO PHOTOGRAPHS, but that
they were "hidden" within the "BMP" files I had received. In the spirit
of transparency, I quickly made a public announcement as such and then

Thursday, February 22, 2007 @ 10:24 a.m., EDT, I received another e-mail
from yet another anonymous USG source [different one] providing me the
UNlocking CODES I had been seeking!

[View entire e-mail under "VIII - FOLLOW-UP"]

– Thursday, Feb 22, 2007: After receiving the UNlocking codes for the
"Project SERPO" photos CD-ROM, I immediately called my NSA contact
friend of 21 years to apprise him of the breaking developments. So that
there would be no MIScommunication -- and to protect the privacy of my
source -- I cut, copied and pasted the original e-mail (minus the IDing
headers) and e-mailed him the UNlocking codes with instructions.

– Saturday, Feb 24, 2007: My NSA contact uses the previous day
(Friday) to round up other retired USG intell spooks to work on the
CD-ROM. They are comprised of:

° another retired NSA SIGNET employee

° current NSA employee

° retired employee of the NPIC [National Photographic Interpretation

° retired CIA science officer analyst

– Sunday, Feb 25, 2007: In collaboration with the four (4) who
assisted my friend, they helped contribute to a detailed written report
which took ~ for (4) hours to prepare, and which appears in the
ATTACHMENT and "IX - TECHNICAL SUPPORT." [last entry, this page]


It is with GREAT REGRET and DISappointment that I inform all of you that
the UNLOCKING CODES did NOT work ... they FAILED TO OPEN the [alleged]
"hidden" SERPO photos within the BMP files streamed originally on
Monday, 12-18-06.

CRITICAL MASS: On Saturday, Feb 24, 2007, five (5) highly computer
literate individuals worked on this CD-ROM for FIVE (5) HOURS, 45 MIN.
[the original] and not only did they try EVERY configuration to make it
work with the codes given, but they also ran ALL of the possible
"hermetic stego" programs or ~150 [steganography programs] through the
NSA's ultra, high-speed computers ... it took a total of only 1 hr 58
min, 42 sec to run EVERY possible password through the CD-ROM to
determine if there were ANY hidden executable files contained therein.



After conferring with my NSA contact on numerous occasions, I made the
decision to release the original e-mail containing the UNlocking codes
that my NSA contact and company had worked with and on to extricate the
alleged hidden SERPO photos to no avail.

NO DISrespect meant, but these were GREAT technical MINDS at work here
on this problem, and if they were UNable to access the photos -- codes
or no codes -- I doubt very seriously that ANYone on this list will be
able to pull up any "hidden" photos, but, hey, what do any of you have
to lose by trying? Take your best shot at cracking the SERPO "code!"


a) Not only did this team of computer wizards conclude that the codes
did NOT work, but they also concluded that....

b) in fact, there ARE NO HIDDEN FILES contained within the original CD
mailed to me by "The Gatekeeper" on Friday, 12-8-06 and received by me
on Saturday, 12-9-06.

c) the reasons for such DECEPTION on the part of those releasing this
information to me can only be speculated on at this point ... whether
this is just a ruse now to DIScredit the entire "Project SERPO" saga or
to test the public's reaction to such a human-ET exchange program is
anyone's guess, BUT....

d) having been the pass through/conduit for this segmented release
program from the start on 11-2-05, I am in the unique position to make
the BEST EDUCATED GUESS and INFORMED JUDGMENT as to what's occurred.

e) I was dealing with my ORIGINAL ANONYMOUS when those SERPO photos were
first promised to me on 12-9-2005. He said it with such CONFIDENCE
because his name was on the DOD/DIA "Briefing Control Access Roster"
giving him incredible access to every facet of "Project SERPO" as well
as other classified programs.

Additionally, he served as the editor for "The Red Book," a written
compendium of the state of alien, off-world activity prepared every five
(5) years and presented to the sitting POTUS as well as other select
members of the USG "black world" intell community.

Furthermore, he had access to the SERPO photos all of which are
contained in large album books at Boling AFB along with the soil,
plant/vegetation and water samples brought back from SERPO, etc.,
outside of DC ... NO problem in obtaining them.

f) The real PROBLEM came in two (2) private e-mails sent to me by my
original ANONYMOUS on 12-18-05 entitled "Problems," and "Another Point."

Basically, there was such an intense effort to "out" him, that he bowed
OUT NEVER to return again ... too bad for ALL of us ... the loss was and
is OURS.

g) As my esteemed "Team of 5" member Dr Green presciently pointed out, I
then went through ANONYMOUS II and ANONYMOUS III.

ANONYMOUS III does NOT have that level of access, is NOT located in the
DC/VA area [he's in AZ] and whatever photos he/they have -- IF they had
any to begin with -- are NOT AUTHENTIC representations of the GENUINE
arifacts. They're probably as frustrated as Bill Ryan and me if not more
so in being UNable to supply what is arguably the single MOST IMPORTANT
PIECE OF EVIDENCE in the "Project SERPO" saga.

h) Larry Dicken, the executive producer of the very popular "The Jerry
Pippin Show," wrote me a private e-mail suggesting that I "was being
played," and "was had" over the purported SERPO CD-ROM photos.

For the purposes of THIS issue, I would agree with his biting,
insightful, true and correct assessment ... the reasons remain UNknown,

P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E is a GREAT VIRTUE and rather than "throwing in the
towel" just yet, we should all wait to see what -- if anything --
develops from this stream.

In my view, this does NOT INvalidate nor DIScredit the entire
idea/notion/claim that an ET-human exchange program took place; the
written SERPO POSTINGS may in fact be FACTUAL, but just because another
important piece of the puzzle has yet to be supplied and materialize,
does NOT make those POSTINGS false.

Saved e-mail message


Date: Thu, Feb 22, 2007, 10:24 a.m.

To: (Victor Martinez)

Subject: I was never given the CODES in the package! Why weren't they


You have the real photographs. You just need the codes. Here is what
you do.

Using MS Windows XP PRO, open the CD in Windows Real Player. Save it
to disk, don't run it. Once you have saved it to a private file, open
the properties. Click on "hidden files." A box will come up with a
password entry. Type in:


Another box will open and type in:


You will see a box saying, "Encrypted Files Activited." When the files
open, you should have 16 ["Project SERPO" photos] of them. The real






EXCERPT: "The EFS feature is NOT included in Microsoft Windows
XP Home Edition."


Tech Tutorials: Windows XP -- Understanding Compression and Encrypted
File Systems

EXCERPT: "The Windows XP"

PROFESSIONAL operating system allows for both compression and encryption
natively within the operating system by setting given attributes on the
files and folders. Both of these functions are mutually exclusive of
each other and only one or the other can be enacted on a particular file
or directory at any given time.

Summary: 1) A description of steps taken in an attempt to
decrypt and extract real Serpo photos from the .BMP files
provided on CD. 2) Observations concerning the Windows
"Encrypting File System." 3) A proven alternative method
of strong encryption is proposed for future mailings.
Details: the six (6) Serpo .BMP files were transferred from
CD to a new folder on a Windows XP Pro computer hard
drive which had an active Encrypting File System (EFS)
and user permissions granted to encrypt and decrypt
files. All the .BMP files were placed together in the same
folder, in case the decryption was spanned, linked or
referenced to more than one .BMP image. These six
.BMP files retained their original file names
(serpoimages0001.bmp through serpoimages0006.bmp,
Per instructions, the Properties page on each .BMP file
was opened and the "Hidden" box was checked, but
NOTHING happened; NO new window opened. So, the
"Apply" button was clicked. Still, NO new window
opened in which to enter the decrypting codes. All that
occurred when the "Hidden" box was checked and
"Apply" was clicked on each file was the file became
hidden. This is the normal operation of the "hidden"
file attribute, tracing back to the days of the legacy
DOS command, "attrib +H [filename]."

For example, see the Properties of serpoimages0001.bmp
after checking the "Hidden" box:

[Irrelevant picture displayed]

Perhaps the decrypting codes could be entered on the
"Advanced" screen? So, that button was clicked. Here
is what one sees:

[Erm no, the files were on a CD remember? You would think an NSA IT expert would know the whole excercise was utterly pointless]

Note that the "Encrypt contents to secure data" box is
UNchecked, and that the "Details" button is disabled.
To Windows EFS, this means that the file is
NOT encrypted. In other words, there is

[Eureka! Any IT expert worth his salt would know there is absolutely no need to go through this procedure whatsoever. Then again, someone pretending to be an IT expert might think this an excellent technical explanation. Where have we seen that before...?]

Below is a screenshot of the folder containing the Serpo
.BMP files and other test files. Note that ALL the Serpo
file names are in BLACK lettering. This is ANOTHER
indication that the files are NOT encrypted -- at least,
NOT in a way which is detectable by the Windows
Encrypting File System (EFS.)

[The biggest indication was the fact the files are on a cd mate...]

There's loads more, but you get the drift by now I expect. I can't believe that Ri.. whoever is behind this has the audacity to carry on.

Unless that's his job, of course.

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Postby cartoonsyndicate » Mon Mar 05, 2007 9:36 pm

If anyone needs any further verification that Victor Martinez has been played by the people providing him with the Serpo information, his latest release is exactly that.

That he has been 'played' is not in dispute. That he has been s^~t upon by the she-wolf is.

This, before I've read the latest Zep post on the subject.

Are you now, once again, defending nurse ratched?

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