Heres the Shadows eerie experience (Experiences)

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Postby phantom » Wed Apr 18, 2007 3:15 pm

i was living with my ex at the time in a public housing complex, notorious for these kinds of experiences. first day we moved in i hated the place. i was very drawn to the stairway leaading up to the 2nd floor. i remember before any boxes were moved in, i sat on the counter in the kitchen and stared to the top of the stairs. it was a small sign of things to come. the place was colder than usual due to the fact it had no floor coverings. 2 things happened one night, the lightbulb blew out, i mean the actual globe seperated from the bayonet socket and landed on the floor, without smashing. then 30 minutes later the still wine we took the foil off to drink, uncorked itself. by the end of the first week i saw my first...ummm...shadow. it was dinner time and we were cooking. i sat atop the counter and stared straight up the stairway. i consider myself a man of reasonable intelligence and i know how the whole concepts of shadows works. there was no concept to explain this. the shadow was like someone crouched peering around the corner, then moving onto the floor slowly accross to the other wall peering around the corner. from right to left without a sound. no insects on the globe or anyhting like that no other explanation. i kept it quiet from my ex for a few days until she started commenting on noises and strange occurrences. we lasted 2 weeks from day 1 to time of leaving. we got out under good advice. this happened about 10 years ago and the place is stil standing.

was i meant 2 b?
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Re: Heres the Shadows eerie experience (Experiences)

Postby GigaShadow » Fri Jan 09, 2009 3:37 am

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