Nomadic planets (Nibiru if you're an idiot)

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Nomadic planets (Nibiru if you're an idiot)

Postby m0r1arty » Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:47 pm

With the recent study from Stanford comes the notion of nomadic planets meandering across our, and possible others', galaxies. Passing through the massive areas which exist between stars.

With estimates ranging up to 50,000 nomadic planets per star - that's a lot of giant billiard balls knocking around (Might also account for some of that missing mass).

Whilst studies are still relatively brief I do think they may have gotten ahead of themselves suggesting that these are indeed planets. They may be 'planet sized' but with so little data I do feel some of the quotes in the article colour the issue of life transcending the void.

I would love for it to be shown that these 'planets' have atmospheres and can power themselves through internal tectonic engines harbouring life and occasionally clipping into one another - I think however that perhaps these are just very large pieces of something (Likely rock) at this time.

Whilst the idea of massive isolated bodies hardbouring life isn't new I think the article favours the fantastic over the factual and should be careful not to foster any notions of Nibiru or other such claptrap which undoubtedly, and possibly intentionally, it will.

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