Bill Moore's FBI file and some other resources

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Bill Moore's FBI file and some other resources

Postby IsaacKoi » Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:33 pm

I've recently devoted a couple of my bursts of ufological activity to Aviary/Doty issues again, so I thought I'd send you a quick update on a few relevant resources I've uploaded. I still haven't yet started to fully focus on the Aviary/Doty, but hope to do so soon.

While some of you may have seen them already, I thought I'd mention that I've uploaded documents from Bill Moore's FBI file (since I have not previously seen them online) kindly provided to me by Lee Graham:

The FBI documents were given to Lee Graham by Bill Moore (so a health warning is probably appropriate in relation to their completeness/authenticity) with permission to circulate them.

Bill Moore's FOIA request to the FBI is referred to in the second part of articles in the MUFON Journal setting out the paper that Bill Moore delivered at the MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas in 1989 in which he claimed he had been recruited to obtain information on Paul Bennewitz and certain others (and pass disinformation to Paul Bennewitz), The first part of Moore's presentation is in the article "UFOs and the US Government : Part I" in the MUFON Journal November 1989 at pages 8-16, 18. The second part is in the article "UFOs and the US Government : Part II" in MUFON Journal December 1989 at pages 8-14. The third part in that series was published in Bill Moore's Focus magazine in 1989 (Volume 4, Issues 10-12 at pages 4-6).The fourth part in that series was published in Bill Moore's Focus magazine in 1990 (Volume 5, Issues 1-3 at pages 18-20). I've uploaded these articles to the links below for ease of reference:

All of the above PDF files can be downloaded from a folder at:

At the link below is a copy of Richard Doty's service records, just shared by Alejandro Rojas on a public forum so I think I can post it now (previously discussed in some of the books on the Bennewitz affair, but not - I think - previously online):

Finally, to enable more efficient and effective searching of the material on Dan Smith's Best Possible World website, I've created PDF copies of that website as at 2001 and 2013. It is then possible to run extremely fast searches of the material on Dan's website (and, if you like, also at the same time search PDF copies of specified other websites, forums and official documents) for, say, Ron/Pandolfi/P/Catfish/CF/Mr P or Kit/Green/BJ. With Dan's permission, I uploaded both versions to the folder at the link below:
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