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Serpo, ICIS, & SRI

Postby Shawnna » Tue Jun 13, 2006 4:06 am

Ry originally posted this in another forum but given it's relevance, I'm posting it here too.

ryguy wrote:ICIS, SRI & Serpo

Considering the amount of circumstantial evidence that exists surrounding our current investigation of Serpo/Seinu, Remote Viewing, and ICIS, I'm going to lay out much of the coincidences that currently exist, and allow our readers to draw their own conclusions.

Given the recent disclosure in Part 1 of our release that exposes Hal Puthoff & Christopher (Kit) Green's involvement in Project Serpo - the following information becomes quite relevant, linking the discussions of Serpo/Seinu, Remote Viewing, and ICIS.

SRI and Remote Viewing

This is an area I'm sure Xena can expand on more than I could. I believe a few of these names are the "usual suspects" she mentions. I've highlighted the relevant names - which I will connect further down to ICIS, and finally, to Serpo.

In an article profiling Russell Targ, in the Sept-Nov 2003 issue of IONS Noetic Sciences Review, the following overview of how SRI was founded is provided:

George Pezdirtz, a NASA administrator for special projects was fascinated by one of Targ's lectures, and invited him to a NASA conference on speculative technology, May 1972.

Targ met the recently transformed Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell. <snip> Also at the NASA meeting were science-fiction novelist Arthur C. Clarke, physicist Werner von Braun, and James Fletcher, Chief Administrator of NASA.

Targ recalls that, after his presentation, Werner von Braun remarked, "Ah yes, I had a psychic grandmother. My grandmother back in the old country always knew when something bad was going to happen to people. We all went to Grandma for advice." With the encouragement of von Braun, James Fletcher told Pezdirtz, "You can give these guys some money." Targ grins, "We have Werner von Braun's psychic grandmother to thank for the remote viewing project at SRI."

Targ and Edgar Mitchell met with Willis Harman, then at Stanford and subsequently long-time president of IONS. Also involved was Harold (Hal) Putoff, Targ's laser-physicist colleague, who earlier had obtained a grant from his friend, Bill Church (of Church's Fried Chicken), to work with extrasensory perception. Physicists Targ and Puthoff, citing their many years of competant laser research, persuaded Stanford's academic watchdogs that they would not be an embarrassment to Stanford University, however incredible and arcane their subject matter. So with the promise of NASA money, Targ and Putoff, together with Mitchell, Harman, and Charlie Anderson (president of SRI), launched the research program on remote viewing at SRI.

Make note of the names above - those people with direct involvement in the birth of the remote viewing project at SRI:

- Russell Targ
- Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell
- science-fiction novelist Arthur C. Clarke
- physicist Werner von Braun
- physicist Harold (Hal) Puthoff

Harold Puthoff and Christopher Green are good friends and colleagues, and both took part in the Remote Viewing research at SRI

Left to right: Christopher Green, Pat Price, and Hal Puthoff.
Picture taken following a successful experiment involving glider-ground RV.

Keep in mind the names above, and now let's examine the following names:

ICIS (Institute for Cooperation in Space) Directors & Advisors provided on the ICIS website

1. SIR ARTHUR C. CLARKE, Honorary Board Chair
2. ASTRONAUT EDGAR MITCHELL, Sc.D., Advisory Board Chairman
3. Dr. CAROL ROSIN, President/Chair of the Board (was mentored by Werner von Braun - see her testimony posted earlier)
4. ALFRED LAMBREMONT WEBRE (was a futurist at SRI)

Drawing a preliminary hypothesis

There are obvious close connections to the folks who started the Remote Viewing program at SRI, and the folks who are running ICIS. It would be naive to think that Hal Puthoff, and very likely Kit Green as well, do not still maintain connections with those who make up the board of directors of ICIS


Given Hal Puthoff's and Kit Green's involvement with Serpo, and given that the OM forum, in 2004, was a forum originally created for the discussion of PSI/Parapsychology - the obvious relationships between Puthoff, Green, Rick Doty, Remote Viewing/PSI, Serpo, ICIS and SRI - cause one to pause and reconsider what this might all mean.

"The only thing we found that makes the emptiness bearable is................... each other."

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