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Serpo Story Resurfacing

Postby Heise » Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:17 am

On C2C. 4-22-13

"UFO and paranormal researcher Len Kasten will discuss the alleged secret government exchange program with et's from the planet Serpo. He says he's chronicled the complete journey of the Serpo team using the expedition commander's diary and his communications with the US Defense Intelligence Agency's directors in charge of the program, and their contact with a race called the Ebens."

Apparently this show was postponed due to the bombings in Boston. However, from what I've found was he as a website and a book on the subject. Also had a foreward to Bill Ryan.

Bill Ryans Response:
Re the Coast to Coast show with author Len Kasten tonight (Mon 22 April 2013), I wrote to George Noory and his producers a couple of days ago:

Dear George, Lisa, Tom, All,

You will remember me from my appearance on the show in December 2005 re the Serpo Project (probable real name: Project Crystal Knight). I am pleased that Len Kasten will be on the show Monday to discuss his book on the project.

I'd be very happy to make myself for a brief appearance to add my $.02 worth (maybe a little more!). I know Len -- although I have NOT read his book -- and he was kind enough to ask me to write a foreword to it, which I confess I never got round to doing. If I had, I would have expanded on the following points which I would like to share if you are generous enough to offer me the opportunity on air:

The reports are largely fiction (the staged 'releases' got more and more crazy) -- and there is evidence that the CIA, or at least one other agency, was grossly interfering with the DIA's planned partial release. But the stories do contain a core of truth. An exchange did happen.

That an exchange did happen is confirmed by Bill Hamilton, Linda Howe, John Lear, and UFO documentarian Bob Emenegger. They all say that the team of US military scientists that went on the exchange numbered three -- not 12 -- one of whom died, one returned but was insane, and the third returned intact and compos mentis. I believe Linda Howe knows the name of the survivor, and will confirm.

I came across several strong circumstantial confirmations of the story. Kerry Cassidy (of Project Camelot) and I were given the name of a reserve astronaut who was supposed to be still alive, then in his 70s. I would not reveal his name on air. But we looked him up on Google, and to our astonishment found his name and address and phone number. That was someone's blunder.

So we planned a trip to his front door -- not to ambush him, but to deliver a well-written letter asking him to talk to us off-record. We hatched this plan at short notice while on the road, and never told a soul about it in writing or in person. When we drove up to his gate, his wife was waiting for us (and he was waiting at the door, 20 years away -- a tall, athletic man who appeared to be in his 70s). His wife tersely took the letter without a word.

Clearly we had been expected, and our journey was tracked and/or bugged. We handed over the letter politely, but were never contacted... except for three months later, when I got an angry e-mail from Dr Christopher "Kit" Green. It berated me for "harassing the old man". (Thanks, Kit, for the confirmation! That was your mistake.)

We also heard about a retired AF Colonel of 33 years experience, not on the internet, who was given a hard copy print-out of all the initial Serpo releases. He responded, shocked: "My God, how could they release all this classified information?" He then went totally dark, and I was unable to find out more.

Rick Doty was definitely involved in the story. Kerry and I met with him personally, off-record, in LA for three hours in early 2006 at Kerry's house. He was genuinely bothered and frustrated. He said the release was getting all messed up. He insisted he was just a small-part player behind the scenes. "If I was managing all this", he told us, "It'd be a class act."

Later, I received a long letter from someone who had been working in NORAD in the 70s. He had Top Secret access, and told me that there was a lot of 'scuttlebutt' about a highly secret project that had been called "Project Crystal Knight". He did not know what it was at the time, but years later, after reading the Serpo material, realized that this was what was being referred to. The late Dr Fred Bell also told Dr Bill Deagle in a radio show that he too had heard of the exchange program several years before it was publicized in 2005. There is no smoke without fire.

With my best wishes --

Bill Ryan

I've not received a reply, and will be surprised now if I'm invited on the show at very short notice. I confess I was disappointed, as I could have told a very good (and interesting) story or two, and woven it all into the foundation of Projects Camelot and Avalon.
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