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Re: Moderation at ATS

Postby Somebody_Knew » Sun Jan 13, 2013 6:31 pm

I was known as WhisperingWinds On ATS and I can tell you from experience that the moderators (at least some) are very very biased.

A certain member on ATS called wildtimes sent me two u2's personally attacking me after I replied to one of her posts. The post I am speaking of is at the top of this page.

Also my very last post on ATS is also on that page..or maybe the next. The u2's were typical of wildtimes character, as in attacking me for sticking up for the right for a member to post his thoughts. I didn't even agree with his views ,just his right to view them , and them being somewhat on topic, which she was jumping up and down about in protest. In the post in a previous page, she called this member "truly diabolical", but the fact of the matter is that she had written much much worse. A very cruel putdown as well as an assault on his sanity, which was typical of the way she handled anyone who "crossed" her, even in her own mind. This was later edited after I authored a rant, which I will tell you about later.

Her u2u's to me were in caps, and she basically screamed at me to never reply any of her posts (this was after the first post on the thread linked)as well as to AGAIN remind me of her "credentials" as a "family therapist" to "diagnose" someone as a "certifiable nutjob" .. :shock: She then sent me another u2u all in caps calling me pure evil, and how my avatar exuded evil, and on and on :roll: . After the second u2u I sent them off to a moderator, because I felt I was being harassed by someone who may be mentally unstable herself. Not much was done about it, as I expected, and so I decided I needed to rant about "professionals who act unprofessionally". I did not state any names , or even allude that it was a member of ATS I was talking about, but I voiced my concerns about "professionals " in the fields of psychology and psychiatry who throw out accusations of mental imbalance and insanity (in very cruel ways) all based on a few posts they may not agree with, and in fact they sometimes seem like the ones who may truly be unbalanced, by their words and actions (honestly..who the hell u2's someone telling them they are pure evil ,and there avatar exudes it..?) My avatar was a pic of a woman with a raised eyebrow .. :lol: I never ever mentioned names, or mentioned the u2's sent on the thread I started, there was enough out there on the board which backed up what I was saying, and I'm sure some members and mods knew who I meant.

The thread seemed to get some attention and comments,but then it was mysteriously taken down for a time, and then it reappeared. (Thank you to the fair mods who fought to keep it up) ..only to be taken down again. I suspect Wildtimes went to admin with her issues, or had some biased back up from some of her mod friends .

It was after that issue with the thread I started, that I replied again to her in that thread which I linked above that I was banned without post warning, or being post banned. Read my last post,(in the link provided) and tell me if you see anything so blatantly terrible that I should be banned for ??..yet she was allowed to make another false accusation about me in her previous post to my final post. :roll:

I have notice of late, since my "banishment" lol..that wildtimes has seriously changed her attitude, and starts off threads with words like.."let us have a mature rational discussion about this topic" :roll: , when in fact she needs to quit preaching to others and practice her own words. I will say she has turned a saccharine type of insincere "sweet', which is rather nauseating considering some of the awful words she has hurled at me and others.

So for those of you who were wondering what happened to me, and what actually went down behind the scenes.. now you know...and it is truly a very valid example of the extreme bias on ATS. I will not blame all moderators, because I KNOW there are some very good decent fair ones , and they darn well know what went down was NOT fair in any way.

Oh I have some other great examples of some very sketchy moderating , as well as some stories of personal u2u's I sent members that were friends never being received. I honestly suspect some wicked mod had it for for me, and tampered with my u2u's.

I will save the other extremely biased moderating stories for another post..there are some very great examples that I'm sure others can relate to.

Thanks for reading, and if any members that were my friends on ATS are reading this...I miss you , but I sure don't miss some moderators on that site...they know who they are..and quite frankly I have no idea how they even like themselves.

To wildtimes...if you ever read KNOW I was unfairly banned, and that indeed if anyone should have been was you. I can imagine the u2u's you have sent other members , if you sent me those two, because I dared disagree with your "damnation" of another member. You are the biggest Hypocrite of the worst kind wildtimes, so continue to try and convince others how" open minded" and "loving" you are, because in reality we both know better .
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Re: Moderation at ATS

Postby Somebody_Knew » Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:20 pm

I was going to add some more very extreme examples of biased moderating , but it really seems pointless because many can see how biased the moderating can be if they really pay attention.

It's funny to me now, and I quite enjoy visiting the site for giggles , I only wish I could hand over a tissue to those with all the brown on their noses :lol: I will admit there are some very fine members on ATS (as well as some of the mods), and I still enjoy reading their posts, and the insightful information they bring to that site.

There are many on there who are "fooling" others, in various ways, whether they care to admit that or not. Some do it for petty selfish reasons, or kicks, while others have far more nefarious reasons for hiding the truth and lying.

Some of the members actually give me a very creepy feeling.Some who think they have "advantage" over others , because of the inner "circles" they associate with. Ties to the FBI, and the CIA , as well as other federal agencies are not something to brag about in this day and age, considering what the world knows about some the despicable corruption within those organizations. It seems these are the ones who "get away" with breaking T and C's often, without ever a repercussion for it . I've alerted mods to some posts that had any other "regular" member posted would have definitely been tagged , but for some odd reason ...and you have to wonder why..they are free to say just about anything they want. :roll: Makes one wonder who is chanting what on Halloween, and other occult feast days. :lol: That is a half joke, but I honestly sense that some are into some very "dark" occult type practices, and ceremonies .

I'm certainly not saying EVERYONE involved with these alphabet agencies are bad, but the world has now woken up to the fact that some of the most truly diabolical souls on this planet, have positions of authority within these agencies .

My only solace in life these days, is that there will be a time when all truth will be revealed , all corruption exposed , and those who have done very very dark and terrible deeds will indeed be held accountable.

This song come to mind when I think of TPTB (for lack of a better phrase) , and I think about the many layers and levels they operate through.

Edit note:
I did come back and edit this post because I felt I may have put out some information that was more of a personal nature concerning a member at ATS , and it really had nothing to do with moderating , and more about the disappointment in the character of this member.
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