'ABOVE TOP SECRET' Tricks its sponsors

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Re: 'ABOVE TOP SECRET' Tricks its sponsors

Postby ryguy » Sun Sep 11, 2011 1:49 pm

"Anonymous" as in Lolsec? Going after ATS?
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Re: 'ABOVE TOP SECRET' Tricks its sponsors

Postby RICH-ENGLAND » Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:07 am

ryguy wrote:"Anonymous" as in Lolsec? Going after ATS?

those are two different groups ryan, even though probably made up of a lot of the same people and did join forces on some "projects", and also lulzsec has been disbanded.


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Re: 'ABOVE TOP SECRET' Tricks its sponsors

Postby Illudium Q-36 » Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:39 pm

Wonder if it's got anything to do with this guys channel?

http://www.youtube.com/user/bopeepeepfu ... 470lV-TQhs

To be fair isn't that channel Judy Falkstog related, not so much anon?
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Re: 'ABOVE TOP SECRET' Tricks its sponsors

Postby the|exx » Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:42 pm

Why Not? wrote:Hey Rich.....

No worries.

I just log in there for a daily chuckle.

Once in a "blue moon" there is something worth looking at.

Why Not?

MMN! Long time no speak. We must have a chin wag soon! I will try to give you a call this week if I have the time. Being a new dad is all consuming!

IRM ;)
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Re: 'ABOVE TOP SECRET' Tricks its sponsors

Postby BobE » Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:42 am

greg wrote:I just found out why 'ATS' banns its members for no reason and with out explanation. They bann the members so they can get a new account, which adds to>

New member accounts: Past 24 hours: 109
New member accounts: Past 7 days: 790
New member accounts: Past 30 days: 3,187
Then they keep you as a member under the 'MEDIA CENTER' so they can add to this>Total member accounts: 239,932.

If you deduct all the members that have been banned and the double accounts that have been made in the last 10 years , then the total members will go from 239,932,to about 300 TO 1000 Members that actually post on a day to day basis. #-o

Its no way you can have 239,000 members and only average 25 replies per thread ,LMAF [-X [-X

‘They have to Bann members to generate new accounts‘, LAME. :^o

The modes are banning people like hot cakes, and when you Bann some ones friends ,it dominoes to the next poster, then the next, and then the next. They have banned so many people as of late that they average only 25 to 35 replies per every 40 new post...'LAME' FOR THE SO CALLED BIGGEST CONSPIRACY SITE. :^o

I wrote Anonymous to look at the banned members who are ‘being used’ as false statistics to trick its sponsors and to trick others as if they really have that many people.


This site is so funny

The censorship often takes the form of banning members, changing member passwords so that they may not log in,[15] deleting threads and posts or moving threads to another area of the site. Censorship on ATS does not end with activities on ATS either.

Within the discussion boards, topics are still heavily moderated and some conspiracies are not allowed to be posted. Similarly, members individual posts are often altered, edited out, and/or removed by moderators. Banning is a commonly used option. Topics that discuss the Galactic confederation of light are removed from the UFO section and put in an off topic form. 9/11 Conspiracy theories about Holographic planes being used are prohibited

The ats has gone down hill in the last 2 months because of the mods and its fake banning of posters just so they can join back under a new user name and create false notions that these numbers are actually true.

New member accounts: Past 24 hours: 109
New member accounts: Past 7 days: 790

I’m going to fight for all banned members to be fully erased from the 'false statistics' under the 'ATS Media center' that they are using to fool the sponsors as well as others.


So you are on to the scam of how to salt a site, like salting a gold mine.

Hey, who really owns ATS anyway? Some guy named Don? Who would Don be? I know the people who do the ats live stream show are all under employed DJs after satellite radio took over the airwaves and selling their services to all the local radio stations, but they "try" to keep it entertaining. On the other hand Ashley and her husband doing those ask people on the street video clips are a joke. It's like no effort involved. I saw one of their skits where they were asking people about contrails spreading toxic chemicals over American airspace in some wild Alex Jones type conspiracy skit. Amateur Ashley couldn't even keep a straight face. I say those two are over employed, and they also mod the ats site. Basically there is no real talent operating ats. That's the issue.

You would think "aerospace engineer" Don, I mean, Dave and his wacky sidekick wife Crazy XXX who have some years of professional television production experience behind them both could recruit better talent. There are tons of people unemployed in the entertainment industry right now. Burbank is filled with such beggars. I'm sure some will to work under their union's radar for next to nothing. Anybody would be better than that fool Garth. That guy is a real nut ball. He's a G. Gordan Liddy want a be. That's mental to the max!

So how's that analysis, uh, greg? :lol:
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Re: 'ABOVE TOP SECRET' Tricks its sponsors

Postby Somebody_Knew » Sun Jan 06, 2013 6:09 pm

ATS does seem to "trick" its sponsers with false stats.

They do it with thread and post counts as well, to make it appear as many threads are started everyday. One day when I was on there I was noticing the thread counts under the members avatars to the left of the posts. Then I went to the profile page of that member and the actual thread count that the member started was very much lower, (1/3) of the amount listed under the avatar on the board.
This made me very curious so I started checking out many profile pages and comparing the number of threads listed on profile to the number listed below the avatar on the boards.:shock: Let me tell you that it was grossly out of whack , and being fairly new at the time, I asked about this discrepancy on one of the threads. I was given two short explanations by mods. One said that every time someone sends an alert to staff, or sends a private u2u message. it is counted as a thread being started. :? Another said that though the numbers might be off a little , it all balances out in the end. :lol: I found that one extremely funny since every profile I had looked at, the actual amount of threads started was extremely lower than the what was stated below their avatar on the boards.

So then I started looking at mods profiles.. :lol: .. :shock: .. it was even worse. I am talking ridiculously different. When I pointed that out , I was told that staff generate a lot of new thread stats because they u2u so much.

I was made to feel childish and silly for caring about a serious discrepancy in thread counts by some mods and a few members . Really? All I wanted was to understand why their "facts" didn't add up to the stats. I pointed out that I thought ATS was all about exposing facts and denying ignorance , but again I was shot down with a lame excuse, and that was the end of it.

Its clear that they have fixed their site to generate better stats in order to get better revenue from their sponsors.

ATS touts themselves as the greatest conspiracy site ever, but in reality they are just an extremely biased moderated "social site" , where stars and flags seem to rule, and "group cliques" are formed, often used to gang up on someone who may not agree with one of the "in" crowd.

In the short time I was there I saw way too many good stories get pulled shortly after going up, with no explanation given. I can understand putting something in the hoax bin, if they think it is bogus , but it doesn't look good for a conspiracy site to pull that many very interesting threads just started , with never an explanation to members.
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