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Release 27

Postby Zep Tepi » Tue Oct 30, 2007 2:06 pm

Oh dear, the "Wizard" is at it again...

What follows is the latest release of information by those who would try to convince us that "Project Serpo" was real - and not just the latest in a long line of garbage created by fraudsters and conmen.

My comments later.

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1 of 7 Setup piece for Project SERPO #27

Postby Zep Tepi » Tue Oct 30, 2007 2:07 pm

GOVERNMENT as part of a continuing public acclimation program.

WHAT: Transcripts of highly classified audio cassette recordings made of 40th U.S. president RONALD REAGAN's briefings with his top level and key advisers on the EXTRATERRESTRIAL subject matter. There are six (6) briefings in the first set; "Project SERPO" POSTING #27a is only the
first one (1) of the six (6) transcribed sets.

The REAGAN ET TRANSCRIPTS are located in POSTING #27a, "3 of 7" and "4
of 7." This does NOT include the "BONUS! SERPO POSTING #27" stream.

WHEN: President REAGAN was briefed on many aspects of the EXTRATERRESTRIAL subject matter from March 6-8, 1981 and then again on October 9-12 of the same year.

WHERE: President REAGAN was briefed on both occasions at the presidential retreat at Camp David, MD.

HOW: At President REAGAN's request, these briefings were both tape recorded AND transcribed via the coordination and administration by a "Top Secret Codeword-cleared" CIA administrative assistant named XXXXX XXXXX. The recordings comprise many meetings/briefings in a combination of 60 min and 90 min cassettes for a total of 54 tapes.

Of the 54 tapes, 40 have been completed by DOD-DIA personnel; you are reading the transcripts of one of six (1 of 6) briefings President REAGAN made between Friday-Sunday, March 6-8, 1981.

DOD/DIA personnel were able to gain access to and possession and ownership of these tapes because SOME of the recordings deal with an ALIEN THREAT from a specific HAV [Hostile Alien Race] and therefore fall under the purview, control and jurisdictional authority of the Dept of

WHY: The reasons to disclose this information now is two-fold:

1) As in the case of the "Project SERPO" disclosures, the 25-year time limit on classified USG projects had expired and could -- after much legal vetting and wrangling between DOD lawyers and those USG employees who WANT it released -- be CONSIDERED for public release and into the public domain.

The "Project SERPO" final report was issued in 1980 + 25 years = 2005 ... Wednesday, Nov 2, 2005 was the first "Project SERPO" release.

The RONALD REAGAN Presidential ET Briefings: 1981 + 25 years = 2006 ...
legal issues to be worked out and resolved brings us to late 2007.

2) MANY other countries are disclosing their encounters with extraterrestrials -- especially Canada, the UK (MoD files) and Latin America -- so some amount of pressure has been placed and brought to bear on the normally tight-lipped USG "black world" to be more open
about what they/we have in our "TS/Codeword" files.

SUGGESTION: I'm acutely aware that MANY of you will gloss over POSTING
#27 which is a lengthy biographical piece I personally researched, compiled and wrote on Ronald Reagan woven together from 10 (ten) different sources in my immense personal library (see bottom of POSTING
#27 for bibliography) and which took me ~80 hours to edit into the final product you'll read.

I know that you'll all want to "get to the good stuff" first, BUT I would implore you to GO BACK and read the Reagan linear narrative I edited as it provides some GREAT insight into the man, will lead one to believe that given his engaging, natural wit and charm that he used to joke with a great deal of the time that in fact he WOULD HAVE said -- and joked -- the way he did during the highly classified briefings he received on the EXTRATERRESTRIAL SUBJECT MATTER in 1981.

You'll also learn about some little, virtually UNknown facts surrounding the attempted 1981 assassination on his life -- as well as others -- under the section heading, "CONSPIRACY THEORY 2 of 2: POTSHOTS FROM THE

MODERATOR's IMPORTANT CLOSING NOTE: From the very first SERPO posting, I've been given a very wide, great and sole discretionary latitude in HOW I release the material to the public in terms of presentation, formatting, style and CONTENT.

For THIS release, I was surprisingly provided the names of ALL eight (8) individuals who participated in the classified briefing plus even the name of the CIA briefing transcriber. Five (5) of the presidential briefing participants are still alive -- plus the CIA transcriber -- so I made the "executive"/editorial decision to MASK THOSE NAMES from public view and replace them with "ADVISER #1" - "ADVISER #4."

For the fifth individual, he is referred to only as "The CARETAKER." The CIA transcriber is referred to as just that. GREAT pains, lengths and efforts were undertaken by me to delete their names when they were mentioned by other speakers. If I glossed over and missed one, then so
be it though I hope not.

Including President REAGAN, only three (3) individuals are named as they have all passed on to the afterlife.

ISSUE: Though I was NOT asked to do this, in my mind, an obvious problem would definitely arise: These still-living advisers would be hounded, pestered and questioned mercilessly and without end by both real UFO investigators and "armchair" researchers thereby bringing continued DISCLOSURE of these audio recordings to a complete HALT.

The pressure for me to CEASE and DESIST, as well as the special unit within the DOD/DIA who made this information available would be enormous. I am ONLY interested in getting I-N-F-O-R-M-A-T-I-O-N out to the UFO community and public at large, NOT in "outing" the individuals who participated in these PRIVATE briefings ... at least NOT while five of the eight (5 of 8) participants are still very much alive. If I receive directions to proceed otherwise, I certainly will, but until that time, it's MY CALL.

As ANONYMOUS remarked to me: "Victor, the really 'good stuff' is yet to come after the first release!"

Speaking for myself only, I too WANT to see that "really good stuff" and
I'll do NOTHING to jeopardize at all.

This will be my FINAL word on THIS matter and I'll entertain NO suggestions, advice or ideas at all about it ... I'll NOT dignify ANY inquiries regarding this particular issue with even so much as a simple reply. I MEAN WHAT I SAY.

In addition to the many LEGAL issues which surrounded, hobbled and held up this release for months on end, two (2) military historians reviewed and signed off on this material as well as an astronomer from Cornell

It is my high HONOR, distinct PRIVILEGE and great PLEASURE to send this 8-part stream to (in order):

a) UFO Thread List, M-Z (hundreds);

b) UFO Thread List, A-L (hundreds);

c) 24 senior USG officials + 1 MI5 member (active), MI6 (retired), Soviet KGB (retired);

d) small list of personal friends, former students of mine, ex-girlfriends and cyberstalking victims (~12);

e) Bush Admin White House (2)

f) U.S. Secret Service Presidential Protective Service Detail (1);

g) CORNELL UNIV, Space Sciences Division, Astronomy Dept, NASA's Mars Rover Project, USG "black world" contract astronomer (1);

h) retired employee of the NSA who greatly assisted me in not only the proofreading and photo configuration and selection, but advised me and provided valuable input and insight on key aspects of this VERY SPECIAL release.

i) ANONYMOUS/DIA-6 (6) who will forward all eight (8) parts to key members of the USG intel commuinity, both here and abroad.

I hope you are all ENRICHED and EDUCATED beyond belief and your wildest dreams by what you are about to read!

FEEDBACK? E-mail me at my regular e-mail address, NOT this one ... I will NOT respond to ANY e-mails sent here and plan on closing DOWN this address soon. It was solely opened for this particular stream ... no more Wizard ... he's departed for Planet SERPO....
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2 / 7

Postby Zep Tepi » Tue Oct 30, 2007 2:10 pm

"Government is NOT the solution to our problem, government IS the problem." – Ronald Reagan

"My life really began when I married my husband." – Nancy Reagan

"What I'd really like to do is go down in history as the president who made Americans believe in themselves again." – Ronald Reagan


Full name: Ronald Wilson Reagan
Born: Monday, February 6, 1911 in Tampico, IL
Died: Saturday, June 5, 2004, Los Angeles, CA Burial site: Reagan Presidential Library Grounds, Simi Valley, CA
Parents: John Edward and Nelle Wilson Reagan

Spouses: Jane Wyman (1-5-1917 - 9-10-2007; born in St Joseph, MO, died in Rancho Mirage, CA; married: 1940, divorced: 1948); Anne Frances Robbins [Nancy Davis-Reagan: July 6, 1921 - ; married:
1952] born in New York City to theatrical actress Edith Luckett and New Jersey auto dealer Kenneth Robbins and then her mother married neurosurgeon Loyal Davis.

Children: Maureen Elizabeth (1941-2001); Christina (1947-1947); Michael Edward (adopted; 1945-); Patricia Ann (1952-); Ronald Prescott (1958-)

Religion: Disciples of Christ
Education: Eureka College (B.A., 1932)
Occupations: Rancher; U.S. Army captain; radio sports commentator; actor Government positions: California governor Political party: Republican

Dates as president: Tuesday, January 20, 1981 - Sunday, January 20, 1985 (first term); Sunday, January 20, 1985 - Friday, January 20, 1989
(second term)
Age upon taking office: 69

1980 - Presidential / Vice-Presidential Candidates:
Ronald Reagan / George H W Bush (Republican) Popular Votes: 43,904,153 Electoral Votes: 483 Jimmy Carter / Walter Mondale (Democratic) Popular Votes: 35,483,883 Electoral Votes: 49 John Anderson / VP nominee was not chosen (National Unity) Popular Votes: 5,720,060 Electoral Votes: 0

1980 ELECTION NOTES: Incumbent president Carter shook off a challenge by Massachusetts senator Edward Kennedy to win the Democratic nomination; Republican Reagan's main competition was from former CIA director and ambassador to China, George Bush (whom Reagan chose as his running mate) and Illinois congressman John Anderson (who ran in the general election as an independent).

1984 - Presidential / Vice-Presidential Candidates:
Ronald Reagan / George Bush (Republican) Popular Votes: 54,455,075 Electoral Votes: 525 Walter Mondale / Geraldine Ferraro (Democratic) Popular Votes: 37,577,185 Electoral Votes: 13

1984 ELECTION NOTES: This election was most notable for former vice president Mondale's selection of New York representative Ferraro as his running mate, the FIRST FEMALE from a major party to run on a national ticket.

Administration Dates: January 20, 1981 - January 20, 1985 January 20, 1985 - January 20, 1989 Vice President: George Bush (1981-1989)

Secretary of State: Alexander M Haig, Jr (1981-1982); George P Shultz
Secretary of the Treasury: Donald T Regan (1981-1985); James A Baker III (1985-1988); Nicholas F Brady (1988-1989) Attorney General: William F Smith (1981-1985); Edwin Meese III (1985-1988); Richard L Thornburgh (1988-1989)

Secretary of the Interior: James G Watt (1981-1983); William P Clark (1983-1985); Donald P Hodel (1985-1989)

Secretary of Agriculture: John R Block (1981-1986); Richard E Lyng
(1986-1989) Secretary of Labor: Raymond J Donovan (1981-1985); Willam E Brock III (1985-1987); Ann Dore McLaughlin (1987-1989)

Secretary of Commerce: Malcolm Baldrige (1981-1987); C Willam Verity
Secretary of Defense: Caspar W Weinberger (1981-1987); Frank G Carlucci
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Samuel R Pierce, Jr
Secretary of Transportation: Andrew L Lewis, Jr: (1981-1983); Elizabeth H Dole (1983-1987); James H Burnley IV (1987-1989)

Secretary of Energy: James B Edwards (1981-1982); Donald P Hodel (1982-1985); John S Herrington (1985-1989)

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Richard S Schweiker (1981-1983); Margaret M Heckler (1983-1985); Otis R Bowen (1985-1989)

Secretary of Education: Terrel H Bell (1981-1985); William J Bennett (1985-1988); Lauro F Cavazo (1988-1989)


Wikipedia lists Vannevar Bush (of MJ-12 fame) as a Science Adviser to Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1939–1951. ... e_Advisors

Also, a Web page at:

states that Vannevar Bush was President Truman's highly respected scientific adviser through World War II and the 1940s. See:

BUT, for some reason, the list of Science Advisers at:

starts with Oliver E. Buckley (1951-1952) under the Truman Administration and DOESN'T MENTION Vannevar Bush at all. Science Advisors to President RONALD REAGAN and to the President of the United
States: Office of Science and Technology Policy / Executive Office of the President



Benjamin Huberman (Acting Director, OSTP) Feb. 1981 – Aug. 1981

Dr. George A. Keyworth, II (Director, OSTP) Aug. 1981 – Dec. 1985

Dr. John P. McTague (Acting Director, OSTP) Jan. 1986 – May 23, 1986

Dr. Richard G. Johnson (Acting Director, OSTP) May 24, 1986 – Oct. 1,

Dr. William R. Graham, Jr. (Director, OSTP) Oct. 2, 1986 – June 1989

Dr. Thomas P. Rona (Acting Director, OSTP) June 1989 – Aug. 1989


° Oldest president: Ronald Reagan, who was 77 when he left office

° Only divorced president: Ronald Reagan: divorced from actress Jane Wyman in 1948, married Nancy Davis in 1952

° Only left-handed presidents in order: James Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H W Bush and Bill Clinton

° Ronald Reagan was a member of Tau K fraternity

° The SHORTEST inaugural speech was given by George Washington at his second inauguration on March 4, 1793 which contained 136 words and lasted only 90 seconds! The LONGEST inaugural speech was given by William Henry Harrison who spoke for nearly two (2) hours on March 4, 1781.

° The greatest LANDSLIDE majority ever won in the popular vote was by Richard Nixon in 1972. He defeated George McGovern by a record 17,994,460 votes (47,165,911 to 29,170,33) to win re-election.

° In the nine (9) presidential elections since 1972, these states have a 100% record for voting for the WINNING CANDIDATE: Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee.


QUESTION: Who is the ONLY full-term president who did NOT get to nominate a Supreme Court justice?

ANSWER: Jimmy Carter never nominated a Supreme Court justice. Three (3) other presidents -- William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor and Andrew Johnson -- also never had the opportunity to select a nominee.

QUESTION: What is the most COMMON home state for first ladies with nine
(9) first ladies having been born there?

ANSWER: The State of New York has had more First Ladies born here.

QUESTION: Who was the FIRST U.S. president to make audio recordings in the Oval Office?

ANSWER: It was FDR, with earliest recording made probably about August 1940. It also was not an "audiotape" [for which the technology didn't exist at that time], as recordings were made on office dictation equipment on sound recording disks. For a secondary source on this go

For further information and details you should contact an audio archivist at the FDR Presidential Library, go to:

or contact:
1-845 486-7742


1911: Born in Tampico, Illinois
1938: Appears in first motion picture
1947-52, 1959: Serves as president of the Screen Actors Guild

1954: Becomes television spokesman for the General Electric Company and makes speeches around the country promoting the American way

1967-1975: Serves as California governor 1976: Falls 80 ballots shy of becoming the Republican nominee for president

1981-1989: Serves as 40th U.S. president

1981: Wounded in assassination attempt

1985: The first of several summits with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev takes place
1986: Iran-Contra scandal breaks
1994: Announces he has Alzheimer's disease in a hand-written letter addressed to the nation
2004: Dies on June 5 in California from pneumonia, related complications from his disease and is buried in Simi Valley, CA


† President Reagan was shot and seriously wounded on Monday, March 30,
1981 in Washington, DC. Also seriously wounded were Secret Service Agent Timothy McCarthy [hit in the stomach], DC police officer Thomas Delahanty (struck in the neck] and Press Sec'y James Brady [shot in the left temple]. John W Hinckley, Jr was arrested, found NOT GUILTY by reason of insanity on May 4, 1982, and committed to St Elizabeth's Psychiatric Hospital in Washington, DC.

† The U.S. Senate confirmed on Monday, September 21, 1981, the appointment of Sandra Day O'Connor as the FIRST female U.S. Supreme Court justice.

‡ CONSPIRACY THEORY 1 of 2: That President Reagan was shot for his insistence that more information be made available to him on the alien presence than what is normally given each new incoming, sitting president [see end for conspiracy theories].


SUMMARY: In the U.S., "The Reagan Years" (1981-88) brought the longest economic boom yet in U.S. history via budget and tax cuts, deregulation, "junk bond" financing, leveraged buyouts and mergers and takeovers.
However, there was a stock market crash (Oct. 1987), and federal budget deficits and the trade deficit increased.

Foreign policy showed a strong anti-communist stance, via increased defense spending, championing of the MX missile system and the "Star Wars" missile defense program.

Four (4) Reagan-Gorbachev summits (1985-88) climaxed in the INF Treaty
(1987) as the Cold War began to wind down. The Iran-Contra affair (Oliver North's TV testimony, July 1987) was a major political scandal.
Homelessness and drug abuse (especially "crack" cocaine) were growing social problems.


>From the time American colonists first began to consider breaking away
from England to form their own system of government, lively discussion has almost never stopped over the extent of the powers that government should have.

When the ratification of the Constitution was being debated in the late 1780s, some notable patriots argued that the federal government it described would have too much authority over individual states, and "states' rights" versus federal power has been a heated issue ever since.

In the 20th century, federal powers expanded in such areas as government regulation of business and banking and in the enactment of social welfare programs. Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal in the 1930s, Harry S Truman's Fair Deal during the 1940s, and the Great Society of Lyndon B Johnson during the 1960s were all designed to confront social and economic problems at the federal level.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan campaigned on the theme "Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem." By cutting taxes, ending several social welfare programs, and reducing government regulations on business, he reversed the political trends of the 20th century, and his policies helped revive a sluggish American economy.

Reagan's policies and his speech-making skills inspired tremendous enthusiasm from his supporters, and resulted in two landslide election victories. Meanwhile, his opponents called attention to enormous federal budget deficits that grew out of control during his administration.
Nevertheless, the nation's oldest president emerged vigorous and still popular after two terms.

"I am the same man I was when I came to Washington," he said when he left the White House. "I believe the same things I believed when I came to Washington."

When Ronald Reagan was born, his father John took one look at the 10-lb baby boy and called him a "fat little Dutchman" ... the nickname "Dutch"
stuck with him for his entire life. A political liberal in his youth, Ronald Wilson Reagan helped create and spark a conservative coalition in middle age and moved American politics rightward after winning the presidency at age 69. Reagan grew up in a family that was by the standards of the day -- socially as well as politically -- liberal.

His Roman Catholic father Jack and his evangelical Protestant mother Nelle condemned racism and young Ron received help from a Jewish mentor.
Jack's job with the Works Progress Administration helped the family survive the Depression of the 1930s, but Jack's alcoholism left a mark on his son's personality. Outwardly amiable and optimistic, Reagan typically concealed his feelings, avoided confrontations, and cultivated many acquaintances, but few close friends.

After graduating from Eureka College in 1932, Reagan became a radio sportscaster in the Middle West and then began a film acting career in Hollywood. Generally avoiding the movie colony's often wild social life, he nevertheless became active in the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and a master of Hollywood politics. In 1940, he helped to arrange production of his most famous film, "Knute Rockne: All American," in which he starred as Notre Dame football legend George "The Gipper" Gipp.

That same year he married actress Jane Wyman. Involved in national politics as well, he voted for Franklin Delano Roosevelt four (4) times and bled for liberal causes so easily, he would later joke that he was a "hemophiliac." Barred from WWII combat by weak vision, he acted in films and plays produced by the U.S. Army. A series of crises in the late 1940s permanently altered Reagan's life. He almost died of pneumonia, his marriage collapsed, and his movie career stalled.

The Reagans first met in 1949 when Nancy discovered that her name was on mailing lists of left-wing organizations. When she complained, she was referred to Reagan who, as president of the Screen Actor's Guild, was able to straighten it out. Apparently, she had been confused with a different Nancy Davis, and he invited her to dinner so that he could explain.

Their romance developed gradually. Reagan was still upset over his recent divorce from Jane Wyman, but he found Nancy a comforting shoulder to lean on. He was extremely talkative and she was a good listener. They became engaged in February 1952 and were married on March 4, 1952 with actor William Holden serving as best man. Later that year their first child, Patricia Ann "Patti" was born. A son, Ronald Prescott, was born in 1958. Reagan had also had three (3) children during his first marriage (one was adopted and one died in infancy).

Nancy and Ronald's film careers were both winding down during the 1950s.
The Reagans bought a ranch, "El Rancho del Cielo," and began moving among a wealthy circle of friends in Southern California. They appeared together in a movie called "Hellcats of the Navy" in 1957. It was Nancy's LAST film work while her husband had all but abandoned movies for television.


Reagan's LAST film, "The Killers," was released in 1964, the same year he made a televised campaign speech for Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. Goldwater lost the election, but Reagan impressed California Republicans enough to become their candidate for governor in 1966. He won the election.

In the election of 1980, former California Governor Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter, a victory that signaled the emergence of a strong conservative political movement that would exert great influence in the coming decades. The new conservatism combined antagonism toward government deregulation and taxes, support for an aggressive foreign policy toward the Soviet Union, and promotion of so-called family values based on Christian morality.

Reagan pursued an economic policy -- "Reaganomics" -- of tax cuts and deregulation. When the disastrous economy of the late 1970s entered a period of record expansion after 1982, Reagan's popularity soared. His tough rhetorical stance against the Soviet Union and massive defense build-up likewise earned him support not only from conservatives, but many disaffected middle-class voters who traditionally had voted Democratic. In 1984, Reagan won re-election in a landslide.

Though many found Reagan charming, his presidency was controversial.
Annual budget deficits reached record levels in the 1980s pushing the national debt to nearly $3 TRILLION by 1988.

Conservative zeal for prosecuting the Cold War also led to the administration's greatest crisis, the Iran-Contra scandal, an illegal scheme that involved arms sales to Iran to secretly fund anti-communist rebels in Nicaragua. A number of Reagan administration officials were convicted for their role in the scheme, but Reagan avoided prosecution.
He also later admitted that his administration had traded arms for
hostages with Iran.


The USSR and EASTERN EUROPE: A troublesome 1980-85 for the USSR was followed by (five) 5 years of astonishing change: the surrender of the Communist monopoly, the remaking of the Soviet state, and the beginning of the disintegration of the Soviet empire.

SOVIET EMPIRE BREAKUP: The world community witnessed the extraordinary disintegration of the Soviet Union into 15 independent states. During the Reagan Era, the 1980s had already seen internal reforms and a decline of Communist power both within the Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe. Russia remained the predominant country after the breakup. In the fall of 1989, the failure of Marxist economies in Eastern Europe was the catalyst in a historic step: The Berlin Wall was opened in Nov 1989.

Remarks on East-West Relations at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin

"There is one sign the Soviets can make that would be unmistakable, that would advance dramatically the cause of freedom and peace. General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!" – President Ronald Reagan, Friday, June 12, 1987

The ABOVE excerpt is from: ... 61287d.htm

MIDDLE EAST: The Middle East remained militarily UNstable with sharp divisions along economic, political, racial and religious lines. In Iran, the Islamic revolution of 1979 created a strong anti-U.S. stance (hostage crisis, Nov 1979 - Jan 1981). In Sept 1980, Iraq repudiated its border agreement with Iran and began major hostilities that led to an 8-year war in which millions were killed.

LIBYA: The U.S. accused Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi of aiding terrorists in Dec 1985 in Rome and in Vienna of airport attacks, and
Reagan retaliated by bombing Libya in April 1986.

ISRAEL affirmed all Jerusalem as its capital in July 1980, destroyed an Iraqi atomic reactor in 1981, and invaded Lebanon in 1981, forcing the PLO to agree to withdraw. A Palestinian uprising, including women and children hurling rocks and bottles at troops began in December 1987 in Israeli-occupied Gaza and spread to the West Bank. Troops responded with force, killing 300 by the end of 1988 with 6,000 more in detention camps.


In NICARAGUA, the U.S. CIA admitted in 1984 to having directed the mining of Nicaraguan ports, and the U.S. sent humanitarian (1985) and military aid in 1986. Profits from secret arms sales to Iran were found to have been diverted to the contras in 1987.

In EL SALVADOR, a military coup in October of 1979 failed to halt extreme right-wing violence and left-wing terrorism. From Jan - June of 1980, some 4,000 civilians were killed in the civil unrest. In 1984, newly elected Pres Jose Napoleon Duarte worked to stem human rights
abuses, but violence continued.

RECAP: After 25 years of Cold War detente in practice if not in name, Reagan resumed vigorous denunciation of the Soviet Union as an evil, totalitarian empire. He also sponsored the largest military buildup in U.S. history. In March 1983, confronted with a strong antinuclear protest movement, he proposed a high-tech missile defense system, known as the Strategic Defense Initiative.

Elsewhere, Reagan's diplomacy mixed prudence with exaggerated fears of Third World radicalism. He retained diplomatic relations with communist China and, after a disastrous intervention in the Lebanese civil war which cost more than 300 American lives in guerilla bombings, he prudently withdrew.

On the other hand, he ordered the bombing of Libya and the invasion of Grenada on the dubious grounds that their governments profoundly threatened U.S. interests, and he worked tirelessly to overthrow the Marxist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.

The degree to which Reagan's military buildup contributed to the collapse of communism remains conjectural, but Reagan UNquestionably responded flexibly as the Soviet Union moved toward democracy under Mikhail Gorbachev. First lady Nancy Reagan, an influential behind-the-scenes figure in the Reagan White House, encouraged this flexibility.


After her husband won the presidential election in 1980, Nancy arranged glittering social occasions where men wore tuxedos and women donned glamorous floor-length gowns. Her expensive tastes in parties, White House dinnerware, designer gowns, jewelry and furnishings met with some criticism by people who pointed out that while President Reagan was trimming the federal budget, White House social spending was growing almost out of control. Nancy Reagan handled the criticism by pointing out that her gowns were only on loan from designers and were donated to museums after she wore them.

Those initial concerns soon passed, though. Her involvement with the Foster Grandparents Program and her fight against drug abuse revealed a more serious and caring first lady. She became a spokesperson for the "Just Say NO!" campaign that advised young people to resist trying drugs, and she supported private efforts, rather than government programs, to help combat drug abuse.

Mrs Reagan expanded her drug awareness campaign to an international level by inviting first ladies from around the world to talks on drug abuse, and during the fortieth anniversary of the United Nations in 1985, she was host of a second international drug conference.
Nancy Reagan also helped her husband recover from some serious medical
problems: He was wounded in an assassination attempt in 1981, he had colon surgery four (4) years later, and prostate surgery in 1987, the same year Nancy herself had surgery to treat breast cancer.

She became increasingly involved in helping direct her husband's administration during his second term. Particularly after his hospitalization, she preferred a more relaxed schedule for him so that he could concentrate on the most significant issues needing his attention. As the Iran-Contra scandal entangled the Reagan administration, she became angry with staff members she felt hadn't helped prepare him for answering tough questions from the press.

Nancy Reagan enjoyed being first lady, but she WELCOMED RETIREMENT after the end of her husband's second term in 1989. She almost immediately established the Nancy Reagan Foundation to continue her campaign to educate people about the dangers of substance abuse, and in 1994, the Foundation joined forces with the BEST Foundation for a Drug-Free Tomorrow. Together they developed the Nancy Reagan Afterschool Program to promote drug prevention for young people.

A devoted couple, the Reagans helped each other through the best and worst of times. Nancy helped arouse her husband's fighting spirit when he was recovering from a gunshot wound in 1981 following a failed assassination attempt, and she was again at his side as he recovered from surgeries in July 1985 and January 1987.

The Reagans returned to their California ranch where the former president remained active before beginning to deal with the effects of Alzheimer's disease. The couple remained devoted to each other as he began suffering more profound effects of the disease, and they founded the Ronald and Nancy Reagan Research Institute as part of the National Alzheimer's Association to help focus attention on the disease and provide information about it.

After the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA, opened in 1991, Nancy served on the board for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, which promotes his "Four Pillars of Freedom" -- preserving individual liberty, promoting economic opportunity, advancing democracy around the world, and building PRIDE IN AMERICA's NATIONAL HERITAGE.

At the end of his presidency, the two former actors went home to their California ranch and, after finally riding off together into the sunset, the Reagans enjoyed a peaceful retirement....


In his speech, Reagan observed that "Progress may be slow -- measured in inches and feet, not miles -- but we will progress." Small progress in overcoming the economic crisis he identified in the address was made during the first two years of his presidency. Beginning in 1983, the American economy improved and expanded consistently over the next six
(6) years -- through the end of Reagan's term.

Tax reduction acts passed in 1981 and 1986 helped relieve the tax burden that Reagan blamed for having stifled growth. Government programs, which Reagan identified as another form of burden, were cut back during his administration with mixed results.

Businesses were able to act with less restraint, but some took advantage of reduced government supervision. The government deficit that Reagan targeted for reduction in his inaugural address actually grew during his presidency, partly from increased military spending and a trade imbalance where imports far outbalanced exports and partly from resistance by Congress to authorize further cuts in government programs.

The economy improved, and some government regulations were enacted later to help maintain order and stability in business. One of the results of the Reagan presidency has been the more careful consideration and debate
-- as well as resistance -- that greets each potential new regulation.

To his supporters, that reality is an example of what they call "The Reagan Revolution" -- an administration that turned away from a 50-year trend of large government social programs and brought renewed emphasis to the question of just how powerful Americans want their government to be.


Ronald Reagan is the only president, besides Jimmy Carter, to admit publicly that he'd seen a flying saucer. Reagan was also the only president to hypothesize -- albeit metaphorically or hint -- about the possibilities of hostile extraterrestrials posing a threat to Earth.

In a speech before the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, September 21, 1987, Reagan used an example of an alien attack on humanity as a rationale for governments to put aside their differences and come together for the common good. He did so with the full knowledge that many of the assembled press would take his remarks derisively.

Nevertheless, Reagan also knew that most, if not all, of the assembled diplomats represented governments that had their own issues in dealing with the UFO "threat." Reagan had used the same analogy before during a speech at his summit meeting with Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev in 1985.

Unlike his predecessors, some of whom might have been more inclined to disclose the existence of UFOs to the American people, Ronald Reagan proposed the development of a planetary defense system called the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), or as it was dubbed by the media, "Star Wars."

Though the program was touted as a "shield" against incoming Soviet ballistic missiles, many UFO researchers thought that it was public cover FOR ITS REAL MISSION: A DEFENSE SHIELD AGAINST HOSTILE UFOs. In fact, the Soviets were actually inclined to support the project, despite their public protestations, once Reagan offered to make it available to them.


The proponents of the "New World Order" cosmic conspiracy believe that when President Ronald Reagan gave his famous "alien invasion" speech to the entire United Nations General Assembly in September of 1987, he had already secretly advised representatives of the 176 member nations that the leaders of their respective governments must meet the demands of the technologically superior extraterrestrials or be destroyed. In his speech to the General Assembly, Reagan said that an alien threat was already among us.

A number of conspiracy theorists stated that Reagan's speech hinted at a plan agreed to by world leaders that extraterrestrial invaders around the year 2000 would carry out a carefully staged "alien invasion" that would convince the masses of the world that a real-life alien attack from outer space was about to begin. People of all nations would believe their leaders, who would tell them that the aliens were a benevolent species and that unconditional surrender to them would be for everyone's own good.

Immediately following the surrender to the aliens, the united leaders will form a One World Government -- a New World Order -- thus fulfilling biblical prophecies about a return to the days of Babylon. The aliens will revel themselves as demonic entities that delight in doing Satan's

Under the One World Government, the following laws and rules will apply:

– There will be NO private or church schools;

– Christianity will NOT be permitted in ANY form;

– There will be only a one-unit monetary system;

– Population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family;

– There will NO middle class, only rulers and servants;

– NONE of the former national boundaries of countries shall exist;

– Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited;

– A legal system of world courts will oversee a single unified code of laws, enforced by a One World Government police force and a One World unified military;

– Only ONE RELIGION will be allowed and that will be in the form of a One World Government Church, which will adhere to Satanism or Luciferianism;

– Permanent, NONelected hereditary oligarchists will select serfs from the population and form a feudal system, similar to the one that existed in the Middle Ages;

– Diseases, wars and famines will be engineered until there are only one (1) billion people -- those who are deemed useful to the ruling classes -- living on the planet;

– The social system will be on the basis of a welfare state -- those who are obedient and subservient to the One World Government will be rewarded with the means to live. Those who are rebellious will be starved to death or declared outlaws, thereby becoming targets for anyone who wishes to kill them.


Talk about a small world! A little before 2:30 p.m. on the afternoon of Monday, March 30, 1981, John Hinckley, Jr -- with a .22 caliber bullet
-- almost facilitated VP George Bush's ascendancy to the White House thereby sloughing off his second-banana status eight (8) years ahead of schedule! Vice President George Bush briefly flirted with a fast promotion.

Crouching on the sidewalk in front of the Washington Hilton, John Hinckley, Jr began firing six (6) explosive "devastator" bullets from his Rohm R6-14 revolver at Ronald Reagan. He survived after surgery at George Washington University Hospital where he told his wife Nancy:
"Honey, I forgot to duck!"

Small world, indeed. For that very same day, John Hinckley's older brother Scott, had a dinner date with an old friend of the family: NEIL BUSH, son of the vice president! Scott Hinckley was vice president of his father's Denver-based firm, Vanderbilt Energy Corp.

What some saw as merely an odd "coincidence" prompted more conspiratorially attuned eyebrows to arch like divining rods. After all, what are the ODDS of the president's constitutional successor and the president's would-be assassin knowing each other?! Probably ZERO!

But the Bushes and Hinckleys went way back, to Texas of the 1960s, where both George Bush and John Hinckley, Sr had amassed personal fortunes in the booming oil industry. Both were blue bloods who circulated in the same privileged circles, which the transplanted aristocrats liked to call their "Texas Raj."

* In the NBC special reports aired immediately after the shooting, correspondent Judy Woodruff said that at least one (1) shot was fired from the hotel ABOVE Reagan's limousine. She later elaborated saying a Secret Service agent had fired that shot from the hotel overhang. Could Reagan's wound have been inflicted by friendly fire? Did we glimpse a bona fide "second gunman" a la JFK in Dealey Plaza?

Either way, Woodruff's account might explain HOW a slug managed to strike Reagan when his limo's bulletproof door stood BETWEEN him and Hinckley. Sizing up the Bush-Hinckley nexus, conspiracy sentry John Judge has theoretically dubbed this "the shot from the Bushy knoll."

* In October 1980, Hinckley, Jr flew to Nashville to stalk Jimmy Carter, but was arrested at the airport when authorities discovered three (3) handguns in his suitcase. Oddly, after ONLY FIVE (5) HOURS IN CUSTODY, this unstable and antisocial pariah -- who had attempted to transport weapons across state lines and into a city soon to be visited by the president of the United States -- was fined and RELEASED without further ado! Even more oddly, authorities apparently didn't bother to examine his journal, which in "Dear Diary" fashion, detailed Hinckley's plans to kill Carter! Was this a case of bumbling negligence or something more ominous?

* Finally, a pall of suspicion quite naturally fell over VP George "Poppy" Bush the preppy achiever and future president whose spooky pedigree was longer than a Texas stretch limo. Like his father before him, Bush, Sr was a member of Yale's elite "Skull and Bones Society,"
which had weaned more than a few powerhouse pols, Wall Street lions, CIA "black world" superstars and a 1980s group of disgruntled intel operatives known loosely as "Agents for Bush" who had been fired by CIA
Director Admiral Stansfield Turner under the Carter administration.

* There are also a couple of parallels between Hinckley, Sirhan Sirhan [assassinated Robert Kennedy on 6-5-1968], Mark David Chapman [John Lennon's assassin on 12-8-1980], Arthur Herman Bremer [Alabama Gov.
George Wallace's would-be assassin on 5-15-72] and Patrick Purdy, the commando-geared gunman who slaughtered five (5) Vietnamese children, and wounded another 30, in a Stockton, CA, school yard on Tuesday, January 17, 1989. ALL were heavily dosed with psychiatric drugs -- mind-control drugs by definition.

Purdy strode coolly onto that playground, pumping away with his Chinese-style, semi-automatic AK-47 assault rifle firing 104 full-metal-jacketed MILITARY-TYPE bullets loaded in 7.62 X 39mm cartridges with the same GLAZED-EYED ROBOTIC DEMEANOR CHARACTERISTIC of one-day spree killers. Many of those killers are dosed with mood-altering drugs, a fact little publicized when such tragedies occur.

Before drawing his gun to shoot at Reagan, Hinckley has said that he had hoped someone would STOP him. As he drew his gun, he felt, "Now, I have NO choice." He said he felt "relieved" once the shooting was over. Like Chapman and Sirhan before him, he squeezed out bullet after bullet, then became preternaturally calm, as if his PREDETERMINED MISSION/FUNCTION function was now complete.

Perhaps, Hinckley, Purdy, et al., were the victims of psychiatry gone berserk, monsters manufactured by accident. OR perhaps they were DELIBERATELY PROGRAMMED MIND CONTROLLED ASSASSINS [CIA's MK-ULTRA] courtesy of a little known, hole-in-the-wall USG "black world" agency that "takes care of things" outside of normal channels.
40 Presidential Dr
Simi Valley, CA 93065-0600
1-800 410-8354
Web site:



Or, you can contact NARA by these other methods:

Call NARA toll free at:

1-866-272-6272 or 1-86-NARA-NARA or
1-301 837-0527 or 0510 or 2903


8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001-01
Written, researched and compiled by Victor Martinez


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Transcript of classified tape recording made at Camp David, Maryland during a presidential briefing regarding the subject of UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS and EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISITATION of EARTH. President RONALD REAGAN was present. The recording was made between March 6 and 8, 1981.

WILLIAM CASEY: Mr President, good morning. As we discussed in February, this briefing contains some very sensational and some very, very classified information. I am not sure, oh, well, I'm not going to make a decision on who you want in the room. That will be your decision, Mr President. This will be a real tough one to follow since the briefing starts back, historically speaking, that is, and runs up to recent times. I believe we have prepared a good chronological order of events.
I'm sure you, Mr President, will have many questions.

The list of questions presented to me by ADVISER #2 should all be answered during this briefing. I hope they are, more than anyone, especially you, Mr President, leave this briefing with questions still unanswered. I have asked The Caretaker to conduct this briefing. He is a contract employee of the CIA and is the present custodian of the information. Are we to assume that everyone is present?

PRESIDENT: Well, it will be entirely up to you, Bill. I guess everyone must be cleared for this briefing of information, is that not correct?

WM CASEY: Well, it appears everyone is, but as you will see Mr President, this stuff is pretty high up on the food chain. We call it ATS or "Above Top Secret." This stuff has its own classification and markings. We have a special container, special printers and copiers for this stuff. Every word of this material is printed on special paper then placed inside special covers. The caretakers have taken special efforts to protect all of this stuff from being released inadvertently or copied by some unauthorized person.

But all of this material is protected by a special group of people. The Caretaker is in charge of protecting this information and all of the other stuff associated with this information. I would prefer that you, Mr President, decide on who you want in this room. Remember, this material is a closely guarded secret. Although the gist of the story has been out there for many years, very little of the ACTUAL TRUTH has ever been released to the public. Oh, yes, well, by some of the renegades maybe, but many of them have been discredited.

PRESIDENT: OK, Bill, I guess we need ADVISER #1, you, ADVISER #3 and Caspar here. I think ADVISER #2 and Michael can leave.

ADVISER #2: Mr President, excuse me, but I would prefer to leave. I don't wish to know this information. You know, plausible denial or something like that.

MICHAEL DEAVER: Mr President, whatever you wish, I'll do. It would be an interesting subject, but do I really have a need to know? No, I don't think so.

PRESIDENT: OK, I guess that is it.

WM CASEY: Thank you, Mr President. I will now turn the briefing over to The Caretaker.

ADVISER #3: Mr President, and Mr Director, I already had this briefing.
I can stay or leave. Secretary Weinberger and myself received this a few weeks ago.

SECRETARY WEINBERGER: Mr President, as you know, we have some pending business regarding that Soviet problem in Berlin. I think we might just handle that. ADVISER #3 and I will let you close this meeting to just a few.

PRESIDENT: OK, Casp, I guess you and ADVISER #3 can leave. Thanks for coming.

WM CASEY: OK, Mr President, that certainly narrows the audience. I think this is just right.

PRESIDENT: OK, well, I can't wait to hear this. Let's proceed.

The CARETAKER: Good morning, Mr President. First of all, I would like to give you a bit of information on my background. But before that, please, Mr President, if you have questions during this briefing, just interrupt me, sir. I have been employed by the CIA for the past 31 years. I started the caretaking status of this project in 1960. We have a special group of people whom we call "Group 6," that cares for all this information.

PRESIDENT: Good morning, I hope, well, I believe I will ask questions.
Bill briefed me back in January, but I'm not sure ... huh ... well, was it detailed, no, I don't think so ... huh ... OK, well I'm sure Bill didn't tell me all 'cause we only had about one hour.

WM CASEY: Mr President, I only gave you a quick briefing for the NSDD (National Security Decision Directives) that we want to incorporate into the overall action directives about this subject. ADVISER #3, Caspar and I have details far beyond what I knew before January. The last administration wasn't too keen on making all of this stuff accessible to us during the briefings in November and December.

PRESIDENT: Well, I knew a little about this subject before. Back in 1970. Nixon had all of the good stuff and wanted to share it with some of his friends. Nixon showed me some papers. Not sure about who authored them, but they ... huh ... well something about New Mexico and other places. Nixon was pretty ... huh ... well, you know, fascinated with it.
He showed me something, some kind of object or device that came from one of their craft. Something that was taken from the New Mexico crash site.
I don't know if, well ... huh ... do we know what it was? I don't think we knew or maybe now, after 11 years, we might know.

The CARETAKER: Mr President, I can answer some of those questions. Do you wish for me to begin?

PRESIDENT: Oh, well, what level is this? I mean, what was it called? I don't remember what they called this.

WM CASEY: Mr President, codeword. It's called Top Secret Codeword. This information is beyond Top Secret as I said before. It has its own classification. It is very compartmentalized.

PRESIDENT: Well, I guess just the minimum. Are we recording this?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, no, unless you wish.

WM CASEY: Yes, it is [CIA FEMALE TRANSCRIBER] who is doing that. I think we should. I don't want to make any mistakes later about this. ADVISER
#4 should also stay, since he is one of the caretakers of the

PRESIDENT: Well, I don't want anyone leaking this stuff. Not knowing what we are about to discuss ... huh ... oh, well, Bill I guess it is your call. ADVISER #4 should stay. I guess he should ... huh ... oh, OK, well, you make the call, Bill.

WM CASEY: OK, I guess ADVISER #4 will stay. But I think [CIA FEMALE TRANSCRIBER] must stay. I'll make that call.

PRESIDENT: OK, I guess we can do our business first, give me a few minutes. Let's get some food first, or snacks. How long will ... huh ...
oh, about one hour?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, I estimate this will last about one hour, at least the first part of it. This is a very complicated subject to brief. I can do it, but maybe the questions will extend [beyond the
first] the time period.

PRESIDENT: OK, I see. Let's take a break and then reconvene.


The CARETAKER: OK, Mr President, are we ready?

PRESIDENT: Yes, we are, let's go.

The CARETAKER: Mr President, as was mentioned earlier, I must say, that this briefing has the highest classification within the U.S. government.
I will start with a slide presentation. I have most of this briefing on the slides, but I also have an outline that I have passed out to each [person] in attendance.

PRESIDENT: Oh, OK, so are we ... can we follow it with the [outline] paper?

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President, you can follow the briefing with the outline in front of you.

PRESIDENT: Thank you.

The CARETAKER: The United States of America has been visited by Extraterrestrial Visitors since 1947. We have proof of that. However, we also have some proof that Earth has been visited for many THOUSANDS OF YEARS by various races of Extraterrestrial Visitors. Mr President, I'll just refer to those visits as ETs. In July, 1947, a remarkable event occurred in New Mexico. During a storm, two ET spacecraft crashed. One crashed southwest of Corona, New Mexico and one crashed near Datil, New Mexico. The U.S. Army eventually found both sites and recovered all of the debris and one live Alien. I'll refer to this live Alien as "EBE 1."
PRESIDENT: What does that mean? Do we have codes or a special terminology for this?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, EBE means "Extraterrestrial Biological Entity." It was a code designated to this creature by the U.S. Army back in those days. This creature was not human and we had to decide on a term for it. So, scientists designated the creature as EBE 1. We also referred to it as "Noah." There was different terminology used by various aspects of the U.S. military and intelligence community back then.

PRESIDENT: Do we or did we have others? The number "1" would seem to indicate we had others.

The CARETAKER: Yes, we had others. Back then, the term was EBE and no number designation. We'll explain how the others came into our knowledge.

PRESIDENT: OK, sorry, I was just wondering and I guess, well, I'm sure the briefing will cover this. Please continue.

The CARETAKER: All the debris and EBEs recovered from the first crash site were taken to Roswell Army Air Field, Roswell, New Mexico. EBE was treated for some minor injuries and then taken to Los Alamos National Laboratories, which was the safest and most secure location in the world. Special accommodations were made for EBE. The debris was eventually transferred to Dayton, Ohio, home of the Air Force Foreign Technology Division. The second crash site wasn't discovered until 1949 by some ranchers. There were no live Aliens at this site. All this debris went to Sandia Army Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

PRESIDENT: OK, a question, regarding the first site, how many aliens were in the spaceship?

The CARETAKER: Five (5) dead aliens and one (1) alive. The bodies of the dead aliens were transported to Wright Field in Ohio and kept in a form of deep freeze. They were later transported to Los Alamos where special
containers were made to keep the bodies from decaying.
There were four (4) dead aliens in the second crash site. Those bodies were in an advanced state of decaying. They had been in the desert for the past two (2) years. Animals and time got to those bodies. The remains were transported to Sandia Base and eventually onto Los Alamos.
We determined both crashed spaceships were of similar design and the bodies of the aliens were all identical. They looked exactly the same.
They had the same height, weight and physical features. Here are the photographs of the aliens.


PRESIDENT: Can we classify them? I mean can we ... well, connect them with anything Earthly?

The CARETAKER: No, Mr President. They don't have any similar characteristics of a human, with exception of there eyes, ears and a mouth. Their internal body organs are different. Their skin is different, their eyes, ears and even breathing is different. Their blood wasn't red and their brain was entirely different from human. We could not classify any part of the Aliens with humans. They had blood and skin, although considerably different than human skin. Their eyes had two different eyelids. Probably because their home planet was very bright.

PRESIDENT: Maybe I'm getting ahead, but do we know where they came from?
Mars, our system or where?

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President, we do know where they come from. I can go into this now, or I can wait until it comes up in the briefing.

PRESIDENT: No, no, please, continue. I can wait.

The CARETAKER: Thank you, Mr President. EBE stayed alive until 1952 when it died. We learned a great deal from EBE. Although EBE did not have voice organs like humans, it was able to communicate with an operation performed by military doctors. EBE was extremely intelligent. It learned English quickly, mainly by listening to the military personnel who were responsible for EBE's safety and care.

EBE was housed in a special area at Los Alamos and Sandia Base. Although many different military doctors, scientists and a select number of civilians studied EBE, it never became upset or angry. EBE helped us learn from all the items found in the two crash sites. EBE showed us how some of the items worked, such as a communications device. It also showed us how various other devices worked.

PRESIDENT: Excuse me, but you are referring to this creature as an IT.
Did it have a gender?

The CARETAKER: I'm sorry Mr President, but yes, it was male. Within EBE's race they had males and females.

PRESIDENT: OK, thank you. Please continue.

The CARETAKER: Thank you, Mr President. EBE died of what military doctors considered natural causes. I don't think we could really state exactly why EBE died. Although we had five (5) years to study EBE, we didn't have any standards to compare EBE's body with standard medical observations. It was difficult to lose EBE, since it was the most interesting thing we as humans could receive and study. A visitor from another planet ... ANOTHER WORLD. EBE did explain where he lives in the universe. We call this star system Zeta Reticuli, which is about 40 light-years [38.42] from Earth. EBE's planet was within this star system.

PRESIDENT: OK, where is this in comparison to something we all know?

The CARETAKER: Well, Mr President, our closet star is four light-years away. I can show you the constellation it is in.

[Alpha Centauri, a yellow star, is the brightest star in the constellation Centaurus, 4.3 light-years away]

PRESIDENT: No, I wouldn't know much about astronomy. I just thought I could understand the distance. How long did it take this spaceship to get here?

The CARETAKER: Well, Mr President, I can tell you now or we can discuss that in another briefing. As Mr Casey said, this is a complicated subject because there are many levels of compartmentalization. This briefing is just the basic information about a visit to our planet by one particular alien race.

PRESIDENT: Well ... huh ... what, am I to understand ... this isn't a full briefing?

WM CASEY: Mr President, we have different levels of stuff. If we mix it up, I don't think it will make sense, nor will we have time this morning. I understand you have a busy schedule today.

PRESIDENT: As the President of the United States, I should know EVERYTHING, right, or shouldn't I? If I am to assume this was a briefing of substance, then I should hear ALL of it. I think this is more important than some other things on my daily calendar. But maybe I'm jumping the gun. If there are some things I shouldn't know, please tell me.

WM CASEY: No, no, Mr President, I didn't mean you shouldn't know this stuff. I simply meant we should proceed in an orderly fashion as to the briefing. But it is up to you. We will not hold anything back.

PRESIDENT: ADVISER #1, what do you think? Do you know about all this?

ADVISER #1: Mr President, yes, I was briefed many times on this subject matter. As Director Casey stated, this is a very, very complicated subject. I think it took me about one year to be fully briefed into all aspects of this matter. There are different areas. The initial crash, an investigative period, some attempt at contact, A DISINFORMATION OPERATION to protect this matter and several other levels.

PRESIDENT: Oh, wow, I didn't realize how complicated this was. I'm new at [all of] this. I have a great responsibility to the citizens of this nation to make decisions based on accurate information presented by my advisers ... YOU, ALL of you. I won't interfere in your presentation of this information. So, I guess, we'll proceed in the order you have chosen. I'm sorry for interrupting in this presentation, but as a person who is interested beyond belief in this, I'll just shut up and wait to ask questions.

WM CASEY: Mr President. No, no, please ask any questions you wish. You are the President. We are not here to argue with you over the order of this briefing. But some things are SO HIGHLY CLASSIFIED that THIS BRIEFING IS THE LOWEST LEVEL. If you ask a question that is in a different level, then we will have to re-evaluate the audience.

ADVISER #1: Mr President. Everything we know about Alien visitation to Earth is contained in 16 (sixteen) volumes of binders. These binders contain thousands of pages. We can give you anything you wish but, as Director Casey said, we must evaluate the clearances of each person listening to our responses.

PRESIDENT: OK, I now understand. Give me whatever you want and I'll continue to ask questions. But if you need me to wait on an answer, just tell me.

WM CASEY: OK, Mr President we will do that. I still don't know the entire story. I have read one tenth of one binder and have hundreds of questions.

PRESIDENT: OK, let's continue.

The CARETAKER: Mr President, thank you for those responses. I will answer any question, if I can. But if the question is above this level, then Director Casey will have to make that decision for me.

PRESIDENT: I fully understand, please continue.

The CARETAKER: It took the EBE spaceship nine (9) of our months to travel the 40 [38.42] light-years. Now, as you can see, that would mean the EBE spaceship traveled faster than the speed of light. But, this is where it gets really technical. Their spaceships can travel through a form of "space tunnels" that gets them from point "A" to point "B"
faster without having to travel at the speed of light. I cannot fully understand how they travel, but we have many top scientists who can understand their concept.

PRESIDENT: Well, I certainly couldn't understand the science in that. Is it a black hole?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, something like that, but much more

PRESIDENT: Do they get here ... no never mind, please continue.

WM CASEY: Mr President, I can assure we know how they do it, but we can't do it.

PRESIDENT: OK. (several speaking at once)

The CARETAKER: As to some history. The original project, started back in 1947, was called "Project GLEEM." This project contained volumes of documented information collected from the beginning of our investigation of UFOs and Identified Alien Craft, or "IAC." The project was originally established in the early '50s by, first President Truman and then by order of President Eisenhower, under control of the National Security Council. President Truman established a group of people to handle this project. The group was called Majority 12 or "MJ-12."

In 1966, the project's name was changed to "Aquarius." The project was funded by confidential ["black world"] funds appropriated within the intelligence community's budget. The recovery of these alien spacecraft led the United States on an extensive investigative program to determine whether these aliens posed a direct threat to our National Security. As you might remember, Mr President, our country openly investigated UFO sightings under projects Grudge, Sign and finally Blue Book.

The original mission of the Air Force program was to collect and analyze all reported sightings and incidents involving UFOs and then determine whether the information could be interpreted as having any bearing on the national security of the United States. Some information was evaluated with the idea of using the gained data to advance our own space technology and future space programs.

About 90% of the estimated 12,000 reports analyzed by the Air Force under Blue Book were considered hoaxes, explained aerial phenomena or astronomical objects. The other 10% were considered legitimate alien sightings and/or incidents. However, not all UFO sightings or incidents were reported under the Air Force programs of Grudge, Sign and Blue Book.

In 1953, Project Gleem initiated its own investigative detail and certain sightings were reported directly under Gleem rather than one of the other projects. Project Gleem, which became "Project AQUARIUS" in 1966, was a parallel reporting system for UFO sightings and incidents.

Reports collected under Project Aquarius were considered actual sightings of alien spacecraft or actual contacts with alien life forms.
We recovered two alien spacecraft from New Mexico. Both were heavily damaged, but we were able to examine them. The two craft were considered technological marvels by our scientists. However, the operating instrumentation was so advanced that our scientists could not decipher it. The two craft were stored in a special security location in the West. We gained a large volume of technological data from these craft.

Several independent scientific investigations, at the request of the Air Force and CIA were initiated during the era of "Project Blue Book."
MJ-12 decided that officially the Air Force should end their investigation of UFO sightings. This decision was arrived at during the NPNN meeting in 1966. The reason was two fold. First, the United States had established communications with the aliens.

PRESIDENT: Hold on, OK ... well, Bill, no ... never mind, please continue.

WM CASEY: Mr President, the communications project is of a higher level.
I recommend we continue on this course and then switch to the next, if we have time.

PRESIDENT: OK, you're steering the boat, Bill.

The CARETAKER: The United States felt relatively sure the aliens'
exploration of Earth was non-aggressive and non-hostile. It was also established that the aliens' presence did not directly threaten the security of the United States. Secondly, the public was beginning to believe that UFOs were real. The NSC felt this public feeling could lead to a nationwide panic if we disclosed everything we knew about UFOs and alien visitation. We were involved in one major operation during this time frame that involved our alien visitors. That operation is of a higher level and it will be up to Director Casey to proceed now or wait until later.

WM CASEY: We'll wait on that part of it. I haven't been fully briefed and I would like to be able to know everything about that program before trying to brief the President.

ADVISER #1: I agree with Director Casey. That part of the program is really complicated and will require a full day to brief.

PRESIDENT: OK, as I said before, Bill's the captain of this ship.

The CARETAKER: It was felt that public awareness of these projects would have jeopardized the future space program of the United States.
Releasing our secrets about UFOs and alien visitation would also cause a PANIC AMONG RELIGIOUS LEADERS around the world. Therefore, MJ-12 decided that an independent scientific study of the UFO phenomena would be needed to satisfy the public curiosity.

The final official study of the UFO phenomena was accomplished by the University of Colorado under an air force contract. The study concluded that sufficient data did not exist that would indicate that UFOs threatened the security of the United States. The final conclusion satisfied the Government and allowed the Air Force to officially step out of the UFO investigating business.

When the Air Force officially closed "Blue Book" in December 1969, Project Aquarius continued operation under control of NSC/MJ-12. The NSC felt investigation of UFO sightings and incidents had to continue in secrecy without any public knowledge. The reasoning behind the decision was this: If the Air Force continued its investigation of UFOs, eventually some non-cleared and non-briefed Air Force or DOD civilian officials would obtain the facts behind Project Aquarius.

Obviously, for operational security reasons, this could not be allowed.
In order to continue the investigation of UFO sightings and incidents in secrecy, investigators from CIA/DCE and MJ-12 were assigned to military investigative units with orders to investigate all legitimate UFO/IAC sightings and incidents. These agents are presently operating at various locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. All reports are filtered either directly or indirectly to MJ-12. These agents are collecting reports of UFO/IAC sightings and incidents occurring on or near sensitive governmental installations.

Many reported sightings and incidents have occurred over nuclear weapons bases. The aliens' interest in our nuclear weapons can only be attributed to the future threat of a nuclear war on Earth that could affect space. The Air Force has initiated measures to assure the security of the nuclear weapons from alien theft or destruction. MJ-12 feels confident that the aliens are on an exploration of our solar system for peaceful purposes. However, we do have information and that is at another level, that more than one alien species are visiting Earth.

PRESIDENT: Well, that is a lot to digest. I have written down many questions. But let's take a break and come back to this.


PRESIDENT: I think we can continue now.

The CARETAKER: Thank you, Mr President. I will continue. In the 1976
MJ-12 report, it was estimated that the aliens' technology was many thousands of years ahead of ours. Our scientists speculated that until our technology develops to a level equal to the aliens, we cannot understand the large volume of scientific information we have gained from the aliens' craft. This advancement of our technology may take many hundreds of years.

During our initial program to study the alien's spaceship, we started many different projects. The first project, originally established in 1949, was to collect and evaluate medical information from the surviving alien creature -- EBE 1 and the recovered alien bodies. This project medically examined EBE 1 and provided our medical researchers with many answers to the evolution theories.

The next project originally established as part of Project Gleem in 1954 became a separate project in 1966. Its mission was to establish communication with aliens. This project met with positive success and will be discussed later under a different level. Two other projects involved the test flying of an alien ship and the cross technology between our space program and the information we obtained from EBE 1.

WM CASEY: Now, Mr President, we can move on to questions or a different level. Which do you prefer?

PRESIDENT: Well, I have a lot of questions, so let me ask a few and then we can move on. I guess the first question I have is their life span.
How old is EBE 1?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, the alien civilization that EBE came from [is what] we call the Eben Society. It wasn't a name they gave us; it was a name we chose. Their life span is between 350-400 years, but that is Earth years.

PRESIDENT: Is time the same on their planet as on ours?

The CARETAKER: No, Mr President, time is very different on the Eben Planet, which, by the way, we call SERPO. Their day is approximately 40 hours. That is measured by the movement of their two (2) suns. The solar system containing SERPO is a binary star system, or two suns, rather than one, like our solar system.

PRESIDENT: Oh, well, your answer creates more questions. OK, as I understand it, their planet has two suns. Wouldn't that mean the planet was hot? I guess that explains their eyes, having two eyelids.

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President. Their suns do not set, like ours.
There is daylight during their entire day, with the exception of a short time period where both suns hit the horizon.

PRESIDENT: What is life like on Serpico?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, it is called SERPO, spelled S-E-R-P-O. I think that will have to be given in a different level of briefings. Mr Director....

WM CASEY: Yes, Mr President, I think we are getting way ahead of ourselves. We have all that information about the visitor's planet, but we would have to present that information in a different briefing.

PRESIDENT: OK, all these levels. Something, I guess, I'll have to ...
well, I'll have to get used to it. Does all classified information have these different levels?

WM CASEY: It is similar to the SIOP briefing you were given in January.
We have different levels of clearances and....

PRESIDENT: No, I understand all that, Bill. I fully understand the different levels of clearances. I mean, what about the Soviets? What about the spy operations we have in Russia, comparing the two, this alien information to that, are they on the same level?

WM CASEY: No, Mr President. This information would be considered at the very top, whereas our spying operation inside Russia would be considered at a parallel level, but not the same.

PRESIDENT: Like apples and oranges, OK, I see. I guess this is more that can be explained in one sitting. What about the travel from SERPO to Earth?

The CARETAKER: Well, Mr President, the distance from Earth to SERPO is about 40 light-years. They can travel that in about nine (9) of our months. I am no scientist, but as I mentioned earlier, they can travel that great distance by means of space tunnels. They seem to be able to bend the distance from one point in space to another. Just how they do this, must be explained scientifically.

PRESIDENT: OK, well, very interesting. Are the laws of physics on their planet the same as our planet?

The CARETAKER: Not exactly. There seem to be a little different laws, especially when it comes to the movement of their planet in relationship to their two suns. Our scientists don't understand it because it defies some of our laws of physics.

PRESIDENT: Do they use nuclear power, or what type of power do they have in those ships?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, we understand very little about their propulsion system. There seem to be two different propulsion systems.
One they use within our atmosphere and one they use once they exit our atmosphere. They do not have nuclear power. Their propulsion system does have some type of low level radiation emissions, but nothing that would endanger us. It isn't like our radiation, but we call it radiation because we have nothing else to compare it with.

PRESIDENT: Have these aliens visited other places on earth?

The CARETAKER: Again, Mr President, that would be in a different level of discussion.

PRESIDENT: I'm getting tired of hearing that answer, but I understand.

WM CASEY: Mr President, the Soviet Union has had their contacts with these aliens. We have a great deal of intelligence that would indicate the Soviets had their "Roswell," so to speak. What they know is about the same as we know. They had some bodies back in the late '50s, but our
intelligence would indicate the species of aliens were different.


PRESIDENT: OK, well, then Bill, that presents a very disturbing feeling for me. Are you telling me there are different races or species, as you said, visiting Earth at the same time?

WM CASEY: CARETAKER, take that question.

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President, but I hesitate to state the reason. We should have that discussion in a different meeting.

PRESIDENT: Just answer the simple question of how many different species, don't go into details, since I'm sure it is at "a different level," as I've been hearing ALL morning!

The CARETAKER: I am sorry Mr President if I upset you....

PRESIDENT: No, no, Caretaker, don't feel that way. I am not upset. No, you are all of my advisers. As President, I must listen to YOU and take YOUR advice. I am NOT upset. I'm sorry for giving you that impression.
Can you tell me how many different species have visited us?

The CARETAKER: Mr Director?

WM CASEY: Go ahead, Caretaker, answer the President's question.

The CARETAKER: At least five (5).

PRESIDENT: Are they all friendly?

The CARETAKER: Mr Director?

WM CASEY: Adviser #1, would you like to step in here?

ADVISER #1: Mr President, that is a very difficult question to answer.
There are many parameters that we follow to evaluate the threat.
However, we have little intelligence on four (4) of the five (5). We have plenty of intel on the Ebens ... gee ... they've given us everything we asked for! They have also helped us to understand the other four (4) species. I'm afraid to say, Mr President and please don't misunderstand my words, but we think ONE OF THE SPECIES IS VERY HOSTILE.
WM CASEY: Mr President, do you wish for us to continue on this track or would you like something more private, as to the discussion of this topic?

PRESIDENT: For Christ sakes, I'm the President of the United States. I should know if we are endangered by some THREAT FROM OUTER SPACE. If you have something to say about a threat posed by this one species of
aliens, then I WANT TO HEAR IT.

WM CASEY: Mr President, we have intelligence that would indicate this one (1) species of aliens have ABDUCTED PEOPLE FROM EARTH. They have performed scientific and medical tests on these humans. To the best of our knowledge, NO humans have been killed. But, as ADVISER #1 stated, the intelligence is from witnesses and we haven't thoroughly evaluated this intelligence.

We have captured one of these hostile aliens. This gets into some very, very sensitive areas, Mr President. I strongly suggest we end this discussion and move on to any further questions you might have and then get back to this. I don't think we are prepared to provide you with accurate answers to your questions about the potentially hostile aliens at this time.

PRESIDENT: OK, but expect this to be given to me as soon as possible. I want to KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THESE HOSTILE CREATURES so I ... or I mean we should start forming policies on how to deal with them. Adviser #1, do we have OPERATIONAL WAR PLANS on this?

ADVISER #1: Yes, Mr President, we have war plans on ALL potential threats to our country.

PRESIDENT: Please, let us not forget the world. If these creatures attack some other country, we would have to help.

ADVISER #1: Mr President, we have absolutely NO evidence that this particular alien race has any plans to attack the United States of America or planet Earth.

PRESIDENT: I guess we really got off the original subject. But I want to know of any threats. DON'T HIDE ANYTHING FROM ME! Is that understood?

WM CASEY: Yes, Sir.

ADVISER #1: Yes, Sir, Mr President. We will NEVER hide any information about a potential threat to our country or the world. You receive daily intel briefings and you will continue to and we can update that briefing with any potential threat from this area.

PRESIDENT: OK, let us continue. How many other presidents received this briefing?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, I have briefed President Nixon, Ford and you. President Carter was never given the entire briefing. I have no answer as to why he wasn't given the briefing.

PRESIDENT: Well, knowing that guy, he probably couldn't understand it being from Georgia! But that is just a dry joke.... (laughter heard in
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ADVISER #1: Mr President, I can give you some details of an incident that occurred inside the Soviet Union in 1970.

WM CASEY: Do we want to go there?

ADVISER #4: May I say something, Mr Director?

WM CASEY: Go ahead, ADVISER #4, step in.

ADVISER #4: I think this particular incident inside the Soviet Union will give the President an example of what the world has and will experience in the future. There is no way we can control visitors from outer space from traveling to Earth and visiting our planet. Some astronomers find it difficult to believe that these aliens can find Earth. We are on the outer reaches of our galaxy. Our sun is one of hundreds of thousands of such stars within our galactic neighborhood.
But the Ebens found us, they found Earth. And we are not the only country on Earth that has been visited by the Ebens.

Now, as for the other four (4) species. We know they have visited us in the past and will visit us in the future. We are like a petri dish within the universe. We are a diverse planet. We must be very interesting to other extraterrestrials. I'm SURE other intelligent life forms in the universe must have some sort of communications among the [sentient] life forms. Maybe they broadcasted that Earth has intelligent life. Maybe that is why we are [being] visited.

Getting back to ADVISER #1, regarding the incident inside the Soviet Union, Mr President, there are many such sightings all over the world.
We must understand that the visitors can roam our planet at will without us doing much about it. However, I personally believe that we must prepare for the EVENTUAL DAY WHEN SOME HOSTILE LIFE FORM DECIDES TO TAKE OVER OUR PLANET. We must be prepared. I hope you understand why I said what I said, Mr President.

PRESIDENT: Yes, indeed, ADVISER #4, very well said. I agree with you. I guess all of those sightings ... well, some of them are real ... I mean, we are being visited, today, now, in this time period.

WM CASEY: Yes, Mr President, we are.

PRESIDENT: OK, ADVISER #1, please continue, we cut you off.

ADVISER #1: OK, thanks, Mr President. As I was saying, actually a series of incidents occurred over about a week. Our intelligence gathering stations inside and outside of the Soviet Union picked up voice transmissions between Soviet Air Defense pilots and ground controllers regarding a number of UFOs which were being chased by Soviet pilots. The incident started in central Siberia and ended over the Black Sea.

Literally thousands of Soviets observed the UFOs and at least 20 different fighter pilots chased the UFOs. The Soviets attempted on two occasions to shoot down the UFOs, but to no avail. That is probably the best evidence that these things are happening over the Soviet Union. We think these UFOs were the hostile ones. We call them hostile because they tend to land, take humans, conduct experiments on them and then release the humans. Their spacecraft are different in design than the Ebens.

PRESIDENT: Wait one minute, ADVISER #1, you mean to say that we have one of their spaceships? Or are you telling me we have some other evidence of their spaceships?

ADVISER #1: Mr President, we have photographs of their ships. This gets a little complicated because some of our intelligence comes from the Ebens.

PRESIDENT: You mean from the EBE guy?

ADVISER #1: Yes, but from other sources of information connected to the Ebens.

WM CASEY: Mr President, we'll have to go to those dreaded words you don't like ... higher levels if you wish.

PRESIDENT: No, well, no ... oh ... OK ... just give me this briefing first. We can schedule the higher level ones later.

ADVISER #1: Simply speaking, we know the difference between the Eben spacecraft and the hostile aliens' spacecraft.

PRESIDENT: Do you have a ... huh ... name for them, I mean the bad ones?

The CARETAKER: May I interrupt, Mr President?

WM CASEY: Wait, OK, I guess we can proceed.

PRESIDENT: Well, huh. (Too many speaking at once; several conversations not understood.)

? (Not understood) ?

The CARETAKER: OK.... (Several sentences said, but not understood.)

WM CASEY: Yes, go ahead, CARETAKER.

PRESIDENT: No, I didn't mean to interrupt.

The CARETAKER: Thank you, Mr President. We call the hostile aliens simply that, HAV, meaning Hostile Alien Visitors. MJ-12 placed that code on them back in the '50s.

WM CASEY: OK, we opened the box so let's just tell the president what we know about the others.

ADVISER #1: The names? What? (Several sentences not understood.) OK, well, technical? Or what?

WM CASEY: (Not understood), well, (not understood), OK, I guess it means the technical stuff.

PRESIDENT: You mean to say, these H-A-Vs have been visiting us and kidnapping our people since the '50s?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, yes, well, they have been around since then, Director Casey....

WM CASEY: Mr President, we have some indication that they might have been doing this for some time. But we really have to consider all of the evidence, listed in our reports, and compare that to some of the open source information. There are always humans that will exaggerate and just tell lies, compared to the real ones or the ones who were abducted and subjected to experiments. We have to sort through the differences and place some aside and look at the real evidence of abductions. But we can be sure that the Ebens have NEVER done this. They are extremely peaceful and would not harm a living soul, including animals.

ADVISER #1: I suggest we go ahead and give the President the information on them.

ADVISER #4: I agree.

WM CASEY: OK, give the President the names, CARETAKER.

The CARETAKER: Names, the technical names?

WM CASEY: Yes, OK, (not understood) well about the (not understood) I can live with that, but we have to be real sure that this information stays HERE. We cannot allow this to flow (not understood) from (not understood).

The CARETAKER: OK, thank you. Mr President, the five (5) species are called, Ebens, Archquloids, Quadloids, Heplaloids and Trantaloids. These names were given to the alien's species by the intelligence community, specifically MJ-5. The Ebens are friendly; the Trantaloids are the dangerous ones.


PRESIDENT: My God, just knowing we have names for these things are amazing. Which one did we capture?

WM CASEY: Mr President, we have a Trantaloid, but it is dead. We captured it in 1961 in Canada and we had it in captivity until 1962, when it died. We'll show you a photograph ... CARETAKER?

The CARETAKER: Director, I don't have one with me. But, I will get one couriered over to us.

WM CASEY: Mr President, we can provide that during our next meeting regarding this subject.


WM CASEY: (not understood) ... the part of the story where (not understood), but we can look back.

PRESIDENT: OK, let's continue.

The CARETAKER: Mr President, getting back to my presentation, all of our collected information is safely contained in a number of locations.

PRESIDENT: Don't tell me where, I don't want to know specific locations.
I'll let or leave that up to you and the caretakers of the material. I don't want to be in a position or know this ... maybe I will later.

The CARETAKER: OK, Mr President, I'll keep this in general terms. I just want to assure you that all of the information is safely tucked away at secure locations, including the devices and flying craft that we have.

PRESIDENT: May I assume one of these places is located in California?

The CARETAKER: Some of the items are tested at Livermore and flown around Edwards, but they are kept in Nevada.

PRESIDENT: OK, yes, I think I was briefed on sensitive military installations back in February ... west of Las Vegas, I guess.

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President. We call it the Groom Lake Complex.

PRESIDENT: OK, I was told about that. The same place we have Soviet fighter jets?

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President, the same place. May I continue?

PRESIDENT: Yes, by all means, do.

The CARETAKER: In order to protect all this information and the fact that the United States Government has evidence of our planet being visited by Extraterrestrials, we developed over the years a very effective program to safeguard the information. We call it "Project DOVE." It is a complex series of [disinformation] operations by our military intelligence agencies to disinform the public. As you know, Mr President, we have some highly classified aircraft.

In order to keep these aircraft secret, we tend to convince, at times, the public and press that maybe UFOs are real in order to make the public THINK what they are seeing are actually UFOs instead of OUR own secret aircraft even though we know maybe some of the sightings are of actual UFOs. As I said before, this is complicated, but it is a form of counterintelligence. We give the public some actual facts and let them run with it.

The rest is taken care of by them. If you consider the FIRST PERSON who helped us with this disinformation program, Mr GEORGE ADAMSKI, back in the early '50s, and up to all of the movie productions of UFO-related movies. This helps the public to keep their minds open, but also allows us to keep our secret aircraft away from the public's knowledge. That includes some of the craft that were lent to us by the Ebens.

PRESIDENT: I always knew there was some form of cooperation between our government and the motion picture industry. I heard rumors over the years ... even during my acting days.

The CARETAKER: Well, Mr President, the first cooperative venture was the movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still." That was a cooperative venture with the United States Air Force and the movie industry.

PRESIDENT: That movie, "Close Encounters," was that one of them? I guess no "Bonzo" movies were involved. (Loud laughter heard.)

WM CASEY: No (laughing), Mr President, I don't think or should I say, I didn't think Bonzo came from outer space! (more laughter)

[RONALD REAGAN played the character Professor Peter Boyd in the Sept
1951 movie, "Bedtime for Bonzo" where a chimpanzee named Bonzo was his
costar. ]

PRESIDENT: No, but some people could imagine it!

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President, we provided the basic subject matter for that movie.

PRESIDENT: Was it based on a real incident?

WM CASEY: Mr President....

PRESIDENT: OK, Bill, I know what's coming, just forget my question for now.


The CARETAKER: Thank you, Mr President. In 1949, President Truman created two (2) secret commissions. These commissions were to meet privately without recording any contents. The commissions were code named "Adam" and "Eve." The first commission, Adam, was to study the idea of releasing some information to the public regarding our actual knowledge of UFOs and the two (2) crash incidents.

The findings of the Adam commission consisted of the following
statement: "In this matter, public opinion must be recognized as a factor of considerable importance, even if clearly affirmative might have the effect of placing before the American people a moral question of vital historical significance at a time when the full security impact of the question had not become apparent. If this decision is to be made by the American people, it should be made in the circumstances of an actual disclosure of the existence of space beings who had visited Earth. In other words, the American public might hesitate to believe the
existence of space beings unless the American Government showed proof."

This was an actual quote from the classified document dated 1 December 1949. The second commission, "Eve," concerned the use of atom bombs to repel a space alien attack. What's interesting in this statement was the decision by President Truman to proceed at a record pace on the production of atomic weapons that could be released in space. The commission predicted it would take the United States 10 years to develop such a delivery system. President Truman wanted it developed in five (5) years.

In fact, in 1959, the first Atlas ICBMs were targeted for deep space.
SIOP plans were developed to counter any space-based alien invasion. Mr David Lilienthal, the first atomic energy commission chairman, was in charge of the production of enough atomic weapons to counter any anticipated alien threat. The commission was tasked with developing a delivery system that could send a Mark 3 atomic weapon into space.

In the 1948-1949 time frames, there were fewer than 50 atomic bombs in the arsenal and none of these were assembled. The Mark 3 plutonium bombs, like the one dropped at Nagasaki, Japan, took 39 men more that two days to assemble the bomb. The bombs were so large and heavy each weighed 10,000 pounds, and that a delivery system must be capable of sending this heavy weapon into space. As a result of Eve's commission findings, atomic weapons production was increased at a record pace.

Of course, this build-up coincided with the Soviet Union's build-up. It was easy to convince the American public that our build-up was caused by the Soviet Union's build-up. Mr President, in 1964, we were able to have our very first controlled encounter with the Ebens. Let me first give you the background. EBE was a mechanic, not a scientist. He was still able to teach us some of the Eben language. Their language was very difficult for our linguists to learn because it consisted of tones, not words.

However, we were able to translate some basic words. EBE showed us their communications device. It was a strange looking device that had three
(3) parts. Once assembled, the device sent out signals, something like our Morse code system, although there was a problem. During the crash in 1947, one part of this communication system was broken. EBE was unable to repair it until our scientists found some items that could be used in place of the broken parts. Once the communication device was repaired, EBE sent our messages. We had to trust EBE as to the contents of those messages.

You can imagine what some of our military commanders thought of this.
EBE could be sending out a distress call that could result in some invasion. But that, of course, never happened. EBE continued to send messages until his death. But once he died, then we were on our own. We were able to crudely operate the device. We sent several messages out over a six (6) month period (1953). But we did not receive any return messages.

PRESIDENT: Excuse me, did EBE receive any return messages?

The CARETAKER: Getting back to the messages, Mr President, EBE sent out six (6) messages. One letting his home planet know that he was alive and his comrades were dead, another explaining the two crashes, the third was a request to be rescued, the fourth was a message suggesting a meeting between his leaders and our leaders. The last message suggested some form of an EXCHANGE program.

WM CASEY: Mr President, we'll go into that later.

PRESIDENT: (not understood) ... what ... the exchange program?

WM CASEY: Yes, Mr President. We can give you another couple of hours on that subject.

PRESIDENT: We had one?

WM CASEY: Can I speak to you privately, please, Mr President?

PRESIDENT: OK, yes ... you mean now? (not understood)

WM CASEY: Well, let us put this one on the back burner and go on with the remainder of this briefing.


The CARETAKER: Mr President, we don't think he did, but we could not be entirely certain. But, our scientists fine-tuned our efforts over the next 18 months and finally sent two (2) messages in 1955 that were received. We received a reply. We were able to translate about 30 percent of the message. We turned to several linguist specialists from several different universities and even several from foreign universities. Finally, we were able to translate most of the messages.
We decided to reply in English and see if the Ebens could translate our language easier than we could theirs.

PRESIDENT: What did the messages say? The one we received from the Ebens? So, I guess they didn't get the messages sent by EBE? Or did it take that long to respond? Oh, yes, EBE died before we got those messages, never mind.

The CARETAKER: Mr President, the first message we received acknowledged our message and asked questions about the crew of the two missing craft.
It also gave a series of numbers that we think were some type of coordinates.

PRESIDENT: OK, so they wanted to know the coordinates of the crash sites on Earth? I'm sure they wanted to know about their crew. Did we tell them all but one was dead? No, wait; I'm sure when EBE sent his messages that is probably the first thing he sent. Was EBE a military person or what?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, we believe EBE was a member of their air force or maybe something like NASA.

PRESIDENT: OK, please continue.

The CARETAKER: Thank you, Mr President. Finally we were able to translate most of the messages. As I said, we decided to respond in English. Approximately four months later, we received a reply in broken English. Sentences contained nouns and adjectives, but no verbs. It took us several months to translate the message. We then sent Eben our typed English lessons in a series of one sheet formats.

Without going into the technical description of the Eben communications device, it was like a television screen and a key pad, but the pad contained several different Eben characters depending on the number of times you held down one key. We were able to transpose our English-typed words into the second part of the device, which was similar to our facsimile transmission system. It took our scientists some time to perfect this, but it worked. Six months later, we received another English message. This time it was clearer, but not clear enough. Ebens were confusing several different English words and still failed to complete a proper sentence.

PRESIDENT: Gee, I do that all of the time (sounds of laughter). I just cannot imagine how an alien race could view our language. We have thousands of different languages on Earth and they probably have just one on their SERPO planet. That is truly amazing.

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President, I cannot imagine living on a planet with just one language. But we were able to provide the basic skill level for them to communicate in English. It took time, but they realized our efforts. In one message, they provided us with a form of the Eben alphabet with the equivalent English letter. Our linguists had a very difficult time figuring this out. The written Eben language was simple characters and symbols, but our linguists had a difficult time comparing the two written languages.

Over the next five (5) years, we were able to perfect our understanding of the Eben language somewhat and the Ebens were able to better understand English. However, we had a major problem. Trying to coordinate a date, time and location for an Eben landing on Earth. Even though we could basically understand some Eben and the Ebens could understand some English, we could not understand their time and date system and they could not understand ours. We sent them our Earth's rotation schedule, revolution, date system, etc.

For some reason the Eben's never understood this. In return, the Ebens sent us their system, which was difficult for our scientists to understand because we had no reference to their planet. The Ebens did not explain any astronomical date of SERPO or their system. We then decided to just send pictures showing Earth, landmarks and a simple numbering system for time periods. We had many problems trying to send pictures using their facsimile system. We couldn't be sure they were receiving what we sent.

We had a lot of trial and errors in doing this. We received back some strange messages from the Ebens, basically big question marks regarding what we sent them as to the pictures. We then decided on narrowing any future landing location for them to the location of their crash in New Mexico. We concluded they must have that location. We are sure EBE sent that to his home planet prior to his death. We did find some star charts ... well ... as we call them, in both crashed spacecraft.

They were difficult to understand because they were on a block that we later figured out went into a certain panel on the crashed craft's instruments. Once the panel was in place, the board showed a star system. In fact, we were able to fit all the found boards into the panel and view many different star systems. We then put to work our astronomers in deciphering the star systems. It didn't take them very long to determine the various star systems. We also found several strange spots on the star charts.

We concluded these spots were where the travel space tunnels that EBE described were located. Our astronomers compared the different star charts and found that they were not consecutive. Meaning that one star chart was from one part of the universe and the next was a chart closer to their home system. Our scientists concluded the spots on the chart were a form of short cuts from one point of space to another. Some of our top astronomers were briefed into the program in order to study the charts. I'm sure they were given only the minimum amount of information they needed, something like a need-to-know program.

["Top astronomers": Dr CARL SAGAN, 11-9-1934 - 12-20-1996 / ]

PRESIDENT: OK, that is a lot to absorb. Wow, well, I have many questions, but I guess I'll just wait now. I have something to attend to now. But let us take a short break and come back to this.

WM CASEY: Mr President, how much time do you have left?

PRESIDENT: Well, Bill, let me check. (Long pause). I need to call some people on another matter. Give me about 15 minutes. Is that OK?

WM CASEY: Yes, Mr President, we are here at your disposal.

PRESIDENT: I have listened intently to this briefing. I have many questions, which I realize traverses several different layers of secrecy. I don't want to mix up the different layers. But I can see how government bureaucracy exists. That is one thing I can probably change as President! Bill, let's go to the next layer.

WM CASEY: Mr President, do you want the same people involved?

PRESIDENT: Yes, let's just continue.


The CARETAKER: Thank you. When EBE was alive, he showed us two devices.
One was a communication system and one was an energy device. The communication system did not work without the energy device. Eventually, a scientist from Los Alamos figured out the two systems and connected them. After EBE died, we were able to send transmissions, as I said earlier. EBE built up a strong friendship with a U.S. Army Major, who was his guardian.

The two of them decided that one of Eben's first messages (of the five
sent) was a request for an exchange program between the Ebens and our military personnel. Remember I mentioned six (6) messages. The sixth consisted of landing coordinates for Earth. That information wasn't clearly documented back then. We are not sure of the exact chain of events between EBE and the Major. As I said earlier, we were able to eventually communicate with the Ebens.

Over a period of a few years, we could send and receive information. We finally received a startling message from the Ebens. They wanted to visit Earth, retrieve their spacemen bodies and meet with Earthlings.
They provided a time, date and location. We figure that the Ebens were continually visiting Earth and had probably mapped it. However, the date was about eight (8) years in the future. Our military figured something was wrong and that maybe the Ebens were confusing Earth time with Eben time. After a long series of messages, it was determined the Ebens would land on Earth on Friday, April 24, 1964.

PRESIDENT: Just how did we figure the date?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, these messages occurred over a period of several years. By this time, we both had a working knowledge of the other's seasons, which was based on the Earth's rotation, which also figured into our time periods. We had a working knowledge of their 40-hour days. They were a little smarter than us, being able to comprehend our language and our time periods.

PRESIDENT: OK, that makes sense. But ... (not understood) ... about ...
(not understood) ... the aliens?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, we did have a basic understanding of their language. We could understand basic words and symbols. They understood more of our language than we did theirs.

PRESIDENT: OK, then what happened?

The CARETAKER: Well....

WM CASEY: Mr President, this is where things get very interesting.

PRESIDENT: OK, I'm waiting.... (not understood)

The CARETAKER: Our government, specifically, MJ-12 met in secret to plan the event. Decisions were made, then changed many times. We had just about 25 months from the time we finally received their message of the date to prepare for their arrival. Several months into the planning, President Kennedy decided to approve a plan to exchange a special military team. The USAF was tasked as the lead agency.

The USAF officials picked special civilian scientists to assist in the planning and crew selection. The team members' selection process was the hardest to accomplish. Several plans were suggested and then changed. It took months for the planners to decide on the selection criteria for each team member. They decided that each member must be military, single, no children and a career member. They had to be trained in different skills.

WM CASEY: CARETAKER, let's just go into the general stuff here, I don't think the President wants to know every single minute detail.

PRESIDENT: Well, if I had the time, I would. (not understood) ... but, I understand that.

The CARETAKER: Mr President, a team of 12 men were selected. However, during this time period, President Kennedy died. The nation was shocked, as you know....

PRESIDENT: Yes, everyone was shocked. I can understand what must have happened during the project when John died.

The CARETAKER: President Johnson continued the program. When it came time for the meeting, we were ready. The landing occurred in New Mexico.
We had everything prepared. We had a hoax landing location just in case it was leaked. The landing occurred and we greeted the Ebens. However, a mix up happened. They were not prepared to accept our exchange personnel. Everything was placed on hold. Finally in 1965, the Ebens landed in Nevada and we exchanged 12 of our men for one of theirs.

["Project SERPO" Final Debriefing Report: #80HQD893-020, Classified
TS/Codeword /]

PRESIDENT: One? Why just one?

WM CASEY: Mr President, this wasn't clearly documented in the reports that we read.

PRESIDENT: One ... was this their ambassador?

WM CASEY: Well, something like that. We just called it EBE 2. We'll discuss that later.

The CARETAKER: Mr President. Our team of 12 went to the Eben planet for
13 years. The original mission called for a 10-year stay, however, because of the strange time periods on their planet, the team stayed three (3) additional years. Eight [seven] returned in 1978. Two died on the planet and two decided to stay.

[NOTE: Team Member #308 (Team Pilot #2) died of a pulmonary embolism enroute to SERPO on the 9-month journey; 11 arrived safely. ]

PRESIDENT: OK, this is just AMAZING! I can see, about that movie. The movie was based on a real event. I saw that movie. 12 men left, along with Richard Dreyfuss.

["Close Encounters of The Third Kind," 1977]

WM CASEY: Mr President, yes, the movie was similar to the real event, at least the last part of the movie.

PRESIDENT: OK, a lot to digest. I want to hear about the hostile ones.

ADVISER #1: Mr President, may I step in here?

PRESIDENT: By all means, ADVISER #1, do.

ADVISER #1: Well, Mr President, the hostile alien species is responsible for abducting some humans. We can clearly prove some 80 Americans were abducted from about 1955 until the present, the last known one in July of last year [1980]. We have a special military intelligence unit keeping track of these abductions. We have FBI agents attached, to assist us when needed. We have NSA and in some instances, CIA personnel helping.

Unfortunately, we don't have the technology to know when these hostiles will abduct. We get the information afterwards. We interview the victim and place them under hypnotic trances. Some of the victims remember the entire event without hypnosis, while others need hypnosis to relate what happened. We haven't found one single death directly related to the hostile aliens. We have had deaths that were attributed to the abductions ... suicides. We recorded five (5) of them.

But, Mr President, these are the abductions we know about. We have NO idea how many other abductions are occurring in this country or around the world. These hostile aliens are pretty sneaky. They seem to appear and disappear, which is beyond our technical understanding. They also seem to float or defy gravity. WE HAVE ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS OF THEM DOING THIS. We have a classic abduction incident that was recorded by military intelligence personnel. It happened in 1979 near a military base.


ADVISER #1: In New Mexico.

PRESIDENT: What's with New Mexico? The aliens seem to like that state.
Do we know why?

The CARETAKER: Excuse me, may I speak?


The CARETAKER: New Mexico is similar to the home planet of the Ebens.
Since we do not know which planet the Trantaloids come from....

WM CASEY: Wait ... ADVISER #4?

ADVISER #4: I think we do. I think the Ebens gave us that information.
We know the star group. It is close to our solar system, well, I mean in astronomical terms. Maybe 20-25 light-years away. They are actually closer to us than the Ebens are.

[VICTOR: The homeworld of the HAV, the TRANTALOIDS, is the THIRD PLANET out from the star Epsilon Eridani in the constellation Eridanus at 10.5 light-years away. Although somewhat cooler and fainter than our sun, it is very similar. Hal's friend, ADVISER #4, was mistaken on the distance; an easy error to make given the voluminous amount of information on this
subject matter alone. – ANONYMOUS. / ]

PRESIDENT: So that means they can travel like the Ebens travel? I mean using those black holes or whatever you call them?

ADVISER #4: Yes, Mr President, they can travel in the same fashion as the Ebens. However, according to the Ebens, the Trantaloids use a different form of propulsion. Something like matter versus antimatter.

PRESIDENT: And that means?

ADVISER #4: Mr President, basic physics....

WM CASEY: Mr President, do you want to go into the physics of this?

PRESIDENT: Oh, no, no, I don't think I'd understand it.

ADVISER #4: I was just going to say that we know that when matter is placed next to antimatter, there is a great deal of energy released. If one could harness that into a propulsion system, that would be great.
But we don't have the capability to do that.

PRESIDENT: Do we have one of their spaceships?

The CARETAKER: Yes, well, partially. A crashed one.

PRESIDENT: OK, can we or do we have the technical knowledge to understand it?

WM CASEY: No, Mr President, we don't.

PRESIDENT: We can make atomic bombs, go to Mars and we can't understand their science?

WM CASEY: Adviser #4?

ADVISER #4: Mr President, their technology is probably 1,000 years more advanced than ours ... maybe even more. They have different materials to work with. Some of their materials are not found on this planet.

PRESIDENT: What do you mean, like iron or elements?

ADVISER #4: Yes, Mr President. We found many metals and other things that are not found on this planet. Maybe they have more than 104 elements or maybe they are different than ours.

PRESIDENT: The hostile ones or the Ebens?

ADVISER #4: Mr President that goes for each species although the Ebens do have similar elements as [those found on] Earth. But the Trantaloids have strange materials ... nothing like [those found on] Earth. These ALIENS CAN IMITATE HUMANS. They CAN LOOK LIKE BLOND HUMANS. However,
they are not blond, but UGLY-LOOKING INSECTS.

PRESIDENT: Insects, did you say that?

ADVISER #4: Yes, do you have a photograph?

The CARETAKER: Yes, hold on.

WM CASEY: They are pretty nasty looking.

PRESIDENT: Well, they would stand out.


PRESIDENT: How in the world do they do that? It took a lot of makeup to make me look good in the movies. (loud laughter heard)

ADVISER #4: Well, Mr President, I can assure you they don't use makeup, at least not like we would. They have the ability to change their bodies. As I said before, they are 1,000 years ahead of us in technology and probably every other science.

PRESIDENT: They can be killed?

ADVISER #4: Yes, they are just flesh and blood, like a human body. They can be killed. But their spaceships have a force field around them. They can be shot down, but it takes some doing on our part.

WM CASEY: Mr President, we have to use a small-style nuclear missile to shoot them down, but we haven't actually done that yet. We have experimented in Nevada on the captured craft we have of theirs.

PRESIDENT: My God, I hope we haven't used atomic missiles. What does that mean?! I have to give that order!

ADVISER #1: Excuse me, but Mr President, no, we haven't used any nuclear missiles to shoot down any alien flying craft. I think Adviser #4 and the Director mean that if we had to shoot one down, for instance ... if a group of them attacked us.

PRESIDENT: Is that likely?

ADVISER #1: No, I don't think so.

PRESIDENT: Can we intercept their radio transmissions? Do we know their language?

ADVISER #1: We know or we can recognize their language, which is entirely different than the Ebens. They use a very high-band radio system. But they have different frequencies and it is difficult for NSA to track them.

PRESIDENT: Maybe we should call Captain Kirk?! (loud laughter) Oh, a little humor is good in any situation! (loud laughter)

ADVISER #1: OK, Mr President, I'll call Scotty! (more laughter)

PRESIDENT: Yeah, maybe [Gene] Roddenberry knows.!

ADVISER #1: Our air defenses are as best prepared as we can be against any form of an attack by this group.

PRESIDENT: How do we do that? I mean, our pilots. Do they know?

ADVISER #1: Not exactly. But we have a system to cover any threat.

PRESIDENT: A war plan?

ADVISER #1: Like I said earlier, yes, Mr President, we do have war plans just for this event or possible event.

PRESIDENT: OK. Well, I think that is enough for one day. Bill, set something up for tomorrow to finish this.

WM CASEY: OK, Mr President. I'll get with ADVISER #2 and Michael [Deaver].

PRESIDENT: I want to thank everyone for a very thorough briefing. I was educated beyond belief. I will have a different attitude every time I look up in the sky.

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5 / 7

Postby Zep Tepi » Tue Oct 30, 2007 2:16 pm

CLICK on the attached .WAV file to hear a clip of RONALD REAGAN's favorite song, "EL PASO," by Marty Robbins. The song peaked at #1 in November of 1959.

Posting #27 is at

In a December 4, 1985 speech at Fallston High School, MD, President REAGAN spoke about his 5-hour private discussions with General Secretary GORBACHEV the previous month in November, 1985. He relayed to the class: "How much easier his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from another species from another planet outside in the universe.
We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries, and would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this Earth together."

Source: BEYOND TOP SECRET: THE WORLDWIDE UFO SECURITY THREAT – By Timothy Good, ISBN# 0283062452, 606 pp., p. 259

Attached: official 1985 portrait of Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President of the United States of America.

Photo courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Library.

For more photos of Ronald Reagan, visit ... photo.html
and ... reagan.htm
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6/7 and 7/7

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Like 5/7, the last two segments contain more irrelevant tosh and do not "add" anything to the release. Therefore I'm not posting them.

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