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Alien Entity Activity

Postby ScaRZ » Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:15 pm

The postings below are from a good friend of mine at OM.....[Etherian]. He gave me permission to post his "Entity" writings here at RU. He has been involved in this field for many years. [Etherian] still has some parts yet to come, but I will post everything he has already written on the subject. Some may think that it really has nothing to do with Angels, Demons and the Spirit World, but it does. As it unfolds the spirit world can be seen.


Getting into the alien entity activity thoughts, I would like to show where I come from in regards to the Ufological question.

Long ago and not too far away, I remember the period of the big one. Not war in Iraq or in Vietnam, but the Second World War.

I remember D-Day, Okinawa, Iwo, V1s, V2s, the bomb, and the post war phase of the Cold War. Growing up in this era, I was given a great interest in weapons and things technical.

During this time, I came across a sunday adventure strip in the newspapers of the time. Didn't get the chance to read much of it, but it was sci fi. First part was about Hitler on the moon, so it was near the end of the war when it was carried in the Sunday newspapers.
The hero and some friends as well as some other people were kidnapped by alien beings in armored suits and taken to the planet Venus. These turned out to be a type of Reptoid humanoids.

Needless to say, I was hooked on science fiction and interplanetary aliens from then on. I read and got involved vociferously in the world of science fiction.

After searching for 60 years, I was able to come across that story through ebay featured in a 1947 comic book. (see pictures)

During this time, there were the stories of the Foo Fighters in '44 and '45, the Swedish Ghost Rockets of 1946, and of course Ken Arnold's Flying Saucers in the summer of 1947.
As I had mentioned before, many, many stories of sightings were carried in the newspapers and on radio immediately after this.

I definitely wanted to believe this and if you think you are a small minority now on the internet, you can imagine what it was like back then.

There was the Roswell crash story carried in the papers. My dad thought it couldn't be true, but I wanted to believe the story while it lasted.

Then there was the True magazine article by Donald keyhoe. I had that magazine for a while, but lost it at high school. I picked up some technical info and some theories as to what was going on in our skies from this Marine Major relentless struggle with the Air Force.

There was the Maury Island (hoax) George Adamski's Venusians, the scoutmaster's story in Fla.of alien attack and the gatherings at Giant Rock by contactees. I was all over this. Read both of Adamski's books and anything else I could find.

The 1950s
More later.


Moving on to part 2 of Part II The fabulous 50s:

Ahh, the 1950s.......

Cold War, hot cars and flying saucers!
A period of great science fiction movies like "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

There were lights seen in many places, disks of course, globes, Green Fireballs, Rocket tubes with flames, and inverted bathtubs as well as boomerang craft similar to the 1997 Phoenix sighting. In 1951, according to the Bluebook Report an immense flying wing, something like the Northrup B-49 was seen by a military security guard.

There were explanations: Temperature inversions, skyhook balloons, Venus, Arcturus, hallucinations and mass hysteria. And , hoaxes as well.

The Marine Major Donald Keyhoe after writing his expose' in True magazine, struggled to get at the mystery with the stonewalling US Air Force. He appeared on national television when there were only a couple three networks and argued the case with an air force officer around the time of the US capitol sightings. He got nowhere and eventually left the active military to form a civilian investigatory organization.

Everyone wondered what the craft were. It was theorized they came from Mars, due to a correlation with planetary oppositions. Others thought from Venus or even Russia.

Many reports from civilians came in as well as those from airline and military pilots.
The Air Force's Project Grudge and Bluebook reports lists many of these. I told on the UN thread of one where a fighter aircraft came within 600 feet of a disk craft. A B-29 bomber near Korea in 1952 was paced and threatened with collision by a cylinder with flames pouring out the back of it according to the crew report.

Mantell's P-51 crashed while supposedly chasing a huge disk.

The Air Force considered many of these sightings to be rawindsonde balloons.

It was theorized that they may have come from the South Pole from inside the Earth and this was their home as well as ours. Maybe the Nazis had built them and flew them to South America and Antarctica.
Or that they came from Etheria, a borderland in another dimension. Probably the first reference to UTs I came across, unless you count Adamski's angels.

In 1954, in Europe, especially in France there were many sightings. A landing on a railroad track that damaged the rails and some humanoid sightings were reported. It was thought that the saucers followed magnetic lines of force in their travels over the Earth.

There were the crashes. Besides the now famous Roswell event, there were other crashes reported Spitzbergen Island crash, Disks recovered in the Mohave Desert and Mexico. One in Texas in 1955 according to a witness who was involved in the operation to study it. One in Tulley, NY that caused traffic to be rerouted off the highway according to another witness.

* this was one of my favorite renderings by Ren Wicks when I was a kid. It and the others appeared in a Coronet magazine in 1952 that my mother tossed sometime later. I was able to refind a copy on Ebay a few years ago. I had never forgot those scenes.

There were landings as well and one happened in Texas in '57, the first night of the Sputnik mission.

Many of the contactees stories were so bizarre and childish in this period, like most Americans, I considered them a joke. I found out about Adamski's cultic leanings pre Ken Arnold and learned that he just tapped into the age of the Saucers and updated his wild ideas to the more contemporary space vehicles and aliens.

Although there was a vast amount of things going on during this time and if I dig into my memory, I could come up with much more.
I don't want to make it overlong, so I will close out the 50s with this.

1957 brought the year of the car stoppings out in New Mexico. One night as some green craft flew over the highway many cars motors stopped according to reports from the local sheriff. this brought on a major wave of sighting reports.
I thought the lid was going to blow around that time. It didn't and it passed into obscurity.

Worry over Russian ICBMs and Sputnik had caught the interest of the country and saucers were relegated to the lunatic fringe. I still believed that there were aliens, perhaps Martians, but nothing was coming of it to prove it.

Next, The 1960s
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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby ScaRZ » Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:23 pm

Part 3 of PARTII Alien Entity Activity.
Here come the sixties......

The 1960s brought in some differences in my life and my involvement with the UFO subject.

I got married and I went to work for a large company involved in the space program. I worked on it from the Gemini spacecraft through the Apollo moon mission and the early Shuttle and Space Station development.
I chuckle when I hear comments that we never went to the moon; that it was a hoax. Because I know we did. I and many of my friends were heavily involved and we were there. If we didn't go to the moon those times, then that computer you have in your car and office are made from cardboard and your cellphone is just a tin can attached to a wire. All I will say on that.

Brushing back to the 1950s, I had my first anomalous sighting of three that I know of. In 1957 or 58, A large gray globe floated over a ball field that my church team was playing at. Most of us saw it, but no one reported it. Probably because we thought it might have been a balloon. It was dull gray, no ID markings and no undercarraige or noise. It came directly overtop the ball field which laid in a small farm field in a country valley. I guessed it was 300 feet above us and around 50 feet in diameter.
It headed in the direction of a large town, but there was no reports of it whatsoever.

There were landings and occupant reports in the 1950s, but outside of France little was made of them due to the bizarre nature of them.

Death Valley occupant account 1949, Frank Scully's Little Men in '50 were a couple of early ones.

There was the famous "Flatwoods Monster" case in "52 and one of the earliest known abduction cases in S America in '56, The Villas Boas story.

Little is known of the Casa Blanca account seen by children, of a craft and disembodied body parts, including an arm that beckoned to the frightened children, or the Coldwater case of a being with large ears, long nose and the ability to fly.

But the Hopkinsville, Ky case in 1955 was recounted with some publicity,due to it's strangness when a family was attacked by robotlike creatures. The people shot at and hit someof them sending them rolling, but had a difficult time driving them off. When interviewed by police a pulse count of 140 beats per minute indicated much fear in the whole family.

Also in '55, the Loveland Tx case of the being with the froglike face and another one where the occupants told a stunned man" We are peaceful....we only want your dog."

A well documented case closing out the 50s pertained to Father Gill, an Anglican priest in New Guinea, who with several of the men of his mission waved to beings on a high up craft as these occupants busied themselves on a deck of the UFO while occasionally waving back to the group.

But things were changing in the 1960s. The "Men from Mars" belief continued until we actually sent vehicles to the Red planet.

Landings and occupant accounts continued like the one in 1963 in Kent, England, where a shambling humanlike figure with no head and batwings, frightened four people before reentering a disk shaped craft.

In 1964, I joined NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) and APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization). These civilian bodies sought to break the government's resistance to "Disclosure"and included writers, scientists of several disciplines and military and intelligence personnel as well.

I stayed with these groups until they disbanded nearly 20 years later.

April 24, 1964 a NM policeman had an encounter with a flying egg shaped UFO and a couple of occupants seen at a distance.
On the same day, a local farmer in my area had an encounter with a landed craft and two entities who carried on a conversation with him.
I interviewed him, made some notes and sketches and reported it.
It was carried in the newspapers by local reporters and a few months ago I posted it in detail on a thread on this forum. (April 24, 1964 Encounter)

We had others in the area that summer. A Volkswagon sized oval hanging in the trees near a streetlight and on July 16th,1964, five young boys saw a spaceman and his craft just 2 miles from their homes.
When questioned closely and threatened for fibbing, the boys tearfully would not retract their story.
Three of the boys ran home to get a jar of water for the spaceman. They said they couldn't understand him, but it sounded like he was calling for water.
He made a piping sound like a Kazoo, was small , human looking and wearing a black suit. He stepped up on the craft that was shiny like a car bumper and proceeded to fall backward from the top of the vehicle.
The boys then ran home and when they returned with adults, three depressions were found in the field and the shrubbery damaged.

This was carried in the local papers as well.(to be cont'd)
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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby ScaRZ » Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:31 pm

Continuing with Alien Entity Activity.
From the middle sixties, things were changing. There was the great NorthEast US blackout in 1965 that was blamed on UFOs in some circles.

Although Dr. Frank Salisbury continued with the preposition the Mars would be the ideal location for the home of the UFO, events were appearing to alter this idea.

The mission of 1976 to Mars and subsequent ones gave a case to the idea, that Mars was devoid of life beyond the remote possibility of microbes.

An event that actually took place in 1961, but was written up in Look magazine by John Fuller "Aboard a Flying Saucer" and another account of some wild sightings in Exeter in New England brought the subject of abduction and examination to the front and to the world.

From the actual magazine story of 1966, an artist's depiction of Barney Hill fleeing from the UFO after he had observed the occupants on board.

This event brought out a plethora of abductions accounts with hypnotic regression accompanied by live reports on occasion. Some of these were hallucinogenic, and others overactive imaginations but many were deemed valid due to corroborating witnesses and the apparent high strangeness.

Depictions of the entities and some vague information rocked the UFO world and many reports and renderings depicted a variety of humanoid and some not so, in many publications around the world.


The NICAP UFO Evidence reached 20 million people worldwide with many details from a conservative viewpoint of craft of multitudinous types and propulsions. Inverted tops, inverted cones, disks, eggs,boomerangs, wings, globes, derby hats, saturns and on and on.

Stories of the smell of sulphur and camphorated oil were part of the lore.

In March of 1966, at Hillsdale college lights and possible craft were spotted by 80 coeds. Dr. Hynek with his infamous "swamp gas" explanation was the main result of this sighting.

There was the account of the meeting with humanoids that walked with a limp who met a human man in a field seeming to mentally communicate with him. The witness who was observing them was caught and burnt by their touch.

Woodrow Derrenberger met with Mr Kuld of the planet Lanuous and Carroll Wayne Watts of Texas an upstanding citizen, concocted a story that was later admitted to as a hoax

There was the "Snippy the Horse", mutilation on Sept 9, 1967. This was the first of many, many animal mutilations of several types and varieties that continue in obscure places in the US and the world to this day.

The Betty Andreason abduction took place in 1967. One of several and I want to go into this account later.

During this period a split in UFOlogical considerations occured.

The Hills account, in time seemed to indicate an interstellar point of departure, Zeta Reticulum, for the entities and began a series of stories by many, of beings from other star systems.

This changed from earlier reports of destination Venus, Saturn, Clarion, and other ports of call.

This was the new phase of the lore and when it caught hold it continued to this day with messages and messengers from many star systems and even galaxies far away.

The other side of the lore came from a metaphysical viewpoint with beings strange and almost elemental from the beginning of time, accompanied by Poltergeist activity and behaviour way outside of the norm, even for alien planetary explorers.

The battle for worldwide recognition of the subject of UFOs being a reality, continued through this period. All the while without hard evidence made public and largely based on many anecdotes.

To those who feel"we are close to Disclosure", by citing now that the UN is involved with meetings on the subject, then we must be close to the truth, I will leave you this:

In 1967, forty years ago , U Thant, the President of the United Nations, stated, "he considers UFOs the most important problem facing the United Nations next to the war in Vietnam".

In 1968, the following happened,

The United States Congress moved to discuss the UFO problem in hearings by several members of congress. How close were we to disclosure then, 40 years ago?

In 1969, The Condon Report was used to debunk much of UFOs and the Air Force publicly got out of the business of investigation reports.

I continued to follow all of it and had another "sighting" for want of a better answer, around the end of the decade.

Aime Michel, the famous French investigator who delivered many informative reports of the French wave of '54 and after, stated in 1966, " UFOlogy the rule is to think of everything and to believe nothing."

The UFO investigator can be very "open minded" to new hypotheses as well as very "close minded" to any conclusion which is not based upon the available evidence.

It has been stated that both a tenderminded "Yeasay" attitude and a toughminded "Naysay" attitude are important in the field of UFO investigatory work.

Good advice, as far as I am concerned.

Next, a bit of the 1970s before I go to some thoughts on the subject to finally wrap this up.
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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby ScaRZ » Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:33 pm

Part 4 of PART II of Alien Entity Activity.
This has been long and in spite of attempting to keep it short , there are so many facets to it, that it would take pages and pages to cover all the aspects of it and then there would be much left out.
For one, the 1966 Exeter account is not only frightening but well documented by police officers.
I continue to condense as best I can....

The Condon Report of 1969 nearly blew the UFOs out of the sky as far as the general public were concerned, but the enigma came back with a gusto in the early 1970s in new and different ways.

I mentioned that my wife and I had a nightime intrusion with a pinkish red light shining on the bedroom walls in the late hours. The shadows of leaves on the trees more than 50 feet from the house were so strong I could see every edge of each leaf as if I were holding it in my hand.
We lived in the country not far from a small town and there wasn't any aerial traffic. I did run out on the upstairs balconey and saw an orange pink light drifting along in the sky without sound.
Like a dope, I ran out jumped in the car and headed down a lonely road to see where it might have come down. Luckily, I never found it and to this day I have no idea what caused it. Nothing like that ever happened again while we lived there.

The 1970s: Intrusions and Intruders.

In 1973. two men were abducted while fishing near a submarine base in Mississippi. They were floated aboard a craft by a being covered head to foot in a metallic suit. Four spikelike appendages were sticking from his head.
This case was given national attention due to the men appearing on the Cavett show. This show was ABCs answer to Carson so there were a lot of viewers tuned in that night.

The two men were overheard in the sheriff's office talking about the abduction and their terror from the event.

Along with Hixon and Parker, the abductees appearing on the show, was a crew of an Air National Guard helicopter who were flying en route to Columbus, OH, some nights earlier.
A red light was seen coming at the helicopter on a collision course by the crew.
The pilot, Capt Laurence Coyne, flying at 2500 feet, took evasive action. The helicopter dropped to 1500 feet to avoid collision as the crew observed a cigar shaped tube with a red light on it's leading edge flying above them.
A green light from the rear of the craft, bathed the helicopter in it's glow. the helicopter jumped from 1500 to 3800 feet instantly and after a bump, stabilized. The strange craft moved off and disappeared.

In 1975, there was the famous Travis Walton case which was well publicized and made into a movie.

Abductions and examinations with various probe devices, aboard alien craft were continuing unabated.
Terrorizing people, who were in the unlucky situation of being taken by single and multiple entities and who were powerless to resist the abductors.

Early on, people were abducted by the bug eyed emotionless beings in isolated spots, out side. But as it went on, more began to be abducted from their homes.

Betty Andreason was taken from her kitchen by these entities, as her children standing nearby were "shut off" by others.

A woman and her two sisters were abducted from their car and had a loss of memory and time during a trip. Hypnotic regression alerted a buried half memory allowing the women to recall the abduction experience.
Under hynosis, the following was their response and this has been repeated over and over in many instances with minor variations.

"What can you see" "I see a transparent head shaped thing with funny- looking eyes. I don't want to see it!"

"why don't you?" " It scares......"

"What's happening now?"

Amid sobs "coming It scares me!"

"Where are you, Judy?"

"I don't know!...I don't know! I'm scared. I don't want to see it anymore!"

Three types of beings were aboard the craft that the women saw. One type, was a human woman!

A man driving down a hill has his car pulled over to the side of the road. He then observes beings digging a hole beside the road....

Under hypnosis, he identifies some of them as humanoids with putty like chalky skin. They touch him with white plastic tubes as fingers, which hurt him.
He notices that they are digging the hole right beside his car and that they appear to be small and skinny in appearance.
"His head is not round, it's like an inverted teardrop with a big round bar on top. He looks like he's not alive....." "His eyes are black and really shiny and I don't see any pupils."

"They were digging a foot deep hole in gritty black dirt by the road".

There was no UFO present in this case and by chance a disturbing memory jogged the man and he was ultimately hypnotically regressed.
Underneath these feelings there turned out to be, indeed, a UFO abduction.

How many other abductions unknown by the percipiants lie buried in the subconcious?
The numbers could be in the tens of thousands and many would not necessarily know anything had happened to them.

1975 brought another aspect, this time regarding the military, to the sighting enigma.

Loring, Minot, Wurtsmith, and Malstrom Air force bases had aerial reconnaisance from unknown lights and objects.
Malstrom in November had sensors triggered and a Sabotage Alert Team activated to examine the intrusion.

A tremendous sized orange glowing object was seen and reported by the team.
Interceptors were launched, but were unable to get a visual with the object.

However, it was noted that strangely, targeting data was changed in a missile's warhead computer!

A local sheriff received reports following the night at the time of the missile silos overflights at Malstrom.

"A mutilated cow is found in a plowed field, but no tracks in the soft earth"
" The cut area of the mutilated cow bears a neatly serrated edge, as though cut by a giant cookie cutter".

"A farmer and his son watch four small UFOs darting about a larger one as big as a building".

"Strange, unidentified helicpters, some of them black, are seen but not heard- or heard but not seen."

"An ordinarily aggressive watchdog becomes strangely quiet and refuses to bark as a strange light flooded his owner's home."

During the month of October, virtually every day or night, unmarked helicopters fly over farmer's property and various other local's properties in Colorado.
Some of them are seen in the location of cattle mutilations, others seen shining lights around on the ground and in one case, illuminating what looked like two men were reported.

This continued all month with sometimes several helicopters seen in groups and without identifying markings.

Into November and December, it continued with over 130 reports in a local region of the area.

Although, it had been quiet before, now there was a rash of many helicopter reports in the
west and sometimes these were accompanied with cattle mutilation reports.

By 1979, according to some estimates, 10,000 head of cattle had been found mysteriously mutilated. Many reports of strange, unmarked helicopters and UFOs in the vicinity of the mutilations occurred.

One steer was found five feet up in a tree above the ground!

Vietnam had a spate of the mystery helicopters in a blitz at the DMZ.
According to General George Brown of the the U.S. Air Force, it was stated, "I don't know whether this story has ever been told, they weren't called UFOs. They were called enemy helicopters only seen at night and in certain places."

Strangely, all these helicopters were able to elude allied jets with just one claim of one of them shot down. Only a burned spot was found and no aircraft parts were ever identified.

December, 1980 closed out this decade of intrusions with the Betty Cash and Vicky and Colby Landrum incident.

These two women with the small boy were driving on a road in Texas and travelling home at night. After a time, they spotted a brilliant light above the trees that lined the road.

After it disappeared from view and driving along further, they were stunned to see a large, diamond shaped object hovering straight over the road a short distance away. The light from the object lit up the road and hurt their eyes due to it's brilliance.
Every so often it would shoot a burst of flame from underneath it, like a rocket would.

Knowing that if they drove under the object they'd be roasted, they got out and observed from beside the car.
Betty, who was outside the car the longest, found that she couldn't touch the handle of the vehicle, due to it's heat without wrapping her coat about her hand.

As they watched, the object bobbed up and down and then moved off and left. Five minutes later, after driving on, the three spotted the object again, this time in the presence of a large number of helicopters!

The blacktop was melted, although soon resurfaced and
the family suffered from radiation burns and sickness.
Betty Cash died of cancer, some years later.

The other intrusion in December, 1980 was the world famous Bent waters Rendlesham air base encounter with lights, a craft and some vivid recordings by the base personnel.

The 80s brought in the Hudson River sightings and huge boomerangs seen by hundreds, as well as Belgian NATO aircraft radar sightings of large rapidly maneuvering triangular shaped craft.

Next. Part 5. Metaphysical Nuts and Bolts......
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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby ScaRZ » Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:35 pm

Alien Entity Activity. Metaphysical Nuts and Bolts, Part 1.

The idea of interplanetary visitors coming here to Earth would not have resonated much when I was growing up.

Unless you were familiar with the writings of men like Wells, Verne, Kepler,De Bergerac.
Or if you were part of the limited fringe group that devoured science fiction alien invasion and contact stories which were being turned out by the hundreds, you were the sole believers.

Most of the general population considered this idea looney and for comic books.
Lo, a real science fiction story showed up in the 1940s to catch the fancy of millions.

Today, it is much different, thanks to movies and television series such as S.W and S.T., Alien and Independence Day, it has made it possible for many to say they are into the possibility of extraterrestrial life and it's arriving and being here on Earth.

But is it only an interstellar invasion and/or contact?
At first brush, it definitely looks that way.

I believed this for quite some time and anything to the contrary was immediately rejected as I didn't want anything to get in the way of my Nuts and Bolts Martians!

But perhaps it would be good to take a long look at a more complete picture of the UFO enigma based on the broad range of UFO lore.
Anecdotes of many kinds is how we got here, so some credence has to be given to most of these reports as long as we give it to a few, unless it can be demonstrated otherwise.

It has been stated on this board somewhere that something like 56 or so races are here visiting Earth and all have a keen interest in us for some reason.
I would prefer to make it 5600 races or thousands more than that, based on all the multitudinous accounts of these aliens and their activity.

Multiplied craft of numerous types are sighted everywhere, all over the planet.

Following the anecdotes and stories of contact over the last 60 years and longer if one prefers, we come across descriptions of many many individual creatures of many sizes, with different features and attributes, who conduct contact in repetitive actions over and over. I would like to cover some of these.

The excuse for this variety, is that people's perceptions are not accurate and this effects agreement on singular races. I would contest that, as we are exacting detailed descriptions from multiple witnesses as well as from hypnotic regressive information.

600 years ago, they came here in sailing ships with anchors! This was seen by many.
How dumb is that? It demonstrates an ignorance of us that is surprising... This ignorance has appeared to continue to this day, as I hope to illustrate.
Later, there were appearances of airships, biplanes, globes of light beginning the modern era and flying disks....sorta.

Is that the whole story? or is that a cover story, or part of the story?

It may be more than ignorance... It may really be arrogance, based on more contemporary reports.

I have found some writers of this material who started out as hardware believers and utimately changed to belief in a more spiritual or metaphysical explanation for it all.
Some of this forced me to reluctantly rethink my original concept of it over many years of following it. I have not found a solid reason yet to consider it friendly contact from benign beings from another Earth.

Perhaps it is a visit from a "funny farm". There are some indications that this is not a scientific expedition from an advanced culture from another star system or Federation, but a whole realm of the bizarre.
Perhaps this is a clever disguise purporting to mask the real purposes of contact?

Strangers on one's borders that show no sign of cooperation or communication surely invite suspicion.
Under such circumstances, it is quite prudent to consider such a force of strangers a potential adversary with unknown motivations.

There is no place for a Polyanna faith that the strangers are friendly, judging by their actions, even if they were to say they were.
Remembering the Native Americans and their lack of an immigration policy to limit the onslaught of the Europeans, continues to haunt us.

From our intelligence agencies and military's point of view, this phenomenon had to be awesome, a science fiction nightmare.
Besides the prospect of public panic, what negative and unearthly developments were to come?
An initial fear that the intensity of their appearances could mark the prospect of a general planetary invasion.

As time went by, there was no overt invasion or no cliched landing on the White House lawns. The lid came down and disclosure was put off, so as not to "create a panic, if it was not necessary".

Over the years, there seemed to occur a more subtle activity by the alien entities. Increasing occurances of abductions in a clandestine manner, was doubly worrisome.
First, it demonstrated an unfriendly sort of contact and second, the motivation for such was not known.
Gone were the science fiction fantasies, if there ever were any, of friendly aliens sharing their science and technology with humanity in a typical "first contact".

One question is,why so many exams, by so many occupants? If there is a federation, how come this cannot be done quickly and the information passed out in a cooperative effort?

If there is a Galactic Federation, there must be thousands of Earths, or millions.
Are we so complex and interesting? Is this planet so unusual? Can they not get it right?
It seems like a trainload of vets trying to examine one dog or a horse.

What is this purpose? It has to be deemed sinister, in absense of evidence of anything else.

Is a core of cooperating human specimens being recruited for a purpose we have no knowledge of? Some abductees of major scientific and military import have confessed to have been abducted.
Have our atomic and other scientific secrets been compromised? The abduction of a high ranking employee of the Atomic Energy Commission might indicate such.

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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby ScaRZ » Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:42 pm

Alien Entity Activity Metaphysical Nuts and Bolts Part 2.

Who are these many strangers and what are they all doing here at once?

In October, 1973, a woman arriving home sees a ghostlike entity hovering 50 feet in the air near her home. After it darts around it heads off toward a field and disappears near a lighted UFO, A Halloween prank?
Shortly after she and another person come across a small creature a little over 2 feet tall, with stumpy arms, spikes appearing from his head and giving off an aqua blue glow like an electric man.

In March, 1966,A man on the way to Sheppard Air Force base to work is stopped in the road by a fish shaped craft parked across the road. He sees a man as ordinary as one he would see anywhere walk up into the craft.

In 1974 a European man is accosted by two beings with deathhead faces and bodies that resemble the "Michelin man". After frightening him, they mechanically turn and in unison head off toward a craft that resembles a WWI helmet worn by the British

Parker and Hixon, were abducted by a strange robot like creature with claw hands who floated them across the river near a sub base in Pascagoula, MS. into a disk shaped craft.

Other robot-like entities attacked the home of the Suttons in Ky., jumping on the roof, trying to get into doors and windows until driven off with shotguns by the beleagured family.

Another man was treed by a robot creature who attempted to gas him to bring him down.

Other strange beings were seen mechanically parading around an unknown object that was shaped like an Italian coffee pot. They were carrying fishing rods! Later, they were seen collecting stones, soil and manure, and picking shoots off plants. (reminiscent of my 1964 account with the farmer from my home area, Gary Wilcox)

A belgiun case described a being in a transparent helmet, with a vacuum cleaner like devise sweeping the area near the house of an observer. He had pointed ears, large yellow oval eyes and later was seen leaving over a wall in a most unusual way.

They seem to play tricks. A bunch of occupants were seen parading mechanically around a landed craft that looked like an Italian coffee pot! they were holding fishing rods.

In other cases, they have been seen collecting stones, soil, and manure, and they have been caught picking shoots off plants.

One man was forced to eat a "chocolate tasting brownie" as he was watched by robotlike beings who later marched mechanically in unison to their landed spacecraft.

Two boys in Michigan in 1981, were playing in a snow fort on a winter night. A small being floated over a four foot fence. The boy closest to it was stunned until finally they were able to run. The being continued to pursue and opened a diamond shaped ruby colored part of his face and emitted a moaning sound.
The boys said he had a head the size of a grapfruit and they couldn't conclude whether he had arms, but had green wrinkled skin.
Other entities were seen and a description of a craft was given.

One of the boys had recurrent nightmares for a month. The other, slept in a sleeping bag on the floor with his B-B gun by his side and the light left on. Some blurring of peripheral vision was reported in this case.

Two humanoids were seen carrying a dog. They were recalled as having red glowing boots.

One being was seen by the road with a clown face and another, reported as a "human fly"

In the Goffstown case, two beings, were reported digging in a back garden with spades. They had one piece suits, long heads, pointed ears and ovular shoe button eyes.

The observer had seen a light they had which had shown under the kitchen door and down a hall.
Startled and shocked at seeing the beings, he sent his German Shepherd out in the yard after them.
They stopped what they were doing and stared at the dog.

As this happened, the dog stopped in his tracks and turned around walking back to the house where it laid and whined.

The beings turned and walked into the woods. The woods glowed brilliantly for a time and it gradually got dark.
The man was shaking like a leaf and had a white pallor, when the police arrived. His wife was terrorized as well.

In 1971, a beam of light was shone at a dog and it was beamed up into an object with a farmer nearby watching, stunned.

In 1977, a craft landed and figures were observed emerging from it, playing games with lightning balls and as the observer watched, they materialized and dematerialized.
There were women dressed in summer clothes(?) and men dressed in grey business like suits. Both sexes appeared human, although their skin was a blue-grey color.

The objects they arrived in, were thin cylinders 160 feet tall. They claimed that Begua was their home planet.

Another case, in March, 1967, a man and his daughter were traveling to the outskirts of Butler, PA.
They stopped the car on a back road to observe two globes of light nearby. Appearing as aircraft lights , it looked as if they would land on the road and then it appeared as if they did.

The lights suddenly came rushing up the road toward the viewers who were acutely aware that there would be a collision with their car and the aircraft lights.

It didn't happen.
The lights appeared to transmogrify into a semicircle of five figures who stood just a few yards away.
They looked like human beings but faces without expression. The eyes were just horizontal slits as were the mouths. They were all blonde, wearing caps and stood around 5 feet tall.
Dressed in sloppy gray green shirts and trousers and having skin that looked rough like scar tissue.
The young woman observer, recalled hearing a voice in her head that seemed to repeat..."don't move....dont' move."

A man was approached by a being that was projecting a message to him to not be alarmed and appeared to have semihuman facial features, long ears and yellow eyes. It's body resembled a stalk of a plant in shape and color, appeared skinny and with hands that had three 7 inch long fingers with needle like tips and suction cups.
The creature gripped the man and drew blood, seeming to need a transfusion.

A woman approached a figure in a field that she thought was a small child. Going over a hill, she saw a ten foot in diameter saucer craft and the little figure, a humanoid appeared dark green in color.
She thought it more animal than human. It appeared naked with pointed ears and a tail...all of which gave it a satanic look. She was unable to make out the face of the creature.
She ran back to her house to see the craft lightly rise like a feather and take off.

A man was awakened in the morning by a flash of red light. Pulling a revolver, he went to investigate to find a small canister bouncing around the living room floor.
Suddenly, a hand grabbed him and he felt a needle prick his arm.

Three men dressed in ski masks and black clothes said, "The dogs have been darted and everyone gassed!" " This one...he's going out soon....he's half asleep."
They put something over his face and asked him questions about UFOs, what they were and what he thought of the future.

One case described a report by two women from Hooks, TX , describing an airborne object with red and white flashing lights and the letters UFO on one side!
In checking this ludicrous report, it was found that several other reports of UFOs came in that night from towns around where they had the sighting in a fifty mile radius.

Concluding this part, this is only a small smattering of this anomolous phenomena. I did not include any of the common reports of entities, Greys, Reptoids, etc. and only a handful of semi human types. The range of beings appears to be far broader than what I have posted. It would take a book of some size to cover them all.

There are no easy answers to all of this. The complexity of the phenomenon seems to mock the known laws of the universe.

As has been discussed on here often, there is certainly little hard evidence to support these anecdotes.
If this isn't hallucinatory, then there may be an invasion of some type underway by aliens or something else that is a mystery that we cannot grasp in our normal human comprehension.

Dr. Hynek at a symposium was discussing the sheer number of these kinds of reports all over the world.
He stated, " A few good sightings a year, over the world would bolster the extraterrestrial hypothesis, but.......many thousands every year? From remote regions of space? and to what purpose?

To scare stopping cars and disturbing animals, and puzzling us with their seemingly pointless antics?
It really becomes embarassing when trying to present this aspect of our material to the public, to science, and if we are really honest, to ourselves also."

John Keel believes that they are not extraterrestrial, but para physical or "ultraterrestrial"
That they may exist in another dimension at a different "frequency" and are not limited by our time coordinates.
They would be more akin to poltergeists and other psychic phenomena, long familiar to students of the occult and demonology.

As Dr. Hynek states, it is hard for us as humans to pull out of being human and get a perspective on this subject.

Next Part: Harassment
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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby ScaRZ » Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:47 pm

Alien Entity Activity Metaphysical Nuts and Bolts Part 3

I touched on odd alien behavior in Part 2. Some of it strange and even some comical. However, I would like to go into more of the dark side as I believe it demonstrates more realistically what we are up against.

Approaches to aircraft, forcing unusual action by pilots to prevent a catastrophe, hovering on top of cars and forcing engine stalls are some of the harassing things that have happened.

Abduction and the difficulties relating to it will be covered later. Stories of animal mutilation abound, primarily among herds of cattle.
There are those of other animals cruelly sectioned, many of which are family pets.

Children being tricked and used, is another aspect of this enigma.
Much of this is known by most, so at present I won't make this primarily about these types of things.

I would prefer to go over the happenings at a ranch in the western U.S., as this exemplifies the bizarre and insiduous behavior of these entities.

There were several people who shared some of these experiences besides the owners of the property and their family.
Resources were pooled to buy this Rocky Mountain ranch and it was to be renovated and made into a working ranch for cattle raising and grazing.

The ranch had been abandoned for several years which was puzzling even though it had much to make the property workable. There was a mystery about a building that "disappeared" 10 years earlier.

One of the first things they noticed after moving into the house was a humming sound which was often experienced, but could not be traced to any electrical system or devices

Noises like someone walking outside and car doors slamming, as well as pounding on the outside walls of the house were heard.

Electrical power was cut on the ranch when no one else reported any disturbance. During one of those occasions, the radio emitted sounds of a voice saying, " you have been allowed to remain. Do not cause us to take action which you will regret".

Creatures that looked like "Bigfoot" were seen.

UFO sightings occured, including nine on one occasion.
During that incident ,a light flash was seen by two of the men and at the same moment, the rancher's wife who was looking out the window, experienced a blow to the head and fell unconscious to the floor.
She was revived shortly after.

One of the men spotted a landed disk in the woods and two humanoids nearby.
This man and the ranchers son saw a 3 foot long box which emitted strange hums and other sounds while flashing on and off with multicolored lights like an electronic device.

One morning, this same man awoke, unable to move, and saw a tall skinny creature wearing a helmet, standing by the door, looking at him.

Cattle mutilations occurred during the time of the UFO activities. A young bull was found by the son and his friend, with it's head twisted back and various organs and body parts removed as if by surgery.

The boys were frightened as they had seen a bear or a bigfoot creature not long before.

The man who came upon the humanoids in the woods, felt that they had expected him to show up then and in English, they told him they were sorry for the inconvenience and disturbances which had occurred to the people living on the ranch.
They said they were expecting some changes to occur in the events which were happening there.

However, after the encounter and the occasion of the "skinny creature", the number of strange events and the resulting tension associated with the experiences, seemed to increase for the people living on the ranch.

The hum. Although happening during wind storms and for a few hours after, it also occurred duing the UFO sightings
It was so loud the first year at Christmas, that they could barely hear each other talking. That was the only time it came on that loudly. Shutting off the breakers didn't stop it or by turning it off, even at the pole.

The light. On a night in October, the cattle were braying very heavily. The rancher went out to see with his dog with him, what was disturbing the animals. The dog acted afraid as well, causing him to get a gun.

The cattle, who are usually quite standoffish, were packing in so tight to the man, he could barely get through the herd. He saw above a dam, a large lighted object. It had an orange trapazoidal light that looked much like the top of a lighthouse.
After traveling in the direction of the light, the rancher got spooked by the actions of the cattle and his dog. He decided to return to the house and leave it be. It was during the cattle mutilation days and he felt it wasn't worth risking himself with something this strange.

Shortly after this, the paralysis happened. On a cold night, the rancher had decided to go out with a 12 gauge shotgun to see if he could catch the cattle mutilators at it.
While laying on the couch, at 8:30 as he attempted to get up, he could not move due to a temporary paralysis. His wife suffered a severe anxiety attack unlike she had ever had. Stuttering and racing pulse affecting both of them.

The son and a friend found a mutilated cow 200 yards from the house and ran back in a panic.
It was snowing as the two ran through the field and although both were 16, they panicked, thinking something was following them to get them.
The rancher men, thinking this was normal paranoia, went out to examine the site and to check the tracks in the snow.
Going back along the route, they found large footprints following in the track of the boys for some distance. They were guesstimated at 18 inches long!

The cow had body parts removed; udder, an eye, rectum, and one ear all with surgical precision. No blood. And no tracks at the site.

Two weeks later, a bull was mutilated and it didn't belong to the ranch. The rancher met the sheriff to complain. The sheriff responded that they have known about them for some time.
He said they only report one in four and that in that county alone, there had been 400 reports.
The sheriff said it was extraterrestrials, which angered the rancher and a falling out occurred.

A photographer and two other men were standing outside the ranchhouse at night.
They heard a strange noise and all of a sudden, a huge dark object pushed it's way through a barb wire fence and came at them, down a hill.

The men ran in panic into the house.
Footprints were found and hair strands indicating a push through the fence.
Sending the hairs to Denver only got a report back of no known species. Other ranchers had had similar results with the lab examinations of similar hair clumps found on their property.

Emotional disturbances followed this. Feelings of fear and depression. Everyone, including the children for some reason were all fighting. A lot of little paranoid incidents one after another were going on, affecting them.

The rancher was sleeping by the door with a gun and staying awake most of the night to try and catch what he still thought were human mutilators.
He rose up and looking out the window at 2 am, he heard
a humming noise. He saw a disk slowly come down the valley right past the front of the house and went up the gully past the whole front of the ranchhouse property. His wife didn't see it, but did see a glow in it's wake. This event caused her to scream because it shocked her in the light of all the paranoia.

The rancher later discussing the incidents with two local friends found that they had heard of some unusual occurrences as well.
Some neighbors who had recently moved there, were driving by the ranch shortly before the rancher family had moved into the property. They spotted a disk coming off the land and that it followed the car. They drove to their house, ran inside and watched the disk hovering over their car for some time.

This brought the rancher to a reconciliation with the sheriff and he was supportive in showing up when called after that.

Neighbors had seen lights there for years.

During this time, the rancher realizing something was trying to scare them enough to leave and abandon the property had heard a noise outside near the car. The trunk light on the dash was lit even though the trunk of the Cadillac was locked.
Opening it, showed a bent pin switch meaning someone had opened the trunk without a key!

Pounding on the house and running occurred. A large hairy creature was observed during one of these incidents. Shots were fired at it, but no blood, no traces, no signs.
A pounding incident scared the kids so much that the rancher angry, ran out and shouted he'd blow the place up before he'd leave it.

Later, outside, a voice came out of the air that said only four words. "dr. Jim, we accept". This was extremely upsetting to the man.

One night, "it" destroyed transmissions on both their cars. Having to have both repaired at the same time. The gears were shot on both transmissions.
That same night, the rancher's wife wasn't well and lying in bed saw a dark shape cover the lighted snow outside the window. Scrambling down the bed, she spied something carrying a black box by the window. This kind of thing caused them all to run outside and then be unable to spot anything.

Paranoia reigned. Even friends who came to visit, were affected by acute paranoia. A car door opened and closed even though it was locked. the sheriff was again contacted.

to be continued.
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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby ScaRZ » Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:49 pm

Continuing with the harassment portion of the Alien Entity Activity.

During this period of difficulty, some pilots and their son wanted to use the land for a landing strip. Three weeks later a plane crash killed one of the pilots and some passengers. This happened in clear weather.
Following this, a few weeks later, two Air National Guard aircraft went down in pursuit of a UFO in the area.

Some who inquired deeply into the mutilations, disappeared including an editor of a magazine investigating the ranch.

They felt they suffered as heavy with the mutilations as anyone in the area. He lost six cattle in two years, in spite of a determination to catch who was doing it. The reward was high in the county.
Paranoia was high. It was difficult to stop by the road as one could get shot by a neighbor.

The night that the box was seen, the rancher looked down into some trees which had a light nearby.
Walking down into the woods with a feeling of fear, two individuals were waiting for him. They spoke to him. "How nice of you to come" as if he was expected. there was a disk about 60 feet away lit lightly.
The entities apologized for the inconveniences thay had caused and said that a more equitable arrangement would be worked out, whatever that meant. He wanted to ask questions, but was unable to. there were several incidental things they asked him that were ridiculous, but he thought it a test of his ability to keep his mouth shut.

He told them it was very foolish to mutilate the cattle as that would call attentionto themselves. There was the damage to the cars as well. They never admitted to any of it.
They did mention the box and that he was wise to back away from it....implying a threat.

The being the rancher labeled "Bigfoot" was standing nearby. It walked toward the box and as a tone changed from the sound that came from it, the Bigfoot dropped to the ground.
They said that they would come back later and just left.

They were men about five and a half feet tall, wore tight fitting suits that changed from silver to brown and back again. They had blonde hair and large eyes striking and somewhat delicately effeminate.

Later, the ranchers wife saw a tall creature with a helmet near the porch. She thought she was losing her mind or hallucinating. The rancher awoke and saw this creature who was around seven feet tall and extremely skinny.
Later he just disappeared.

They seemed to be headed for a more amiable relationship ater these meetings. The disasters had stopped, the pounding on the walls stopped, the terrorism had stopped.

Later, it all started up again which was extremely disorienting. The tension came back. The appearance of a non humanoid creature instilled such feelings of torment in the family and when the accidents like the fire started up, the rancher decided he should leave. It was just too difficult to maintain a life on the ranch.
( I did leave some out, as it's almost too bizarre as well as trying to keep it more concise due to it being longer than I wanted)

Next: Fallible or infallible?
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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby ScaRZ » Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:54 pm

Alien Entity Activity Part Four: Infallibles or Fallible Fiends?


Conventional UFO wisdom seems to accept the premise that planet Earth is being visited by denizens from other worlds.
As stated earlier in this article, many worlds, judging by the seeming infinite variety and technology.
This has been carried on for more than 60 years (at least in the modern era) in waves that number sometimes many, many sightings and with accompanying phenomena and more and more new tricks.

There is the feeling generally accepted, that these waves have come closer together and the volume of sightings is tending to go up.

Control is maintained, so that the impression that most of them(the races) have shown they are in charge. Who is in charge of them?

Speculation abounds as well as anecdotes galore, but to humankind this is not clearly sorted out. Styles for contactee approach and interaction with humanity have varied and yet have followed a predetermined list of parameters seeming to press forward to an enigmatic goal.

A facade of infallibility has enveloped the UFO activity. Helplessness of the unfortunate victims of abduction, mysterious circles undetected, while in development in fields and whatnot, abound, as do mutilations of herd animals and various pets which go undetected through the years.
Always, there is a demonstration of control and power over the human psyche and physical action and resistance to their will and/ or goal is extremely limited.

One man who had an encounter and reported an animal abduction into a craft wondered why this was not done out of sight of him, as it would have been easier just over a rise in the field and would have been unseen. Control?

Doing mechanical work inside a craft while hanging outside a hospital window in the near presence of an eyewitness, thus implying a disdain for discovery and interruption.

Abducting people through walls and windows from city locations and as mentioned earlier, out of multiple storied buildings in full potential view of the city they were hovering over.

Parking over a smelting plant and shining lights down into the stacks in the presence of some of the employees

Drawing masses of water from a reservoir.

Flying over the ocean in the proximity of a military aircraft while being identified and seen almost as a city below on the water by the dumbstruck crew and passengers.

The use of screens, of course, enters the mix
The screen memory, skews the whole dynamic of what is seen and registered. The limited information that indicates a screen memory, may be only the tip of the iceberg and as discussed on another thread, thought insemination aids in setting up this mechanism.

Instead of recalling alien faces with the large impenetrable black eyes, and the pallid grey skin, people have reported memories of 5 foot tall wingless owls. Gray hairless upright cats or deer with expressive black eyes that communicate mind to mind.

In one case, a pileup of automobiles with headlights blazing, thought by the victim to be real, under hypnosis turned out to be a landed UFO. Another, was a huge motionless silver airplane that actually was a substitute for a UFO.

Sometimes, the same images are generated to two or more witnesses who describe these odd, but familier situations.

One such unusual case happened to a family of nine, in Oregon in the mid 1950s. On a trip down US 97 and noting that the car was getting low on gas, the driver, a woman rounded a bend and saw a restaurant beside the road.
It was lit up and round shaped and with the car sputtering from lack of gas, they pulled in to a covered parking area where 3 or 4 other cars were parked.

Entering the brightly lit enclosure of the restaurant, they noticed mirrors and tables made of plexiglass in a style they had never seen before. Big round rooms with areas resembling a dance floor were seen.
The "people" in the restaurant were all blonde and petite and their waiter was about 5' tall and slender as well as clothed similarly to the rest of the occupants.
The family ate and left the restaurant. They had a hard time starting the car and coasted out, down the hill. Part way down, around a curve the car started by itself and the gas guage showed a half a tank left.

Further down, they met snowplows and found out there was no restaurant back at the top of the hill. They even drove back a distance after gassing up and couldn't find it.

How extensive are the screens? Even with the case of our Source A, no one knows what is real and what is screen.

I would like to go further into this aspect later in further detail, but I wanted to touch on the use of screens and of mind control as one of the implied messages of infallibility, whether we like to admit we're being duped or not.

In covering this, again going to the variety and diversity among the entities, what is the degree of cooperation and control among them?
This has been hinted at by A, but for the most part it has been related to us ambiguously by someone who admits he has limited knowledge of the UFO phenomena.
Given the years or centuries or millenia of cooperation among these multi-racial groups, why this apparent total unanimity to remain hidden from us?

Why not a single errant misbehaving UFO to blow the whole cover? Such as the proverbial White House lawn landing?

How is this control held in place or monitored? If man was able to go to an inhabited planet, would we be able to keep all the nations involved in line in such a perfect way? At least, we are all similar but with different minds and programs. How could we maintain control such as has been done here?
How could we prevent pillage and outright exploitation of the world in question?

If this is possible among all these alien entities, there must be a high degree of interstellar organization and government or an amazingly high degree of unanimity among all the races regarding a planet like the Earth.
In all the volume of traffic and contact over these many years, how about discovery of just one lost or misplaced artifact or device?
Are they that careful? this would appear to be a crucial point to remaining hidden. How do they make certain they never make mistakes in this area?

Do they have a means of tagging artifacts with monitors to prevent loss?
Even some of their human abduction victims, they are able to find at any time over a lifetime and for multiple generations.

It could be that technological leakage is the no no.

A single entity could contact someone and reveal revolutionary information in science and philosophy or math.
This, it would seem would be easy to do. What about insanity and crime....don't they have it? Or what about any independence of thought or belief? Interesting.

Some rules that may exist.
Disguises of craft and occupants to look like natural objects or creatures through screens.

Fly and land in areas that similar terrestrial craft operate in.

Contact insane or mentally incompetent individuals and give them wild ridiculous stories to create incredulity and official derision.
Give abductees ordinary terrestrial matter as proof of existence.

Investigate contactees background and tailor stories accordingly. Make the story contradictory and scientifically incorrect while injecting new religious ideas that are nonsensical.

Even appear in such a way as to spread the idea of hoaxes as well as acting irrational to indicate a ludicrous aspect to the sightings.

These and others would be ways to cloud the progress of researchers and would discredit the bona fide witnesses.

Some of their repeat victims have tried to videotape them in their bedrooms. In every case either the camera didn't work or revealed nothing at all.
So they're infallible?

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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby ScaRZ » Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:56 pm

Alien Entity Activity Part Four Infallibles or Fallible Fiends? Cont'd...
Much has been said over the years, regarding the ability of the Entities to manipulate us and limit their revelation to us against pretty strong odds. I have cited some examples of many where this has been done to us.

It would be easy to say that they are in complete control and there wouldn't be much argument for that point.

But...... there are glaring incongruities.
First the control. A woman flying into O'Hare and her plane landing at 2:10, she heads for and enters the ladies room.

She finds the faucets don't work for her while they seem to be working for others. A woman walks past her as if she isn't there even when she speaks to her.
Eventually she is able to wash in a baby changing area.

Leaving the restroom she immediately goes to call her husband and relate that she arrived safely. He realizes that it is 3:20 there and not 2:15 as she thought. She has an episode of missing time in a busy airport terminal.

Upon returning to the terminal, she can't find the restroom she was in as the colors are all different. But the faucets work for her.
She had earlier encounters in her life and figured that this was one more abduction experience.

The problem was how did the aliens get her out of that terminal to another location for her examination and return her more than an hour later with no one seeing her?
Her friends who were waiting for her at the baggage claim were surprised when she showed up behind them from a location impossible for her to have reached normally.

Apparently screen control can be extended over a wide area or invisibility be handled in such a way as to prohibit discovery.

In another case in Australia in the 1970s, a man was photographing his family in a Brisbane park. Later, in reviewing the photographs which came out reddish colored, the trees and lake were in the frames, but his family was missing.

Under hypnosis, the family recalled being taken up into a UFO while looking down and seeing the father with his camera frozen in time.
The man recalls being able to work the camera, see his family and the scene at hand at the same time frozen in the view of his family floating above him.

Then there's the problem with the film; background but no family.

How is this magic done? and to what purpose? How much easier to take the family in a more remote location than a public park. How were all other park participents "shut off" for this operation?

Is this merely a demonstration of control... again and again?

Memories manipulated from afar, other people switched off and yet others teleported up light beams into craft. Craft as large as football fields that are switched in and out of visibility with apparent ease.

All of the above indicates magical control to a degree that is beyond our ken. All, relegates to a degree of infallibility that is incomprehensible and aweing.

Now we come to the fun part, F-A-L-L-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y !

We are dealing with beings who know so much about us as to handle us as puppets on a string.
Yet, when abducting two Air Force firemen and stripping them and examining them to what purpose, the entities forget which shirt goes on which man.
When the firemen find themselves back in their truck, after missing time, they find that they are wearing the wrong name tag belonging to the other airman.

Another account that I remember reading, told of an abductee who was taken from Plymouth, Massachussets and returned after examination to Plymouth, England.

Although they have been circling this world for over 60 years, they still don't know the difference between England and New England.

They have marvelous ships with exotic controls and ages of experience in craft engineering, designing and piloting
but........ They CRASH them!

They have crashed them for years. Much has been written and discussed about Roswell, NM, but there have been others less known as well.

On or about the same day as Roswell's famous crash another craft came down in White Sands-Tularosa area.
The military man reporting this, recalled the Jesse Marcel picture of holding some wreckage, therefore, he considers this crash occured shortly before Roswell.

The airman recalls seeing glossy photos of the craft resting near a hill and slightly tilted.
Bigger than a B-29 and roundish domeshaped with a flat rim around the base of a flat bottomed craft.
He estimated it as a 100 feet in diameter, based on surroundings.
Military men and men wearing civilian suits were climbing all over the craft, examining it.

There were earlier crashes, according to the lore.
Two that occurred in the US prior to the World War.

One was recovered in the Sonoran desert of Mexico in the fall of 1941. A man showed his family prints of his friend, holding up one of several occupants dead bodies that had been recovered by the wrists.

In another case in 1941, at Cape Giradreau, Mo. a woman recalled her grandfather arriving at a plane crash site.
He was a Reverend and had been summoned by the police to go to the site. He was picked up in an unmarked car and driven to the location of the crash which was in a burning fire.
Upon returning, he described the incident to his wife and other family members and then swore them to never repeat it.

He described it as something he had never seen before and not an airplane.
Many pieces were scattered around and one larger one was seemless and round.
Inside was a metal chair and a control panel that was totally unfamiliar to him.
There were three bodies on the ground and the man was instructed to say prayers for them.

They were in silver wrinkled suits, were diminuitive, hairless and had no ears. They had almond shaped eyes, holes only for a nose and a slit for a mouth.
One was picked up by the plainclothesmen and held for a photograph.

According to a retired Colonel who reported that there were others found in the Mojave Desert and New Mexico in 1946 and 47. These were more of the "lifting bodies" design and it was rumored that Oppenheimer, Von Braun and Teller were called in to study them.

A retired nurse that was stationed at the Los Alamos Medical Lab recalled that "bodies" were being flown from late 1945 through 1947.
They had small forms with deformed head and limbs.

She thought that they were biological and nuclear medicine research projects. She also thought that they came from Japan at the end of the war, but wasn't sure of that.
Observing one in the morgue and at an autopsy, she recalled the eyes were abnormally big and the skin of a grayish yellow color and hairless.

The Aztec crash of 1948 generated interest, but was generally thought of as a hoax at the time. Later investigation has allowed for more credibility regarding this event.

There was the account of a possible crash in upstate New York near Cortland and of course the more famous Kecksburg crash near Pittsburgh, PA in 1965.

A personal note: My mother in law observed that one light up the whole area of northern Pa and southern tier of New York as it flew over horizontally.

A similar "Acorn" shaped craft, landed or crash-landed near Edwards AFB in 1971.

Another controversial crash is said to have occurred in the Kalahari desert in S Africa. as well as another crash near Los Alamos in 1973.

These reports are verified by competent witnesses, many formerly in the military and contain much more detail as to the craft, the occupants and the mysterious group that reaches these sites to thoroughly examine and acquire data regarding the salvage operations.

Each of these cases involve a major operation of moving and storage of these strange alien craft. Many times a formidible undertaking, yet revealing nothing to the general public.

More to come.....
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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby ryguy » Sun Jan 11, 2009 1:18 pm

This is an amazing list of cases - and they are critical examples of the sort of images that are presented (by ??) to UFO contactees and abductees. We know that a large majority of those folks have made up their mind considering the nature of the contacts (that they are extraterrestrial beings and extraterrestrial intelligence)....but the points in this long (and our most popular!) provides volumes in support toward another important hypothesis. That is, let's say they are not extraterrestrial. If not, and if people are receiving these images through whatever method they are receiving them...what's the point? Who/what is the source? And what do the symbols and messages intend to influence those contactees and abductees to do?
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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby Access Denied » Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:33 pm

ScaRZ wrote:The postings below are from a good friend of mine at OM.....[Etherian]. He gave me permission to post his "Entity" writings here at RU. He has been involved in this field for many years. [Etherian] still has some parts yet to come, but I will post everything he has already written on the subject. Some may think that it really has nothing to do with Angels, Demons and the Spirit World, but it does. As it unfolds the spirit world can be seen.

Thank you ScaRZ and Etherian for sharing this with us. Etherian is to be commended for the all work he has done in putting this historical perspective together. I’m looking forward to more updates if and when he gets the time.

I remember reading about many of these fascinating cases when I was a kid and I would go the corner five and dime to sneak a peek at all the UFO books and magazines that I couldn’t convince my Dad to buy for me. The shelves used to be full of them…

In addition to the excellent questions Ryan poses, I wonder why, like the disappearance of UFO rags from the shelves of every five and dime, we don’t seem to hear about these truly bizarre kind of cases anymore?
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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby WingsofCrystal » Sat Jul 03, 2010 11:09 pm

Thanks so much for these. Eth is brilliant!
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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby Chorlton » Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:36 am

Access Denied wrote:In addition to the excellent questions Ryan poses, I wonder why, like the disappearance of UFO rags from the shelves of every five and dime, we don’t seem to hear about these truly bizarre kind of cases anymore?

Its called, "gaining a bit more sense". (Some) People grow up and gain a certain amount of logic, realising that fairytales are simply fairtales. They arent real.
There are a lot of unexplained things that happen in this world, as Ive stated before. We dont really understand the interreactions of Air Earth and Water properly as well as the effects and counter effects created by the earths plates moving around.
But to call these unknown phenomena 'Supernatural or 'Alien Entity activity is stupidity at its highest level.
Selective reprinting of parts of old stories, which themselves use many many copouts, "It is reported" Oh yeah ? by whom ? "It was alleged" Oh Yeah again, is nothing but scraping the bottom of the barrel in an attempt to make the ridiculous more palatable and gain a few more recruits to the stupidity camp.
Ufology and the Supernatural are great recruiters for the brainless who are a lot more vocal about their delusions than those who actually realise its all b.s.
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Re: Alien Entity Activity

Postby ScaRZ » Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:10 pm

Etherian wrote:The following are some snips at the last part of the article that I had reached. I am including them just to get up to speed.

Alien Entity Activity Part Four: Infallibles or Fallible Fiends?


[Mod Edit: removed reposting of material already available in this thread at above linked post]
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