The movie Sirius....

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The movie Sirius....

Postby MikeJamieson » Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:25 pm

Dr. Steven Greer's movie is finally out and facing very serious issues with credibility on several fronts: it resorts to political memes favored by Alex Jones style conspiracists (Bilderberg cabal working for global domination; suppression of free energy technology); it presents Greer as a heroic figure, a prophet in a sense; it shows reportedly the project, operating parallel to his disclosure project of garbing witnesses, where person paying thousands of dollars for courses to go out in the field to project group telepathic messages to draw in aliens to the scene, etc....citizen ambassadors; and it was crowd funded with spurious misrepresentations of a so called alien body under testing.

Lots of discussions everywhere. Here's Greer's report with selective cherry picking of the DNA report by Dr. Nolan (his report is linked in the body of Greer's report on the alien body investigation:

Whitley Strieber in his latest Journal entry, April 24 2013, addresses the issues involved quite well:
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