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Welcome to the Reality section of REALITY uncovered. In this section we will be presenting a number of articles and theories that discuss the nature of our reality.

The image to the right is an excellent example of how our reality is not always as it may appear at first glance.

The Squares marked A and B are the exact same shade of gray.
Don't believe it? Download the image and import it into a graphics program, you will see for yourself. Alternatively, go here and see the full explanation. Reality is what our brain believes it to be, and as you can see for yourself, it doesn't always 'get' the subtle nuances which are hidden in plain sight...

Articles in this section

A History of Remote Viewing - Part Three
10th May 2008
Mike Jamieson continues his series focusing on the intriguing world of Remote Viewing (RV). Part Three focuses on the use of geographical coordinates to target remote locations.
Read the article -->here

Revealing the Deception
In this interview we talk to Walter Robinson II. Throughout the 70’s, Walter was an investigator with the National Investigative Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP), and conducted a number of field investigations of UFO sightings in the West Virginia area. Walter’s experiences with the UFO phenomenon drew him deeper into the darker worlds of the paranormal. As Walter describes his personal experiences, we will come to understand the dangers that are a part of that world. Walter is now an American Christian missionary in the southern Caribbean, and he explains his experiences from a biblical perspective. And describes for us how much of the mythology that folks have come to understand and accept as part of our culture and our media is actually part of a more dark and sinister deception. Please join us as we discuss these and other topics with Walter Robinson.
Download the interview -->here

A History of Remote Viewing - Part Two
Mike Jamieson takes us through the intriguing world of Remote Viewing (RV). Part Two focuses on the CIA involvement with Remote Viewing and how they initially became interested in the field.
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The Witchery Way
The Skinwalker and Other Dimensions

The Skinwalker Ranch in North-eastern Utah, otherwise known as the Sherman Ranch, has a long history of paranormal phenomenon. This article, by Reality Uncovered's Ryan Dube, compares many of the phenomenon observed by the researchers at the ranch, with the long and fascinating Native American history of the area. The parallels that are uncovered when the two are placed side by side are very interesting, as well as somewhat disconcerting. Read the article -->here

A History of Remote Viewing - Part One
Mike Jamieson takes us through the intriguing world of Remote Viewing (RV). Part One focuses on the origins of the term and the initial experiments with Ingo Swann. Read the article -->here

A Conversation with Dan Smith
In this interview, Ryan Dube speaks with Dan Smith, who describes himself as an Eschatologist. He is a philosopher concerning issues of mind and matter, and many interesting metaphysical topics related to Eschatology. This in turn has drawn him into the area of UFOlogy and ET contact, and in effect has brought him in contact with a source inside U.S. Intelligence who provides Dan with various forms of information. Dan processes this input and updates his online blog Dan discusses his history in these matters, the various important individuals within UFOlogy with "insider" status, and he discusses what the Best Possible World Hypothesis means to him. Some of the ideas presented in this interview are on the outer edge of what we consider to be our established reality. However one only needs to keep in mind that his source is one of the few true government insiders we have been able to confirm during our investigations. Listen -->here (38MB mp3 format, right-click and choose "Save Target")

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