The00Skyview and comet ISON - An Epic Astronomy FAIL

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The00Skyview and comet ISON - An Epic Astronomy FAIL

Postby Smersh » Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:57 pm

Thanks very much to Bill Hudson, Dave Greg and all those mentioned in the video for all the hard work they put in, in creating this response to The00skyview.

Bill and Dave wrote the following notes which accompany the video:

I am pleased to announce that the response video to "The00skyview" is ready!

This is a response video to "ISON AND THE CYCLICAL CHANGE AHEAD" by 'The00skyview' at

In the video, 'The00skyview' makes several outrageous claims which run counter to established facts about the ancient Maya, about comets, and about astronomy in general. Specifically he claims that an alignment will occur between Jupiter, Earth, and Venus, and that Comet ISON will play a role in creating an 'electric zone' in the solar system. He also claims that he is tracking a Kuiper Belt Object which he states is a 'second sun'.

However, in this video, we will show that his images are faked, and that he is fundamentally ignorant of basic astronomy. This should raise serious questions about the credibility of his claims.

'dazzathecameraman' posed these questions to 'The00skyview'

"I am going to give you an opportunity to give clear & honest answers to the questions that people would want to know if your KBO was real.

I can give you the current & future Ra/Dec coordinates of Comet ISON, or Pluto or Eris etc at any time you request. This would allow you to aim your telescopes at the target and find any of these objects..

Now I challenge you to tell me the Ra/Dec coords for your KBO for the next 7 days. I will be publishing your response, or lack of, if you fail to answer."


"In addition to my question above, I ask you to state the following information:

1: The estimated size of your "KBO" in km or miles

2: It's current distance from the Sun in AU

3: It's current distance from the Earth in AU

4: It's current angular size

5: It's current apparent magnitude

Again, I am publishing your response (or lack of) far and wide. If you can answer these questions correctly, it will be to your credit and advantage. If not, you will lose all credibility. "

As of August 22, 2013, The00skyview has not addressed any of these questions.


7:08 ... fields.pdf
11:25 ... r_isonids/
17:39 ... ov=NONE&v3

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