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Welcome to the Miscellaneous section of REALITY uncovered. In this section we will be presenting a number of articles and stories that discuss subjects which are not catered for in the Reality or Ufology sections of the site.

If you have any ideas for a subject you would like to see discussed by the staff and members at RU, drop us a line or register on the forum and let us know about it.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Articles in this section

Alleged O'Hare UFO Photo Reveals Possible ATS Hoax Reality Uncovered member Torbjon Jensen presents a comprehensive look at the goings-on at abovetopsecret.com during the Chicago O'Hare UFO furore.
Read the article here

Uncovering the Reality of US Political Military Procurement
RU Member "Max" puts into perspective the cause and effect that certain actions or inactions, on the part of US politicians, have had for the everyday common soldier fighting on the front lines.
Read the article -->here

911 Conspiracies - Attack on the Pentagon
Much talk about the terrorist strike of the Pentagon on 9/11 revolves around the possibility, or to some, the probability, that a missile, not an airplane, actually hit the building. This article, written from the perspective of someone familiar with the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system will attempt to shed some light on the event. Read the article -->here

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