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UFOs (Experiences)

Postby stan » Tue May 23, 2006 7:29 pm

Have you ever seen things in the sky you couldn't explain? It's happened to me sometimes. But I've never caught them on camera.

I remember seeing these round silvery objects high up in the sky during the day. Binoculars didn't help me see them clearly, but there was a lot of them moving around. I told my family about it, and they said they were probably weather balloons. what do you think, do weather balloons sometimes look like that?

I remember walking along during the day and seeing for what must've been a split second a classic black disc object move through the sky and went down but I couldn't see it anymore because there was a building in front of me.

The most recent UFO sighting happened like a month ago. There was an electrical blackout, so I went out on the porch (I'm on the third floor of an apartment building) and just sat there until the blackout was over looking at the sky. I had no idea I was about to see the most strangest things in the sky I had ever seen. do UFOs like to come out during blackouts or something? lol. Okay I'm sitting there and I see this very slow-moving object literally come up over the farthest point that I could see and then move slowly towards the left, it had like red lights and other colored lights on it or something but it was very bright. If I could go back in time I'd run outside and get as close as I could to it as possible to determine whether or not it was a true UFO or not because it went past my building and I couldn't see it anymore. but it didn't look like a plane or any other craft I had seen from the point I was standing. Another one happened, this time it was heading in my direction, this was is even harder to describe, again it didn't look like any craft I had seen before, but all I remember was that it kinda looked a bit triangular and had lights on it (not any sort of color like the other one but just lights) it was too fast moving for me to remember it clearly, and when it got closest there were trees blocking the view. like the other one, it soon went overhead to where I couldn't see it anymore. I'm open to all three possibilities here, that these were either regular craft (planes, helicopters, etc) that I had thought in my head were UFOs, that they were experimental military aircraft, or the final one that they were extraterrestrial craft.

anybody else have some UFO experiences to share?
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Postby TheShadow » Tue May 23, 2006 8:09 pm

Twice.....the first time i was 8 or 9 (around the same time as i would see the shadow men in my bedroom. See my post in this section). Was a brightly colored red and green disc hovering around the area. Many people reported seeing it.

The second was last Decmber 27th and i actually credit it with ultimately leading me to Serpo.
My son, daughter and I were on our way home from a friends house when my son pointed to 3 lights in the sky and asked "Dad what's that?" At first glance i assumed it was a series of satelites. (I had recently read about triangular satelite formations and the discription fit.) He said No way and upon closer inspection this thing was no satelite...or airplane!! We stopped for a moment and watched as it hovered in the sky. (My daughter wouldn't look) After which time, being only about 3 miles from home, he and i decided to rush home and grab the video camera to see if we could catch it on film. We raced home (blowing off 3 stoplights in the process) grabbed my video camera and rushed back to the spot we saw it. It was gone!
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